Old Irish Rock Walls With Flute

3D Models released on Aug 21, 2018
Old Irish Rock Walls With Flute by N/A

Available Uses:

Poseable old rock walls for the hills and valleys of rural Ireland.

These rock walls can accompany the traditional thatched Irish Cottages models. There are four different sections of rock wall that are "poseable," meaning that they each have nine joints you rotate to fit the stones to any hill or valley terrain. In addition to rotating the walls downward or upward, you can rotate them slightly inward or outward, if the wall is near "tumbledown status." Of course, you can curve the walls to make a sheep paddock. You can make reasonably sharp curves in a wall section without greatly distorting the appearance of the stones.

There is an "end wall" piece that is a set of stones pile somewhat higher than the height of the rock walls. This can be duplicated and placed anywhere you would like an end to a wall, or a joint in the middle of a long wall section. The end piece stones are arranged so they will mate well visually with the stones of any of the rock walls.

There is a traditional simple Irish wooden gate. The gate has iron hinges and a detachable "latch" for placement in the stones of a rock wall. After you detach and place the latch pieces, you can swing the gate open in any manner you choose.

There is an old traditional Irish road sign, and an old stone pottery "jug."

Finally, there is a high resolution traditional Irish wooden flute. This is included in the package, simply because I wanted to make a good quality Irish flute. I hope you enjoy it.