Dawn FitRoom Helpers

Tutorials released on Aug 09, 2013
Dawn FitRoom Helpers by N/A

Dawn - available at Hivewire3D
Available Uses:

Dawn is a brand new figure, and like all new figures she needs clothing.
You probably already have a large catalog of clothing for Victoria4 and Michael4... why not put it to good use?

The Dawn Fit Room Helpers are a set of pose and magnets that help make the fit room process fast and easy.

you MUST have PoserPro 2014 to use the FitRoom

It as easy as five simple steps
1 load the figure and clothing
2 pose the clothing (m4 to dawn or v4 to dawn)
3 load the magnets (m4 to dawn or v4 to dawn)
4 start the fit room session
5 create the clothing and save

No long simulations, no fussing around with exclusion zones.

Detailed step by step tutorial with pictures included

Note: may not work well on clothing with many layers or unusual rigging