MarketPlace Design Changes - UPDATED!

June 7, 2011 4:28 pm

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Take a look at What's New around the MarketPlace!


The next time you visit the Renderosity MarketPlace, you may notice some subtle changes that are worth mentioning.

When you click to the MarketPlace Homepage you'll now see 3 unique product content areas that each display 12 products from the following sections: Featured Products, What's New and What's Hot. Next to each of the three categories is an option for you to 'view all' and be taken to another page that will then display all products in a given area.

Based on Renderosity user opinions, we have re-introduced direct links to the 'What's New' and 'What's Hot' sections under the MarketPlace dropdown navigation button that can be found on every page throughout the site.

The logic behind a 'Featured Products' section was to help highlight those products that stand out amongst other 'What's New' products. This newly created 'Featured' area is chosen by the Renderosity Staff and comprised of a variety of products that we feel best represent the MarketPlace as a whole. Please note that this section is not limited to Top Sellers.


We'd also like to point out that we will now be highlighting the 'Featured Products' within the left-sidebar of the Renderosity Homepage (see screenshot below).

Click Here to visit the MarketPlace Homepage.

We hope that you all enjoy the continued improvements we have made to the Marketplace. It is our belief and goal that by creating a more organized and user friendly site will enhance the experience of both vendor and buyer.

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Article Comments

ThePatrick ( posted at 5:34PM Tue, 07 June 2011

Hi, I got used to the old design. With one click (directly from the menu bar) I could see the newest stuff that I did not know before. Now, with the consilidated system, I first had to search what is going on and plenty of clicks later I get my list. After I read this now, it stays that "my list" is one further click away. I can't be happy with this! Regards, ThePatrick

JohnDelaquiox ( posted at 7:54PM Tue, 07 June 2011

Removing What's not and What's hot was not a smart move. The site should have held a pol or something. I think it will do more damage than good.

FSMCDesigns ( posted at 9:42PM Tue, 07 June 2011

While the new browse feature may be good for new consumers, I have no need to be forced to look at what products the staff think are relevant. I visit daily and always hit the new items in the drop down menu first thing, now that option is gone. Not a good move IMO. I can't see ever using the "browse" feature here, just adding another click to my shopping experience.

tsarist ( posted at 9:47PM Tue, 07 June 2011

Bad move guys. It was better the way it was before. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I used to go to "What's New" with one click off the front page. Your site is GREAT! STOP messing about.

murhen ( posted at 2:11AM Wed, 08 June 2011

Unfortunately, some of your changes like the removal of "what's new" and "what's hot" means more clicking to obtain that kind of information which used to be so easily and quickly available. For customers who already feel they spend to much time on your site, having to increase this time by searching for such an important aspect of the buyer's e-shopping experience does not make your site more user friendly and did not enhance my experience as a buyer. In fact, I found it irritating. I always enjoyed coming here to find out what is new. I loved it! And I visit several times a day just to see new stuff, then hot stuff, then sales stuff, then browse through to see other stuff. Now those days are gone because you are making 'improvements'.

gwp ( posted at 2:39AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I agree with all the other comments. The button I used daily on the drop down menu was "What's New" for a quick look at the new additions. I also used "What's Hot" from time to time to see what items were very popular, just in case I missed a new item because I was traveling. These changes make the site less user-friendly for long-time customers.

westryde ( posted at 3:15AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I agree with previous members. Removal of What's New and What's Hot Links was a retrograde step.

powerage ( posted at 5:59AM Wed, 08 June 2011

Apart the fact that changing our habits to browse the site (is never a good thing), I find embarrassing and strange now be it the Renderosity staff who choose the products that seem "good" (featured products).

DreaminGirl ( posted at 6:42AM Wed, 08 June 2011

Sorry to say, but this is irritating. I want my 'What's new' button back, having to scroll down and click again is just annoying. I don't care what the staff thinks I should buy, I can make up my own opinion when I see new products thank you very much. Bring back the old 'What's new' and 'What's hot', then you can implement a new 'We recommend' in ADDITION to this, but don't force us to have to go through your recommendations before we get to what we WANT to see, please!

Kattey ( posted at 7:01AM Wed, 08 June 2011

It is a really stupid change. With all those "improvements" recently, a tons of ads on every page, lightboxed galleries and so on I'm finding myself being at Renderosity less and less. And this "improvement" is certainly a reason not DO NOT visit Renderosity often.

dialyn ( posted at 7:38AM Wed, 08 June 2011

Well, that does nothing for me. I used to check "what's new" daily, if not more often. I don't see how removing that button is an improvement. I've zero interest in most of the stuff you pick out as "featured" items. This will be better for my pocketbook since I'll have less motivation to come and shop. I guess I should thank you for that.

JohnDelaquiox ( posted at 7:51AM Wed, 08 June 2011

No one is going to spend any time on the featured products site. You can't change peoples habits. I did not agree with the site when they moved all the product information over to the Editorial tab. No one looks in the editorial tab. I come on the site to make a purchase or two not to go on a scavenger hunter.

Irish ( posted at 8:50AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I don't like not having the 'What's New" and "What's Hot" feature right off the Home it is more clicks...please bring it back to the way it was!! :)

louly ( posted at 9:11AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I thought people were just complaining, you know, every time you make a change, people do. But... When I go to the marketplace, I usually, select "what's new" from the drop down list of the marketplace button. Now, I have to click on the marketplace button, then "browse" and then "what's new". That's a bit of a long process, don't you think? Keep it your way but simply add back "what's new" and "what's hot" in the drop down list. This is not user friendly.... To know what user friendly is, you have to ask the user. We're the ones browsing this site a couple times a day...

helgas ( posted at 10:25AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I miss the old options a lot. I used to enjoy coming to Rendo for the terrifc and easy options of finding what I wanted fast. I hate clicking around and being presented with products I don't care to see. All I want is to find "What's New" and "Sale Items". If I have time left I go and browse to see what my favorite vendors have to offer. I am devastated by your changes because I just left another Content Provider that made such great improvements that their site has become unusable. Now Renderosity is folowing in their footsteps? The site has become more sluggish and pages load slower. I have the feeling that I have to look for another hobby. I am getting really sick of all this force feeding and making it more and more difficult to enjoy the buying experience.

Nathrai ( posted at 10:48AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I'm with the 5 first posters - I don't think that removing "What's new" and "What's hot" from the menu was a good idea because of the additional clicks it requires to get to those categories. I know this sounds lazy :D, but we're living in stressful times, and every additional click can be a huge annoyance (especially with so many people going online with their phone nowadays)! Why not simply keep both systems? I really think the browse feature is a great litte addition for people who are new to the site AND to anybody who has some extra time at hand. But please put those two links back into the menu. (In case you're trying to get rid of some of the overload in the menu, how about simply adding a dividing line between the "Every day", the "Average Joe once in a while" and the "Vendor" links in the Marketplace menu? It's a small change, but might help getting things neatly arranged without the need to remove/consolidate any of those links.) That said, really like the browse page itself. I can definitely see myself using it for some "window shopping". That is: getting inspired by what Rendo thinks are highlights in their "shop window" and then going further in if there's anything I like. I do that with the marketplace homepage now, but actually having 12 products displayed in each category sounds even more useful.

ArtByMel ( posted at 10:50AM Wed, 08 June 2011

I find the changes annoying. I like being able to find out what's new with one click. This new design forces me to make multiple clicks. In fact, it is far from user friendly. I personally do not care what the staff thinks is relevant to my shopping experience or a hot, must-have item. I buy what I want, not what the staff says I must have in my runtime. This is nothing more than a marketing technique, and judging by the posted opinions, it's gong to be an epic fail.

wimvdb ( posted at 11:53AM Wed, 08 June 2011

It is now more difficult to see what new arrivals there are. This means fewer visits and less exposure for the merchants. You may think one additional click is not much, but it includes loading a page with many images and a looking for a very hard to find link Not a good move

g_purvis ( posted at 12:08PM Wed, 08 June 2011

What is wrong with companies these days? why are they seemingly hell bent on driving custom away with what can only be kindly referred to as stupid designs decisions. As the comments that have already been posted I generally visit this site on a daily basis and one of the first ports of call was the What's New drop down. Why make it more complicated to see what's been added to the store?

StaceyG ( posted at 1:05PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Hi all, In the TOP navigation menu under "Marketplace" you can pick from that dropdown the section in the Marketplace you want to get to first. There is a "What's New", "What's Hot", 'Featured", etc. There's a whole site redesign project in the works that will address many of the concerns listed here. We'll be looking for beta testers on that soon. We're just trying to work out kinks in some of the new features until that is available. We value your feedback and want you participating in this journey with us to make Rendo better and better:) Thank you Stacey

JohnDelaquiox ( posted at 1:33PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Thank you for bringing What's New and What's hot back.

RAMWolff ( posted at 1:46PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Bring back the What's New and What's Hot menu links ... this is ludicrous and bad for your business! If I have to add in extra clicks to get to the page I want I'll go shop elsewhere... There's always Poser Addicts, another on line store where many of the merchants here have their offerings for sale there as well.. Shopping experience should be easy and enjoyable. DAZ is on my list too with their inane pop up cart they seem to like, funny, most of the shoppers hate it as it's intrusive and pops up for every item that's placed in the cart. Really bad bad bad idea! :-(

murhen ( posted at 2:36PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Thank you for listening.

helgas ( posted at 3:05PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Thank you so much for bringing What's New and What's Hot back. This was very fast and it shows Renderosity's flexibility, caring, and willingness to work with their customers. This customer couldn't be more happy.

Mariny ( posted at 3:22PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Hi..WHERE is the vendor control room that used to be to the right in the menu??

raven ( posted at 3:33PM Wed, 08 June 2011

I used to be able to go straight to the Poser What's New in one click via the Marketplace dropdown that used to be on the side, now I can't. That's where I want to go first in the MP. Then I can browse after. Please bring back the one click catagories selection.

StaceyG ( posted at 8:23PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Hi Mariny, Just click on the Marketplace tab on the top navigation and the Vendor Control Room link is right there:)

DreaminGirl ( posted at 8:55PM Wed, 08 June 2011

Thank you very much for listening to us!

Nathrai ( posted at 3:38AM Thu, 09 June 2011

Thanks so much to you and the whole team for once again listening to our requests (vocal demands :D), Stacey! I really think being able to take advantage of all three pages directly from the menu is a huge improvement, and I'm looking forward to my new "window shopping" experience. So... where will we have to sign up for beta testing...? ;) ;) ;)

DarwinsMishap ( posted at 12:32PM Thu, 09 June 2011

Quite honestly-My main beef (not the clicking, I don't care how many there needs to be as long as I can find what I am looking for. Really.) is the fact that there are times that the adds and promos that come up look more like they belong to "Mr. Leatherman" (a fetish shop) than anything else. Don't get me wrong- anyone who's been to my gallery knows I have issues with very little, however at times I am in mixed company (read younger than legal age and family members) when I browse the marketplace. Last thing I need is a seven year old nephew asking me why the front page of a website shows women in that gear. I usually keep that sort of content for home, not visiting. Though sometimes the coupons are too much to resist. :)

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