March 2018 CGspree by nirvy

jennblake · March 16, 2018 10:01 am

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NEW 48 Hour CG Spree

NEW release - dforce Fetching Dress G3F G8F by nirvy!!

dforce Fetching Dress G3F G8F will be 50% OFF NOW through 9:59 am (CDT) Sunday, March 18th. 48 Hours ONLY SAVE 50%

Coupons do NOT apply to sale

Check out the rest of nirvy's store here.

OMG V4/A4/Elite

By nirvy

14.85 USD

After7 - GLP3

By nirvy

6.85 USD     35.04% Off

4.45 USD

Updo n' Company GLAM - Hair Accessories

By nirvy

10.85 USD     35.02% Off

7.05 USD

Day to Night Prime - Small Lovely XI

By nirvy

7.95 USD     56% Off

3.50 USD

B.A.D.Belle - Crazy Belle IV

By nirvy

8.50 USD     59% Off

3.50 USD

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