The Poetic Pose: Classique Volume 1

3D Figure Assets released on May 18, 2017
The Poetic Pose: Classique Volume 1 by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Base Figures:
Genesis 3 Female
Available Uses:

"The Poetic Pose: Classique Volume 1"
REQUIREMENTS: Genesis 3 Female

There Is Exquisite Poetry In A Pose Perfected...

A candle's flame that lights up infinite skies
An excitement of a living soul
A charm that turns each leaf into a splendid rose
Every petal assembling into a dreamy pose

Just Breathe...


These poses are designed to be extremely realistic, filled with emotion to bring your imagery to life ~~~



6 Intricately Designed Poses with Mirrors plus 6+ Custom Expressions for the Genesis 3 Female

- 6 full body poses with mirrors = 12
- 6+1 custom expressions with REM presets (1 addl mirror expression w REM)
- 1 zero pose



Poses are for the base Genesis 3 Female, some tweaking may be needed when using some characters due to body shape morph changes. All poses are set to the front view camera. All expressions are custom, and will require you to use the remove preset included for each expression before using another one. Full poses are loaded with no expressions. Each expression is designed for its respective pose, but any and all can be used on any genesis 3 female pose. All poses are designed to look good from almost every angle, so you can rotate and position your cameras to your needs, giving many variations of posing looks from each and every pose.

All poses will set expressions back to zero, so you must apply each expression AFTER you set the pose, otherwise when setting the pose, you will have to reset the expression.

PLEASE NOTE: All poses in this package do not exceed limits, and should be used with Limits ON in order to work properly on some poses.

No additional morph sets for G3F are needed for these custom expressions to function.


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