Make a Date to Try the New Calendar!

December 14, 2009 10:15 am

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Keep Up to Date On All Things 3D with Renderosity's Updated Calendar!

Stay on top of the happenings here at Renderosity with our improved Calendar!

We have upgraded our Calender to include features such as subscriptions, SMS notifications via mobile phone and more! Subscribe to the Calendar and find out immediately when new events or MarketPlace promotions have hit the site!

Now is your chance to subscribe to the Calendar in preparation for the 12 Days of Christmas MarketPlace event going on starting today! Be the first to know what great surprises we have for you starting Monday the 14th and leading up to Christmas Day - subscribe and get on the notification list today!

Sitewide Events

This is an opportunity for you to keep up with important dates for events both in the Community and in the MarketPlace. Just click on a particular even on the Calendar to get a quick summary. You can then click the Details link to get complete information on the event of interest. It's that easy!

Never miss out on another contest, coupon or sale again! Sign up to have Calendar contact you with the events you are interested in now!

December Calendar

Calendar: Main Calendar

Click here to subscribe to "Main Calendar" and receive an email whenever a new event is created

If the ICAL logo above does not work, right click here, copy the URL, and paste it into your favorite calendar application.

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Article Comments

LadyElf ( posted at 5:22PM Mon, 14 December 2009

I can't use this new calendar. I keep getting an sql error.....

masha ( posted at 1:35PM Tue, 15 December 2009

On clicking on the day nothing happens but a pop-up box repeating the date and time. And even that is pretty hard to read at pale gray lettering.

goldie ( posted at 2:14PM Tue, 15 December 2009

what's up with this calendar? all washed out and no detail links...

Beliria ( posted at 7:57PM Tue, 15 December 2009

The one above this message doesn't do too much but when I clicked on the link at the top of this page saying about the new improved Calendar it opened a new web page with the said calendar on that does work with all the links etc attached. :) wtg! Will be checking it out often.

Sambucus ( posted at 11:53PM Tue, 15 December 2009

Just doesn`t work.

Kerya ( posted at 4:45AM Wed, 16 December 2009

Very nice! But could you do something about the mails? There is no link like in the newsletters "This message contains images. If you are having trouble reading it, you can read it here." Do you think you could add this?

Kerya ( posted at 10:48AM Thu, 17 December 2009

Thank you! The links at the end of each mail are great!

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