Biscuits Tormented Fashion

3D Figure Assets released on Oct 15, 2014
Biscuits Tormented Fashion by N/A

Operating Systems:
Windows 7
Base Figures:
Victoria 4
Available Uses:

Halloween calls upon the dead...
Hear the screams inside my head.
Tormented Fashion has been unleashed, to bait your nightmares... Fears released !!!!

With elegance, class and sophistication, no more insipid inspiration.
Imagination starts with your haunted mansions validation.
Enhanced in truth by Tormented Fashion. *evil laugh*


Tormented Fashion is a Dynamic Dress for Victoria 4.

The dress comes in 4 Material Styles and some useful "Hide" options.

You can hide the draping sleeves and/or the draping skirt, to get a cocktaildress.

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