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Member of the Month for October, 2018


Erogenesis is a 6-year member of Renderosity. He has contributed a lot to our community in those years. His gallery is filled with interesting work that emphasizes women. He likes to depict women in traditional male roles like soldiers and outlaws. Erogenesis also features women who are happy and passionate. His work is often striking and very well rendered.

Erogenesis was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to answer questions about his work, background and ideas on creativity. We also have a video gallery (see below) which features 10 works hand-picked by Erogenesis.

Interview with Erogenesis

Renderosity: Tell us a bit about your background; how did you become a digital artist?

Erogenesis: Art and storytelling has been the main theme throughout most of my life. I spent a lot of my childhood in Malawi with a pen in my hand, drawing anything that came to mind. Inspired by comics and movies, I invented entire fantasy worlds while making aircraft with Lego, or using my father's AutoCAD to make space ships, or writing stories on my Windows 3.11 machine. I wrote two books when I studied Geology at University, during which I also I did a short course in 3DSmax.

My university years were fun and wild (and are a major source of inspiration for many of my Lali comics). While working for a Geological Survey I developed an app that could construct detailed cross-sections of 3D geological data of Europe. After I got bored of Geology I moved back to Africa and got involved in the protection of Black Rhinos, mapping their habitat, setting up survey grids, and keeping an eye on them. I did a lot of photography in that time too. During this time I got back into storytelling again, and when the rhino project was over, I had time to think of something new to do in life. That resulted in erogenesis.

Chess on a rainy afternoon by erogenesis

You mention in your bio you create erotic comics. Can you give us a background on this activity?

Erogenesis: Making comics in 3D somehow turned out to be the perfect thing for me: it combined 3D's powerful visual with storytelling. Although I loved drawing, 3D CGI was faster and more efficient to work with. The erotic element was the smart choice at the time, since its very popular and you're never really out of business. I needed momentum. But its also a logical choice since most of my stories have been inspired by my university years, as well as my time working in the park (walking around with a battered fedora tracking rhinos on foot or in a 35-year old series 3 land rover with no brakes went down well with the lady tourists).

Making 3D comics is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. The reactions are sometimes priceless. I try to stay away from the generic erotica format and actually tell a story with character-building, and I can tell you, people love it! What is also fun is posting comic series online, and letting the fans interact with the characters in the story. If you're a 3D comic artist, I really recommend doing this. Its a LOT of fun because you never know how the story will end up, and its a perfect way to let your characters grow and come to life.

I notice in your marketplace store you've start on a Project Evolution. What is this project and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

Erogenesis: Poser worked perfectly for the job, with its powerful animation tools and simple workflow. Naturally, as a 3D Poser artist I started to get involved in the content market scene, especially since I initially made all my content myself. To be honest, I was entirely unaware of the content market when I started out with 3D comics, only realizing how big it was when I released Lali's Bits (improved bending and naughty bits for V4). Things lead to things and I ended up working on Project Evolution (PE), which is a Poser figure designed to fill the void that V4 left behind, but then better. I made my own figures for Poser, why not one for the Poser community? PE is similar to my own comic figures: she is an all-round female Poser figure, with lots of options, designed to look and bend great. However, the best thing about PE is also its weakness: its bending system looks cool but very few people know how it works. So content for PE will be a problem for the moment. This is something that will gradually get addressed, I have solutions in the works, but I need the developers of Poser to make a few changes in Poser for them to be even remotely effective.

... Improvise by erogenesis

Anything you'd like to add before we close?

Erogenesis: Thank you for this interview. I would like to add that this adventure into 3D CGI has been a crazy and interesting one, and the Poser/DS communities are one passionate bunch. But I see a lot of reliance on others that often doesn't have to be, and people are often more concerned about the trends in Poser/DS rather than the actual artwork these apps should be producing. For me, art has always been about the story you want to tell, not the tools you use. We humans have been expressing ourselves since the beginning of time with hand prints on cave walls or naughty paintings on roman bath houses, yet the Poser/DS scene sometimes sees more drama than the Roman Empire has ever seen. Stop placing such importance in your tools and start making art. I've used anything from a guitar to a pencil to tell stories. The possibilities of 3D CGI are limitless, a lot of software is available for free, and a lot of it is very easy to learn. If you have the time and energy, teach yourself how to model, your work can only get better!

Please visit erogenesis's gallery at Renderosity to see more of this members works!

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