Elven Dock for Poser

3D Models released on Mar 17, 2024
Elven Dock for Poser by N/A

Available Uses:

Elven Dock has all the beauty of other elven architecture, with sculptures and even paintings. The main boat house has a mooring for covered work on small boats. Each dock section is easily customizable and extensible. Roofs are covered in green dragonskin and decorated with the symbols of the House of the Swan.

This model includes new 2048 x 2048 maps (base texture, bump and normal maps) in two map sets: Classic Elven Village Set and the Sea Elves set. In the Poser version, you can switch between them using Material Collections: Reset (to Classic) and Sea Elves.

This model includes two character models: complete (all furnishings) and empty (base building).

Elven Village Volume 2 is a model series based on classic fantasy tropes of the beautiful and enigmatic elves.

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