Kaleya's Birthday Sale!

July 27, 2012 12:30 am

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Kaleya's Birthday Sale!

Renderosity vendor, Kaleya, is celebrating their Birthday here at Renderosity by offering their loyal fans a great chance to save during this three day celebration.

From now through Sunday July 29th, Kaleya has cut prices on their products by 50%!

This weekend be sure to stop by Kaleya's store and save BIG!

July 27th - July 29th

Save 50% throughout their entire store!



Xpose G3F by kaleya
Xpose G3F
Activewear G3F by kaleya
Activewear G3F
Heat Lingerie G3F by kaleya
Heat Lingerie G3F
Thrill G3F by kaleya
Thrill G3F
Tryst G3F by kaleya
Tryst G3F

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Article Comments

gloomy007 ( posted at 3:37AM Fri, 27 July 2012

Thank you so much for sale, and Happy Birthday :D

deathwisp ( posted at 7:27AM Fri, 27 July 2012

Happy Birthday and thanks for the sale!

LUNA3D ( posted at 9:29AM Fri, 27 July 2012

happy birthday and have a great day :o))

Sabby ( posted at 11:56AM Fri, 27 July 2012

Happy Birthday!!!! 8)

elgyfu ( posted at 7:42AM Sat, 28 July 2012

Happy Birthday, Kaleya

Sarina84 ( posted at 9:00AM Sat, 28 July 2012

Happy Birthday!

Marque ( posted at 9:04AM Sat, 28 July 2012

Happy Birthday and thank you for giving US the presents!

Miss B ( posted at 12:52PM Sat, 28 July 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Kaleya!! :-)

kaleya ( posted at 9:48PM Sat, 28 July 2012

Thanks guys, glad you're enjoying the sale :)