Biker Babes 2216

3D Figure Assets released on Sep 11, 2016
Biker Babes 2216 by N/A

Base Figures:
Victoria 4
Available Uses:

In the distant future it's all about that speed... Join V4 and a friend as she burns up 23rd century rubber on her glistening cyber-cycle or speeds through the night sky on her hover-cycle. The city awaits!

This package includes the Cyber Cycle figure, complete with MAT poses, Hover and Grounded mode, and 10 poses for V4!

Cyber Cycle poseable figure

Chassis Gold
Chassis Black
Chassis Chrome

GO Hover (pose for switch to hover mode)
GO Grounded (pose for switch to grounded mode)

5 Rider Poses (for V4 driving)
5 Back Rider Poses (for V4 rear passenger)

***For best results render with Raytracing ON and Smooth Polygons OFF

Price: $10.95 USD

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