Black Ops Babe

3D Figure Assets released on Aug 27, 2016
Black Ops Babe by N/A

Base Figures:
Victoria 4
Available Uses:

An insurgency threatens, a drug war boils over, and dangerous fugitive shows his face, who you gonna call! Black Ops Babe is a sexy covert ops inspired package for V4, including everything you need to turn Victoria into a deadly urban ninja.

Tactical spy gun with mounted DOT sight
(left hand and right hand smartprops)
Arm band with depleted uranium shells
Night vision visor and comm set headgear
Night vision visor and comm set headgear with visor rotated up
Pipebomb smartprops (strapped to back)
Pipebomb (held in hand)

10 Black Ops action poses

Black Ops Babe body morph

Black Ops Babe full suit, head to toe
Black Ops Babe full suit, neck to toe
Black Ops Vest
Black Ops Shoulders
Black Ops Gloves
Black Ops Legs
Black Ops Hips
Black Ops Head

This sexy covert operative owns the night!

Price: $12.00 USD

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