Biscuits & Nebreah2 ChokerDress

3D Figure Assets released on Apr 20, 2018
Biscuits & Nebreah2 ChokerDress by N/A

Base Figures:
Victoria 4, Dawn - Dawn S.E., Genesis 3 Female, Pauline, Genesis 8 Female
Optional - Project Evolution PE
Available Uses:

The ChokerDress is a Dynamic Prop Dress:

Figure Fits for:

- Victoria 4 (Default)
- Dawn
- Pauline
- Project Evolution (PE)
- Genesis 3 Female
- Genesis 8 Female

The dress comes in 8 material Styles (MC6) and Iray Styles (DUF).

It's user friendly as the groups are built into the dress and included is a RIP VWD file preset (V4).


ADJ Choker 1, ADJ Choker Scale, ADJ Choker Sides, ADJ Choker Front, ADJ Choker Back, ADJ Tighten, ADJ Chest, ADJ Skirt, ADJ Belt, ADJ TopTrim, ADJ TopTrim Curve 1, ADJ TopTrim Curve 2

This is a nonconforming dress, Step by step tutorials in readme and in the Editorial Tab,
Video tutorial: how to use it in dForce.

Price: $11.99 USD

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