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The Renderosity Rookie of the Year for 2016 has been chosen and it's


This talented and original artist/vendor joined Renderosity in 2015 and already has over 70,000 views and 80 followers. AliveSheCried's work is characterized by a smooth, streamlined style and depictions of female body types that are outside of the perfect fantasy female. Another wonderful aspect to the art of AliveSheCried is the unique attitude so many of the characters have; a sort of wary regard that intrigues viewers and adds a special human element to the figures.

Take a moment to explore AliveSheCried's store and view the video which features 10 of the artists works. We'd like to congratulate the artist for winning Rookie of the Year and thank them for taking the time out of their schedule to talk with us about their background and working methods.

Interview with Rookie of the Year - AliveSheCried

Renderosity: Tell us a little about your background: how did you become an artist?

Aliveshecried: I've always had an inclination toward art. I still have my sketchbooks from when I was a kid. As I grew older I bounced around between various disciplines, but always seemed to come back to my old sketchbooks and 2D art. I was deep into rediscovering my passion for drawing when I came across Daz3D and then Renderosity. Being a lifelong gamer, I'd always been fascinated by 3D art. The art I was seeing on these websites was blowing me away. I promptly downloaded the software and quickly fell in love with this new form of art. After spending an obscene amount of money on content, I wondered if I might be able to make content myself as a means of offsetting the cost. What I didn't anticipate was how rewarding using my creativity on a nearly full-time basis would be. I get to make art and I get paid for it. Doesn't get much better than that.

What is the typical workflow on a project and what tools do you use?

Aliveshecried: I have a very streamlined process now that allows me to produce at a quicker pace and I'm really happy with it. It came about in part due to Renderosity's expansion of their promo image section. I really wanted to be able to fully exploit that. Simple, classic images have always held an appeal to me and that is my focus these days. I use a couple of planes at a 90 degree angle and I have my cameras already set up so there is minimal adjustment needed. I am grateful to Out of Touch for a wonderful set of lights I use. I'd also like to thank Second Circle for tipping me off about the Scene Only setting. I had no idea! It has made a huge difference in the way I light my scenes. There are many things I've yet to learn and I'm ready to take them as they come.

What artists or people have influenced your work?

Aliveshecried: I was always a big fan of fantasy art, and Boris Vallejo was king in my book. As a lifelong comic book reader, I could list dozens of great artists there. Of course, there's Cezanne and Winslow Homer's 'Fog Warning' is still one of my favorite paintings. But I've come to appreciate many of the artists here in the 3D community as well. Elianeck, Aeon Soul, Stonemason, DM, OOT, Raiya, Second Circle--I could go on and on! I look to these artists and others as guideposts on the road to becoming a better artist.

What advice do you have for a beginning artist?

Aliveshecried: Don't be afraid to ask for help! I leaned heavily on Sickleyield and vyktohria when I was just getting started and struggling. I am grateful to both of them for their help. With that said, learn the tools of your trade and experiment. Accept constructive criticism and strive to be better.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your growth as an artist?

Aliveshecried: All my life I've wanted nothing more than to earn a living as an artist. It's been a bumpy road and I'm still not quite there yet, but I love what I do. I love not only the process of creation, but the appreciation that I get back from it. Each email I get that says something kind or positive about my work is felt tenfold. I really do appreciate my followers and all those who've said such kind, encouraging things to me. What I love most about Renderosity is its independent nature. I love that, as long a product works and falls under the guidelines, it goes on the store. That is about as close a marriage of art and business as you can get.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?

Aliveshecried: I'd really like to thank my partner, hotlilme74, for her patience when I was still learning the ropes. In her, I've found not only a creative partner, but a friend. I hope our enterprise will only be more fruitful in the years to come. I'd also like to thank Jenn Blake and Andy, my unflagging tester. I haven't always been the easiest vendor to deal with, I'm sure, but they have been nothing but professional and gracious every step of the way.

Visit AliveSheCried's Store to see more of this talented artists work.

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