In Memoriam

July 16, 2007 5:05 pm

This space is set aside for saying good-bye to those that have passed away and so we will always remember.
For memorials, please contact Nick C. Sorbin [nickcharles].

December 2009 ~ In Memory of Michael Graeme Coxe [meico]

June 2008 ~ In Memory of Valerie Ducom

February 2008~ In Memory of Bianca Heberling [fluegelchen]

December 2007~ In Memory of Heinrich Schett [Enrico_Sch]

August 2007 ~ In Memory of Gordon Bray [Syrup]

June 2007 ~ In Memory of Jakel [Jaap Keller]

March 2007 ~ In Memory of Duane Davis [navysquid]

March 2007~ In Memory of Jeremy Churchwell [ionfx]

January 2007 ~ In Memory of Hannah Loesser [hannahlo]

June 2006 ~ A Fond Farewell to Foe [Alfred Wilkins]

June 2006 ~ A Sad Goodbye to romanceworks [ L.J. Heart]

June 2006 ~ Another Sudden Passing: Peace for Chromafolio [Pam Dewhirst]

January 2006 ~ The Winter's Loss of Juliechilde [Juliette Morgan]

January 2006 ~ In Memory of Noel [Bruce “Rick” Peters]

January 2006 ~ In Memory of Fishbiproduct [Christian Vandenberg]

September 2005 ~ In Memory of DeanCarl [Dean Shaffer]

September 2005 ~ In Memory of Ms_Outlaw [Debbie Lee]

June 2005 ~ In memory of blueranger [Derrick Thomas]

January 2005 ~ In memory of Chuck Seibuhr

December 2004 ~ A Sad Goodbye to Guitta Bertaud

December 2004 ~ Bidding Farewell to Brent Kingston

December 2004 ~ Carol Walski Memorial

August 2004 ~ In Memory of prodag

June 2004 ~ In Memory to ironhart [Billy Mercer]

June 2004 ~ Farewell to Don Tatro

June 2003 ~ The Art of Dan Davis

"We will always remember" ~ A Place to Pay Tribute to our Member's loved ones.