Biscuits Suzi Hair

3D Figure Assets released on Jul 05, 2016
Biscuits Suzi Hair by N/A

Suzi hair is a short vintage/scifi hairstyle for V4.

This product comes with one Cap and a separate Hair Prop and Mirrored version with morphs.

The hair compliments the Suzi Moonbeam Line by Pixeluna, Ghostman & Shadownet.

It comes in 15 colors for the cap and 15 single colors that will fit on the hair prop.

(Note that all RGB HairSalon addons fit on these props!!!)


Bangs Big
Bangs Long
Bangs Short
Bangs Volume
Style Air
Style Base
Style Big
Style Full
Style Funky
Style Future
Style Loose
Style Messy
Style Swirl
Style Thin
Style Volume
Style Wave
Style Weird
Style Wicked
Style Wide
Style Wild
Style Xtreme

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