Pan's Flute

3D Figure Assets released on Aug 05, 2016
Pan's Flute by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Base Figures:
Victoria 4, Michael 4
Available Uses:

An ethereal note pierces the autumn air. As though swaying to the heart of this angelic music oak and ash bend themselves in the breeze. Leaves frolic in the dappled light and the creatures of the forest pause
to give ear to the voice of their protector...

Pan's Flute is a sylvan inspired pack for V4 and M4. Start off with a pair of cozy treestumps for sitting, give them their flutes, apply the sitting poses and hand poses and get that woodlands jam session going!

Sitting Pose for M4
Sitting Pose for V4
Flute grip pose for V4 right hand
Flute grip pose for M4 right hand

Pan Flute smartprop for V4
Pan Flute smartprop for M4
Treestump placed for M4
Treestump placed for V4

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