Introducing the Desert Diamond Project

May 24, 2008 8:55 pm

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Online collaboration amongst creative professionals in the digital industry is alive and well, and highly evident here on Renderosity. We are proud to present here the first ever collaboration of this magnitude between 7 vendors, with a fantastic themed product set available now in the Renderosity MarketPlace!

I had the opportunity to speak with each of the vendors making up the Desert Diamond team, and was able to get an inside look at how this special project came together.

Nick: How did the idea for this project first come about, and how did it progress to include 7 Vendors?

nirvy: I saw an ad in a European magazine and I just loved a feature of the outfit shown. I asked aoaio if she would create an outfit for V4/A4 with similar features and she agreed. On and off we worked on this project since the beginning of March.

We named the outfit Desert Diamond

When the DD clothing models were almost ready, I thought this outfit needed it's own character, so I contacted rebelmommy and asked if she would be interested in creating a V4/A4 character pack with a similar middle eastern look as the model in the ad I had seen; she agreed.

This is how the project began!

DD had an outfit and a character, so now she needed hair.  I asked SWAM if she could create the hair for DD, and along with Goldtassel, they agreed too. 

There was something missing at ths point: a background, a place to put DD. So, I asked Mytilus if he would create the scene, and he agreed. 

Well, now we had it all...or almost.

We had the DD character, the DD hair, the DD outfit and textures, and a scene, but there were still a few things missing such as more styles for the outfit. 

At that time I was working on another project with outoftouch,so I asked if he wanted to be a part of the DD Project and create a DD texture pack; he also agreed. 

I added a snake as a final touch to the whole project: a free Python snake easily obtainable by everyone, and I made poses for V4/A4 and the snake within the DD Scene. I added ready-to-click clothing morph pz2 files, and voila', after 3 months, the Desert Diamond Project was complete. 

We worked very hard and very well together: we set a release date and other particulars and we also decided to unite these separate packages by using not only the same name, but also the same promotional page layout created for us by Mytilus.

We think there has never been such a project in the history of Renderosity: 7 vendors working together with 5 separate packs for one common theme and promoting each other totally and exclusively throughout their own product pages.

We really hope customers will see how amazing all this is!


Nick: So, then, tell us a little bit about yourselves. How long have you been members on Renderosity? How  did you get your start in selling here?

nirvy: I was born in Staten Island, New York, grew up in Sanremo, Italy and have been living in a small village by the sea in Greece for many years.

I joined Renderosity in 2003. I can’t really remember how I started selling, it seems like I have been doing this passionately forever.

rebelmommy: I am a busy mom who creates Poser characters as a form of meditation.  I enjoy the whole creative process.  I've been a member of Renderosity for a relatively short time compared to some, I guess.  I joined 6-19-2004, so I have been here just a bit less then four years.  I originally joined Renderosity because they had such a huge selection of quality products to support my growing Poser habit, and then I became so inspired by the artists and merchants here that I figured why not give it a shot myself.  I asked a few well-respected vendors for some insight on how to go about it and for some feedback on my preliminary products, and then finally got the nerve to submit to the store.  After trying my hand at texturing clothing, I finally found that I had a knack (and love) for creating characters, so I just kept going from there!
aoaio: I live in Japan, and I love games like Final Fantasy. I love fantasy, cute girls and dolls, gothic outfits, and cool guys in games. I think I became a member of Renderosity in January, 2005. I had asked BATLAB about how to be a vendor in the RMP.

SWAM: I am a 42 year old woman from Germany, working as an office leader of a hot dip galvanisation, and in my freetime I am doing mostly hair for (mostly) Posergirls.

I love to create, figure things out, and find new ways to go. This is what pushes me forward. There is always something I want to do, and while working on one project, I am collecting ideas for the next. If my partners tell me "hey, that would fit perfect" or "let's add this and that" I am on my way to make it. You see, my time is filled up pretty much.

Other than that, I have my two babys, my Norway Forest cats - Nemo and Patti - who beg for playtime or hugging time with me. And last, but not least, my husband who screams at me that I always "sit in front of that screen" LOL - I don't know what he is talking about! I am a member of Renderosity since 1998, if I remember right, but started to explore the marketplace as a vendor in 2000.

mytilus: Hello everybody. First of all, I want to say that I'm very happy to be a part of this community. I have many great friends here and I'm very comfortable, like in my own home.
I met with Renderosity in 2003 because of my friend and partner "Pretty3D". He had discovered this site and showed me at that time. Then he posted a product in the store (I guess it was "Witch Pack"), and it sold some and we were very happy. It fascinated me very much, because it is a great concept to produce something and the possibility somebody will like it and get it. So, I posted my first product in 2003, but actually my real beginning was in 2005. Since then, I have been trying to make my best.

goldtassel: I'm an Ex-Over the Road Semi-truck driver, over 15 years.  I'm still involved with the trucking industry, but now I do the 'other side' instead of driving. I like to say I'm the boss!  But, my husband and I are a team in reality.

Wow, it seems like I've been working with Renderosity forever!  But, I guess it has been around 7 years now.  I started out just playing with animation, cutting my dad's head out of a picture and putting it on some dancing body, lol - stuff like that. I just happened to stumble across Poser and fell in love with it. Graphics have always been a passion, and it just seemed to fit to make textures for Poser.

outoftouch: Actually, "outoftouch" is a little team of 3 persons from Germany, although I, Timo, am the one who stands behind all of Vicky's good or bad moods. More to say, I'm the one who does all that Poser-related stuff. Beneath Poser and Vicky, if there is a "beneath", I love playing Wii with friends, chatting, listening to music or making music on our own, together also with my two partners.

I've been a member on Renderosity since 2004. Being involved in digital art started about 8 or 9 years back with first tries in texturing and modeling objects for a computer game. With the purchase of Victoria 3, I wanted to create a character package for her, and that was it. My first product: The Ultimate Cosmetics for V3 / S3.

Nick: While this is the first vendor collaboration of this magnitude here on Renderosity, have each of you collaborated with others before?

nirvy: Yes, I am really honored to be able to say that I have worked with most of the DD team and other incredible artists throughout the years.

rebelmommy: I have collaborated with a few others on smaller projects before, but a project collaboration of this size is a first for me.

aoaio: I sometimes collaborate with Nirvy. She helps me so much with English and making outfits. I thank her very much!

SWAM: Yes, I am a Teamworker. I love to "ping pong" Ideas around and find new ways to go. I work with my partners this way, but never worked with so many people before.

mytilus: Yes, that's right, this is a big collaboration and I'm very happy to be in this project. I had some common projects with outoftouch and nirvy before. They made many add-on products for some of my products, and besides, we collaborated on the "Nagura Project" just a while ago. Futhermore, we also made the "Temptation" product together with nirvy.

goldtassel: Well, Monika (SWAM) and I work together all the time!  I've done some smaller projects with Littlefox and the nice folks at Runtime DNA.

outoftouch: Of course! I've worked with nearly everyone of the Desert Diamond Team members before.

Nick: In collaborating online, it's a bit of a stretch, and a lot of testing, I'm sure. How has this experience been? Would this be something that you might consider doing again in the future?

nirvy: I think when the people you are working with are professionals, the problems are always minimal. Yes, I would love to be a part of an even bigger project next time (wink).

rebelmommy: The process was different than what I am accustomed to, but it was fun nonetheless. It's a lot of checking and re-checking with each other to see where everyone is, and to make sure everything works correctly together, but I would definitely do it again in the future.

aoaio: Yes, the first problem for me is the communication in English. It takes so much time to understand each other because I am Japanese and not good at English. However, it became a precious experience for me. I am very glad to work with other great vendors.

SWAM: Sure, it was fun doing that.

mytilus:  Yes, it is a little bit hard to organize for a common project, but it is a pleasure for me to realize a project with friends and it is exciting to work with them as a team. So, I will absolutely consider it again in the future. I hope we'll do this again.

goldtassel: I was not too involved. Monika brought me in. Nirvy is the brains behind this venture.  I prefer to have a bit more freedom when I work on something.

outoftouch: Yes, sure! It is always very interesting and fun to see what others come up with and to create something "whole". Each product somehow belongs to the other, and that is what makes it amazing - you have something "whole" in the end. Of course, there is a bit of a stretch and a lot of testing, especially if you're working in different time zones. But this is no barrier. We had some kind of "own" deadline for product creation, and I think it is very important you have a day in mind when you should be finished. And it's working! I also want to say "Thank You" at this point to nirvy, who actually managed everything and was very patient!

Nick: Tell us a bit about your contributions. How did each of you approach this project? Did you have a clear picture in mind on what you were going to contribute?

nirvy: I was the organizer, and it was really so exciting. I also created the texture styles and poses for the Desert Diamond main pack.

rebelmommy: I went into this project with a clear picture of what type of character and textures would be needed for it, so I probably had the easiest part of the whole deal.  Nirvy gave me some great pictures of what type of morph and textures the project called for, and I just went from there.

aoaio: Nirvy gave me the images of this outfit at first. It had a clear theme, so I tried to make the outfit as similar as possible with her images. Nirvy and I talked so many times about DD.

SWAM: Nirvy asked me if I could do the hair. she had a special hair in mind that she had wanted to go with this outfit. We talked about how it should look, what movements it should do and what colors. After some test hair, we managed to pick the right hair for this set. I am sure everybody had a special picture in mind - and in the end, all of our pictures came together into a really nice themed set.

mytilus: My friend and my partner, Nirvy, told me about the project a while ago. She had asked me to make the scene of this concept and I accepted her offer. The theme of the project is desert, so I made a desert scene. I think all of these products within the concept complete each other. Thanks to Nirvy for this great project!

goldtassel:  I did the textures for the Desert Diamond Hair.

outoftouch: When I first saw the Desert Diamond outfit, I immediately noticed its High Fashion style, but could also find something you could call "High Fantasy". So, I wanted to create a texture package that combines both, fashion and fantasy. Earth tones, black and white and leather, broken up by fresh colors and modern patterns.

Nick: Do you have any advice on best working practices in online collaboration?

nirvy: Working with professionals is all that is required for a great collaboration, everything else just falls into place.

rebelmommy: Make sure you check your emails and IM's often!  Having so many parts of the project in flux at the same time makes it easy to overlook vital changes if you don't stay on top of things.

aoaio: I think you need a clear image and a common theme for collaboration.

SWAM: Talk to each other and have fun doing it!

mytilus: As I said before, although it is a little bit hard, it is very pleasant to work together. Besides, you would have many new friends and learn new things. I think it is the best way to have friends here.

goldtassel: Patience seems to be the key, and, of course, communication.

outoftouch: As I mentioned previously, I think having some kind of deadline for the finished products is really important. You have that day in your mind and can plan and work to that day. It works!

Nick: Do you have any advice for others looking to sell on Renderosity?

nirvy: It’s a great Community and probably still the best place to sell.

'Rosity taught me a lot and helped me enormously when I first started. But it also takes lots of passion for what you do, and endless hours of work and patience. Nothing happens overnight.

rebelmommy: Do your research.  Find out what there is a need or desire for in the MarketPlace, then find what you're comfortable creating.  Create something unique and find your own style. Dont be afraid to ask for advice.  Finally, learn to take and listen to critiques of your work with an open mind, as your goal should be to get better with each product, and without some feedback you can't grow as an artist.

aoaio: Hmmm...enjoy yourselves in making things.

mytilus: Renderosity is one of the best and well-known sites to enhance their business, but I also advise them to have good relationships with people. It gets them more power.

goldtassel: My advice would be to 'just go for it'!

outoftouch: Enjoy what you're doing and be creative! Do nothing you do not want to do or like.

The Desert Diamond Project Theme Set
Now available in the Renderosity MarketPlace!


Desert Diamond
nirvy, aoaio
RM Desert Diamond
Desert Diamond Hair
SWAM, goldtassel
Desert Diamond - Scene
Desert Diamond Survival

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Nick C. Sorbin is a digital artist, sculptor, writer, and Managing Editor for Renderosity's Front Page News.

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May 30, 2008

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Article Comments

shg0816 ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 30 May 2008

I have to admit, I was very impressed when this package came out, because it had all the parts needed to create a scene from soup to nuts, and would appeal to a lot of people from the new artists (they can get everything at once to get a flavor) to the veterans (they can pick and choose). I'd love to see more of this type of collaboration Great job everyone!!

smilingteacher ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 30 May 2008

When I got online today to check to see the new products at Renderosity, my first thought was, "Wow!, Look at these Desert Diamond products!" Congratulations to all of you on a job well done. You are truly amazing!

AscendedSpirit ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 31 May 2008

Well done on this project. What a amazing theme of products. Can't wait to buy these.

matrix03 ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 31 May 2008

excellent article. glad to hear that you guys encourage others to create their own models and are open to giving advice. I plan on starting to do some modelling very soon and will probably contact each and every one of you to get opinions. ;-) btw, the outfits look awesome. I wishlisted them already :-D

Scatha ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 01 June 2008

Awesome job folks. :) One thing I'd like to suggest however, have you all considered selling the entire set as a bundle?

LanceB ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 02 June 2008

Nice set! A bundle sale would be even better. Right now I am considering buying 2 of the items for $23, but if I could get the bundle for $29.95 I'd buy it right now. The current sale price combined is $53.45 which hits a price barrier for a lot of us. I just choke up when I spend over $30 at a whack at Renderosity. My guess is that 90% of Renderosities sales are under $30.

nirvy ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 04 June 2008

Hi everyone! Thanks for leaving a comment.:) I wanted to point out that a bundle would have been totally great but Renderosity has limits on downloads and a bundle would go way over that limit unfortunately.:(

kainxxx2000 ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 08 June 2008

Man thats great to see vendors working together like this keep it up Power in Numbers!

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