JaneEdens Cats

2D Graphics released on Nov 22, 2016
JaneEdens Cats by N/A

Any program that can open .png and or .psd file format.
Available Uses:

A collection of 16 high resolution cat elements and 7 high resolution bonus props.

8 unique digitally painted kittens, every effort given to detail and realism.

8 adult cats - photomanipulated, some of which are mostly overpainted, all to the highest standard.
All cats arw on a transparent background 2000pixels x 2000pixels 300ppi without drop shadow.

7 Bonus Props include, 3 painted cushions 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 painted toy mouse, 1 painted toy ball, 1 painted branch. 1 Cat playstation has overpainting for the fabric.

Bonus props are in .png format and also as .psd's to fit onto one .psd making it easier for you to just slide them onto your scene.

Each beautiful and unique cat is completely individual and in a different pose. They are ideal to fit into your rendered, photoshop, scrapbooking, or painted images, they have many positions so there is scope for lots of amazing and diverse images.
Some of the cats are positioned to fit just perfectly on the soft cushions.
Some of the cats paws are painted to fit onto the stump of the branch or the edge of the playstation, or a fence post or wall or any item where you would naturally see the paws distorted to fit on and balance perfectly.
Kitten01 and Kitten04 are the one's that I altered the paws in such a manner.

You can import the png or psd tubes into Poser, Daz Studio or your preferred 3D app. They can all be used in Photoshop and PSP (any version) or any graphic program that supports the .jpg file extension. Perfect for all your personal and commercial renders. Great for printing too.

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