The Metropolitan Collection - Edinburgh M4

3D Figure Assets released on Jan 09, 2014
The Metropolitan Collection - Edinburgh M4 by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Base Figures:
Michael 4
Poser 7 and up, DAZ M4 and M4 Morphs+++ ( M4Morphs+++ required to utilize full morphs)

Edinburgh is a High Quality Character for M4,

Requirements - Poser 7 and up, DAZ M4 and M4 Morphs+++ ( M4Morphs+++ required to utilize full morphs)

Package includes:

- All INJ and REM Poser for Full Body, Head only and Body only

- Simple shader options and SSS shader options with Bald and Hair cap options for all mat presets:

- Default Base texture with Beard

- Shaved Texture

- Bonus Smudged Eye Texture

- 5 Eye Textures

- M4 Genitalia Texture

- Specularity Maps for Head and Body for all options

- Bump Maps for Head and Body for all options

-Displacement Maps for head and body for all options


Usage Tips or Limitations:

*Product tested and working in poser 7 and up

* Product not created for DAZStudio use but tested and is compatible. However, product has only Poser files so any conversions are done with the users responsibility. Shaders will need adapting. I can not provide any info on how this can be done.

* Genital map,may appear transparent in some parts,
when you load it to the scene,but will Show up perfect in your renders.

* This texture pack has been optimized for GC (Gamma Correction) in rendering options switched ON



*The promos have been rendered in PoserPro 2012. The lights used are a simple single IDL omni light with an added Specular light. On some renders an Enviroment Sphere has been used. Rendered with IDL and GC on. Visit my Facebook page for my usual render settings.

There are many packages with such an IDL set up but you can also try the excellent free one from Bagginsbill. You can get great tips and knowledge from this site so it is well worth visiting:

* Different lighting, cameras and render settings will produce different results. For each of my promo images many hours of trial and error have gone in to reach what I believe are my desired results. As such there is no one single formula for good renders but each scene, character and setting has its own.


A huge thank you to Bagginsbill for all the knowledge he has offered and for providing the basis for the SSS Shader. A big thank you to StudioArtVartanian for also providing me with invaluable help!

Price: $13.90 USD

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Price: $13.90 USD

18971 15