Make Money as a Member: Join the Renderosity Affiliate Program Today!

July 9, 2008 9:25 am

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Make Money as a Member!

Do you like making money? Are you a Renderosity member? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then you are already eligible for our Affiliate Program. It's that easy!

We want your help introducing potential customers to our MarketPlace where we have a multitude of professional digital content.

Start earning cash immediately! Just fill out the Affiliate Application so we know where to send your money. Then choose a banner or text link to put on your website, blog, Facebook, email/forum signature or anywhere else on the web. We provide you a code that tracks all new buyers you send to Renderosity.

As always, our MarketPlace has products from a variety of software platforms, not just one or two. So maximize your affiliate revenue by referring customers to THE one stop shop for digital content!

When you sign-up as an affiliate, your 'sponsored by' links will appear along with any Gallery or Free Stuff uploads that you have.

Once you complete the Affiliate application, you will receive an email from with instructions to choose a banner or text link. You will also have the option to create your own Renderosity Ad images to put on your site! Questions? Check out the F.A.Q. below. If you still have questions, or need help at any time, email We will be happy to help get you started!

The program starts now, so why not start making money today? It's FREE to join, so turn those clicks into cash!


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is an affiliate program?

Think of it like a referral program. Renderosity is always looking for new people to help grow our community. One way to do that is by placing banners/links on other websites, or "affiliates". Our affiliates will have a link somewhere on their site that links back to Since the majority of our members are in touch with other digital artists, it makes sense to offer them a chance to become an affiliate for Renderosity.

What happens when I become an affiliate?

We send you a Renderosity link that has a special tracking code in it. You put this link anywhere on your site. Whenever a new visitor reaches our site through your link, it's counted by our tracking system.

What do I do with this link you give me?

Whatever you like! You have the option of doing a text link, or a banner advertisement that you can use anywhere on the web. You can add it to your website, blog, even your Facebook page. You can also add it to forum signatures for other sites that you frequent. The possibilities are endless. For more tips on how to use your affiliate link, email, and we will be glad to help you start making money.

So how do I make money as an affiliate?

As said before, whenever a new visitor comes to Renderosity through your link, we are tracking it. If they make a purchase within 90 days of that first visit, you get a percentage of the sale. So, the more customers you send to Renderosity, the more money you make! There is no limit on the amount of money you can make.


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Article Comments

WorldbuilderMedia ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 09 July 2008

Good to see you guys doing this. My app has been submitted.

3Dillusions ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 09 July 2008

Done :)

karanta ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 10 July 2008

Done too :)

SndCastie ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 10 July 2008

Got my app in too :O)

zachary ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 11 July 2008

Yeah ! It's all ok ! Thanx renderosity ;)

Vremont ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 11 July 2008

what if i do regular product reviews on my website and have an affiliate link with each, so that someone who, 90 days ago linked through and bought an item that day one, now visits another product review on my site on day 90, links through and makes a purchase. Same buyer, outside initial 60 day period, but on a new link I get an affiliate fee on that day 90 sale? And what is the base payout. Double payout has no value w/o a base amt stated. Is there a link for more extensive details--the above is too vague.

Jx6 ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 12 July 2008

Got my app in, went to the forum I visit reqularly, and got approval to use a signature banner. Let's see how it goes.

SR36278 ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 July 2008

Sounds like a great way to build the community and make some extra $$$ at the same time. - What is the percentage paid for purchases made via the link? - Is the payout only good for the first purchase within 60 days or does it apply to all purchases made within the 60 day period? Thanks!

summer1412 ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 29 July 2008

Oh, this is great. Hell, I don't care if I get paid, I have extreme pride in this community and would love to spread the word. I'll fill out my form and send it in, and officially spread the word of Rosity!

Lucie ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 02 August 2008

After reading it twice I too find there's some important info missing here... I'd also like to know what the percentage is and if it only applies to the very first purchase a new user makes or if it applies to all purchases made withing that 60 days period.

iagodeotto ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 02 August 2008

I just came across this website via, which has a lot of interesting tidbits but from which I was checking info on targeted frequencies for work with brainwave entrainment (, and I was totally pulled into Renderosity, registered, have already posted something in my first blog comment, and then after a bit noticed the offer to join as an affiliate. Which I just did. Not that I am much of an online marketing success, it's a slippery slope of a learning curve, that (like so much else), and the art on Renderosity is definitely something I would like to play with in that arena, even if it never sells off of any of my marketing efforts. Are there any other Netrepreneurial types in here or are most of the folk taking an interest in this affiliate program artistes first and chasers of filthy lucre second? At the moment, thanx to the binaural beat info on and Gnaural V.1, my binaural beat generator of choice (, I am entraining a beat that might give me some wickedly vivid dreams tonight once I shift into that mode, and I'm thinking I might get lucky and see, feel, breath, et cetera, some of the images and textures I am encountering in Renderosity itself. Sleeping is way fun when that kind of thing happens.

JasonK ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 05 August 2008

To answer Lucie's question, the affiliate cut is 20% until August 31st. Also, an affiliate will get credit for any purchases made by a new user within the first 60 days of coming to Renderosity from that affiliate. I hope this clears up any confusion.

lab ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 12 August 2008

This is great. I may wanna put the link on facebook. But how do I get money. By cerdit card?

jbgee1 ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 18 August 2008

Im ready to Promote and market Renderosity Worldwide

Petrifiedhippy ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 18 August 2008

OK ~~ newbie here... where is a "banner" link? I have found a url to link to me - I want a banner

Petrifiedhippy ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 18 August 2008

I love this site ~~ yep, found me banner link! Looking forward to allofus making cha ching ~~ Onward

TheRavenmaster ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 24 August 2008

Finally! I just signed up and am waiting for the approval! Think I'm gonna use the "do-do' outa this!

yhui ( posted at 10:43AM Sat, 04 April 2009

Good to see you guys doing this.

tuneup ( posted at 6:29PM Wed, 29 April 2009

I am just curious. Can I put the link in more than one website,thinking about doing this

Jumpstartme2 ( posted at 1:36AM Thu, 30 April 2009

Yes, you can place the link anywhere Tuneup :)

dangermouse650 ( posted at 7:27AM Mon, 20 July 2009

I have had a link on my website to rosity for years,free, just reading through i can see the artists, i prefer this site to be about art.

Jydekris ( posted at 5:54PM Sun, 02 August 2009

Good deal, I need the banner. But i need to know how the paper's gonna come into my bank account.

Rose ( posted at 7:57PM Sat, 29 August 2009

I thought I already belonged to this affiliate program but I guess not so now I'm trying to find out how to join.

Rose ( posted at 8:10PM Sat, 29 August 2009

Is there a discussion board or thread where we can ask questions and such or do we use this page?

StaceyG ( posted at 10:42AM Mon, 31 August 2009

You can email for questions:)

renatadayres ( posted at 8:24AM Mon, 14 September 2009

Do you pay(afiliate program) trough paypal?

OKCRandy ( posted at 12:41PM Tue, 22 September 2009

What happened to he link to sample code page?

Rose ( posted at 1:43PM Sun, 27 September 2009

Well suffice it to say that I have joined up and been accepted! Now I just have to work on putting the links on my sites. Since I just joined I'll have to see how it goes and I look forward to hearing from those of you who have managed to be able to do this sucessfully.

Rose ( posted at 7:00PM Mon, 14 December 2009

I have been accepted but yikes I just don't know where I put the coding for the links! Darn it! I'll have to email for them again!

GODDESSii ( posted at 7:41AM Fri, 26 March 2010

i was accepted but was having a hard time submitting my info, i do however have the banner on my other homepage on another website

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