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June 20, 2014 1:33 pm

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Major Improvements to The MarketPlace

The Renderosity Staff is excited to bring to you the most significant round of improvements made to the overall functionality of our MarketPlace in years. The goals with these improvements were to; improve search relevancy, maintain interface/layout consistency with those recent changes made to the Tutorials, Sitemail and Freestuff areas, increase intuitiveness within the ‘My Account’ area and streamline the checkout process.

To ensure you're viewing ALL the correct changes, please be sure to do a HARD refresh within your browser. Windows users - ctrl + F5. Mac users - Apple + R or Command + R. This should rid you of any caching issues.

Marketplace Search

When you visit the MarketPlace Homepage you’ll notice that you’re presented with a search field at the top of the page. Although a Marketplace search is nothing new, the ability to find exactly what you are looking for uses a facet technology to make it seem like it’s all new.

When searching - you have the drop-down option to search by 'Vendor' or by 'Title'. When searching by both 'Title' and 'Vendor' the search takes into account a product’s description, keywords, figures, genres, software, etc. However if you search 'Hair' by 'Title', for example, priority will be placed on products' in which 'Hair' is located in the title of the product.


Once results are returned, you'll be presented with multiple sidebars unique to your search. Please note that the sidebars will NOT appear unless a search is made. Each sidebar will allow you to further narrow your search by: Gender, Figure, Software, Genre or Department. When narrowing your search the sidebars will then be rebuilt based on the new results, displaying refined options specific to your last action. It’s important to note that any one particular product can apply to multiple facets. To remove a searched facet, one can use the ‘View All’ option found within each individual sidebar.


To further aid in your search you will also have the option to sort the returned products by: Price, Title and Upload Date.

We are currently working with all of our vendors and our current department structure to ensure that the search results provided are most relevant in meeting your individual criteria.

MarketPlace Design Changes

If you’ve spent any time navigating through our recently updated Tutorials, Sitemail or Freestuff areas you’ll notice a similar look and feel to our MarketPlace.

Product thumbnails will now be 300px by 350px (previously 214px by 214px). This will allow shoppers to more easily view a product prior to clicking through to the product page and, for the vendor, provide a more friendly layout dimension to display their product(s).

Vendor Bundles have also been simplified and updated through the integration of a horizontal glider element and details pertaining to each bundle can now be found on a bundle detail page rather than a ‘Quick View’ option.


Each product in the MarketPlace now has a larger and more in-depth ‘Quick View’ option (found directly to the left of the product’s price) that provides details for that particular product as well as any associated sale information or bundle it may be a part of. On the individual product description page when you ‘Gift’ a product a modal will now pop-up asking your for the recipient’s name and allow for a brief message.

My Account

When it comes to managing your Renderosity account, we’ve now made this easier and quicker than ever! These latest updates enabled us to greatly reduce page load time while making the overall interface easier to navigate.

For instance, leaving a review can now be accomplished without even visiting the product page. Simply visit the ‘Leave Product Review’ area in the left sidebar and find the product in which you’d like to review and a pop-up modal will appear.

When looking through your past purchases you now have the ability to expand each dated line item to reveal the individual products purchased in that particular order. Searching your orders is also now more efficient as you can find details on past orders by searching order id(s) or search by product title or vendor. If searching by product title - orders that contain products matching that title will be returned. Also, previous to this release if you looked at your ‘Item List’ it did NOT include items that were gifted to you. We’ve now included these gifted items so that you can be assured your item list is complete.


For those of you with rather large Wishlists, you now also have search functionality added to this area of your account.



Last, but not least, the steps involved with the checkout process have been restructured and designed. The most noteworthy of which is if you do NOT have a shippable product in your cart you’ll be taken directly to the payment page where you can then process your order.


Please visit the appropriate forum links below for feedback:

Feedback Only Thread

Bug Issues Only Thread

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Article Comments

PAnn ( posted at 12:26PM Mon, 23 June 2014

Th only thing when I first logged in was the green prices etc. The green needs to be tweeked a little for easier reading by making it a bit brighter.... at least for my eyes.

drmx ( posted at 5:20PM Mon, 23 June 2014

Search engine continues working only and literally on items names. Needs to be more extended and/or implement a tag system. Some (many) authors do not use the promo credits; perhaps you can partially fill this field, or open it to discussion.

David4125 ( posted at 11:44AM Tue, 24 June 2014

The recent marketplace improvements are well thought and make it a lot easier to see what I already bought or what's already in my shopping cart or on my wishlist. I like them!

phoenixknight ( posted at 11:48AM Tue, 24 June 2014

I saw these changes yesterday and overall liked the updates (especially seeing what the sale percentage is upfront). One question I have & a feature that I've wanted for a while is a means, in the "Sale Items" subsection of the Marketplace, to filter by only newly marked sale items (say in the past 24-72 hours). There's always a lot on sale, so it would be helpful to be able to see only the newest listed sales (not the newest products in the Marketplace as a whole, the newest sales). Apologies if there's already this function and I simply haven't realized it.

Godin ( posted at 11:49AM Tue, 24 June 2014

Awesome! tThank you! I love it all! The background colors are perfect for my eyes since I have always trouble with light backgrounds on the internet hurting my eyes. Very Happy with the changes and the new marketplace seach system and thumbnails 300x350 Rock!

mirana ( posted at 11:49AM Tue, 24 June 2014

What I am most loving is that we can see now on the product page if we already purchased it!

zaqxsw ( posted at 11:57AM Tue, 24 June 2014

Congratulations! You managed to make your Marketplace worse than any I've encountered! You managed to send me back to shopping at DAZ... something I swore I would never do! You can't even narrow down the results by male or female figures any more, so pity the fool who needs to find something for M4 because he has to wade through the thousand to one ration of V4 products to find it!

thaaksma ( posted at 12:07PM Tue, 24 June 2014

@phoenixknight - When you're in the Sale Department you can click the icon to the right of of the large search bar to sort by newest to oldest and vice versa. Thanks, Tim

Hinkypunk ( posted at 12:39PM Tue, 24 June 2014

I think the new changes are awesome, but there are some things that I've found a little frustrating. The ability to navigate by genre and item has been removed in two different ways and it makes it harder to narrow searches. For example... I love outoftouch. Who doesn't? However, if youv'e been to the OOT store you will be presented with over 600 amazing items. Suppose I just want to look at OOT hair.... so I go to "3D essentials" which is where hair is located at now. My search now yields only 595 items to sift through to find hair. Ouch. Having so many items falling under one category is rough. Removing the genre has also been problematic. Suppose I want a new outfit.. I go to the MP, I go to 3D Essentials, then clothing, then it stops. Before you could narrow down just M4 clothing, or just V4 clothing, and you had the ability to look under Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, etc etc. Visually I think its awesome, but with so much content available, I'm having a hard time "window shopping" so to speak.

phoenixknight ( posted at 1:33PM Tue, 24 June 2014

@thaaksma - Thanks, I'll try it out and see. I've played with those filters/search caveats a while back and it seemed to be more of a "date of product first added to the store," but I haven't tried it in a while. I'll check it out later tonight or maybe over the weekend, since right now I'm only being shown one page of sale items (?) with no apparent other filters set. Might just be because I'm on a Mac or rushing things between calls at work.

jennblake ( posted at 1:42PM Tue, 24 June 2014

@zaqxsw and Hinkypunk To narrow down a specific product you are looking for now we are suggesting you use the Search at the top of the marketplace pages. For example if looking for Hair by outoftouch you would go to outoftouch's store front. At the top you will see a Search this store window. Type in Hair and then search. It will pull back all Hair by this vendor. You can also search the entire marketplace for Hair by going to the Marketplace and using the search bar at the top. Type in Hair. On the left when those results come back you will see ALL hair results broken down by Gender/Figures/Software/Genre. So then you can click on those areas...say if you are looking for hair for Victoria 4. You would click on Victoria 4 and all hairs in the marketplace for her would be listed there. Hope this helps.

caty77 ( posted at 1:49PM Tue, 24 June 2014

But with these changes, now i have a scrollbar horizontal on my pc, on ALL pages to RR. This is not really motivating to use the site ... Please, repair site!!!

doglover49 ( posted at 1:51PM Tue, 24 June 2014

lost the ability to sort by vendor when trying to see what items are on the wishlist during a sale. can there be an alternative to the fixed page view of items purchased? I preferred to be able to see all items purchased so I could use the browser find functionality to see if I had purchased the item already.

helgas ( posted at 1:55PM Tue, 24 June 2014

Please check the three thumb nails under Market Place Search (top of this page). Nothing lines up including the thumb nails. It produces a step effect that is not very attractive. In the actual store I see very large thumbnails between the new size. Hard Refresh does not solve the problem. I am using Chrome. The red and green text is very hard to read. It needs improvement.

thaaksma ( posted at 2:02PM Tue, 24 June 2014

@helgas - if you're seeing thumbnails that aren't consistent in their size, that's to be expected. since changing the size/format of the thumbnail images, we have asked that renderosity vendors update their product thumbnail images so that these display consistently throughout the marketplace. thanks, tim

DireLilith ( posted at 2:21PM Tue, 24 June 2014

i was really worried, guys. to me, a part of thorough search options must include letting me choose which figures i am searching for. i didn't want to have to type 'v4' into every search. i wanted to examine items based on product, not product title or description. in the past, vendors were sometimes putting in inappropriate tags, such as 'clothing' in a 'pose' product, making the poses show up when i was looking at clothing. i see now that this is even less likely to happen. and i am soooo grateful that you have the figures option on the left hand side. i really value this change, for this reason. i'm so glad the search has been refined and i hope it brings only good things forward when we're window shopping!

TheMystEra ( posted at 3:18PM Tue, 24 June 2014

Is there a possiblity to implement the Figures back in to the selection when - as an example - one follows the path of 3D Figure Essentials-Characters (or clothing or whatever) ... so that after the second selection one can use a third selection for the figure (like V4, Genesis, Mavka...)? Besides that the new store looks nice so far... It's going to take some getting used to for me, esepcially as the featured Items seem even larger now. I get why they're on top and large and everything... Features are important after all :) But I gotta say that the tech people did some really good work. Changing the store while it's online and not having problems at all... (at least I had none) that is impressive! Thanks to the Renderosity Team for the great work!

scooby37 ( posted at 3:20PM Tue, 24 June 2014

@Helgas You say that you have asked the Renderosity vendors to update their Thumbnail images to the new sizes so that they display correctly, but I have heard nothing from anybody about updating mine. The first I new of it was when I saw the new thumbnails last night. I also checked the product submission guidelines and it still says that the main image thumbnail should be 214 x214.

kerrieanne ( posted at 3:40PM Tue, 24 June 2014

I hate the new put most under essentials and no more under male/female v4/m4 etc. I preferred being able to choose a type for the clothes, hair and character.

Shozai ( posted at 3:41PM Tue, 24 June 2014

Wonderful improvments. I love the new style :)

Paula Sanders ( posted at 3:41PM Tue, 24 June 2014

When I click on My Shopping Cart at the bottom of the page, I get routed to a different page.

creativeguy59 ( posted at 3:42PM Tue, 24 June 2014

The search is actually not an improvement as far as I can tell... also something is messed up with the account->Item list only showing 80... I have purchased a lot beyond 80 items ... the search sometimes finds it sometimes not. I do like the fact it tells you when you already purchased an item but the colors are a bit off for human readability.

Paula Sanders ( posted at 3:42PM Tue, 24 June 2014

When I click on My Shopping Cart at the bottom of the page, I get routed to a different page.

JohnDelaquiox ( posted at 3:49PM Tue, 24 June 2014

The last batch of updates made it really hard to find anything one was looking for. A bit of a testament to that I think is the fact that this batch of updates completely did away with the categories drop down menu rather than fixing it. The site search I think has been improved upon but still needs work. Let's say you type in M4 Clothing, you will not just find M4 clothing. You still have to scroll all the way down and look for clothing under the departments section. I like that whenever you click on a product, its product page opens in a new tab. That should be made into an optional feature, if it's not already. I also still am unable to find a lot of products in the off poser categories like Vue. Even if I type in something as general as Vue Presets or Vue Scenes I still can't find the products I am looking for. I have no way of telling if they were removed from the store or if they are still there. There is also no way to sort by product ranking anymore. Again I have no way of telling if the site ranking has been removed. There is also no way of sorting by popularity or sales. Like others have stated its harder to narrow searches.

CybersoxXIII ( posted at 5:28PM Tue, 24 June 2014

Glitch notice: In both IE and Firefox, the page selection option isn't displaying missing on the Prime Products section. As a result, only the newest set of Prime items can be viewed.

jakiblue ( posted at 6:25PM Tue, 24 June 2014

No page links showing in the Prime section - at least in Chrome. Can only see the very first page that I land on when choosing "Prime" and that's it...can't go to next pages as the page links are nowhere to be seen.

Hinkypunk ( posted at 7:01PM Tue, 24 June 2014

@jennblake - Perfect :) That works much better! Thank you ma'am!!!

Scallywag ( posted at 7:06PM Tue, 24 June 2014

I like most of the changes but it seems less user friendly with so much going on. The size of the images compared to the text is not very appealing when viewing the product page. I either get huge pictures and real small text or the other way around. Is there some way to fix that? The same problem happens with the free stuff pages!

esper8 ( posted at 7:43PM Tue, 24 June 2014

It's a total mess! Product thumbnails are all different sizes and search categories are so basic they are totally useless. Go and have a look at how DAZ have their store organised, then come back and do the job properly.

grichter ( posted at 7:47PM Tue, 24 June 2014

Really miss the ability to sort my wishlist by vendor. Please bring that feature back. When you are buying items and checking your wishlist it is common for a vendor to have multiple items for sale at the same time which sort by vendor made easy to find. Now you can't do that.

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