Photo Textures: Surface of the Sand

2D Graphics released on Jun 22, 2015
Photo Textures: Surface of the Sand by N/A

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Surface of the Sand is a collection of 17 high resolution textures from real photographs of ground from various sand areas, like drylands and quarries. These textures cover larger areas of ground,

up several meters large. Each texture was stitched together from collections of 25-50 overlapping photos, thus creating large textures that still retain a sense of detail!

10 textures are 4096x4096 resolution, and 7 are 2048x2048 with photographic displacement maps.

The material files are made for Poser, but they are essentially just a photo texture with a displacement texture. This means you can use them in virtually any 3d application that support textures.

The quality of the textures stand for themselves, and you can of course combine them yourself with more advanced shaders.

All materials come with a HSV-node, so you can adjust the colors to match your scene.

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