released on Dec 05, 2018

Contains Adult Content!


Software: poser any version
External ID: 11508-12250
External Vendor: tempesta3d

He is a proud warrior who has the respect of all his people.Zabu is a brave african king, he rules with courage and wisdom. His body is agile and ready for battle.His clothes were torn and ripped by those he had fought to keep his kingdom free. The collars he wears have symbols worthy of a king. Zabu is willing to rule your renders! Included in this package you will find:
- INJ Face and Body

- REM Face and Body

- INJ Genitals

- REM Genitals

- MAT Body and Face

- MAT Genitals

- 3 MAT for eye colors
- A set of conforming clothes: a top and a loin cloth.Plus the MAT files for the conforming clothes:
- 4 MAT for Top

- 4 MAT for Loin Cloth
ZABU comes with a set of conforming clothes ready for every battle. They are torn and ripped. The top has six symbols on each side of the chest. Those symbols are crafted in gold metal and represent the african sign of "STRENGHT".Plus five smart props: A set of five collars, each one of them has in the center a symbol crafted in gold metal. This is the african sign of "UNITY".High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.