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November 1, 2012 2:10 pm

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MarketPlace Search Improvements

Finding the right product for your next project has never been easier thanks to the most recent enhancements to Renderosity's MarketPlace Search Feature!

The Renderosity Team has been hard at work to ensure that the site's Search tool will deliver a much improved set of products based on a users input. Starting today, Renderosity members can expect to find much more relevance placed on a products name and associated keywords than in previous versions of this feature. Also, many subtleties such as a user who enters a singular version of a product name such as 'gun' might find that the plural version (guns) may have previously been left off the search results page entirely. This will help in providing the user a much more thorough list of relevant MarketPlace Products to their results page.

Behind the scenes, MarketPlace Administrators and Testers are also reviewing and advising vendors on suggested changes of any and all keywords during the product upload phase to assist in your search. This will help in keeping result sets relevant to each and every search going forward.

The Renderosity MarketPlace Staff is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions that you may have while searching the MarketPlace.

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Article Comments

RPublishing ( posted at 3:42PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Very Nice! I can find what I'm looking for now. Great job, guys!

-dragonfly3d- ( posted at 4:12PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Fantastic!! Thank you!

Xameva ( posted at 4:21PM Thu, 01 November 2012

This is awesome news, thanks so much for your hard work!

CybersoxXIII ( posted at 4:56PM Thu, 01 November 2012

This is a huge step forward. I've done a few tests and the results are already somewhat better than they have been in the past. However, for this to be REALLY effective, it would help if each vendor were to list all the props included in each product as keywords. I spend a lot of my time looking for strange odds and ends, and there are a lot of times I'd rather buy a larger product that comes with a light-switch, for example, than spend hours looking through multiple catalogs and freebies. Ditto for any figure poses that are included in an item. (I suggest the vendors do this, as they've already got full lists and it shouldn't take long if each vendor does their own, whereas if some poor Rendo staffer has to do it, it'll take forever to catch up on the existing backlog.)

Richardphotos ( posted at 4:57PM Thu, 01 November 2012

it is a welcome feature

DreamlandModels ( posted at 5:00PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Typed in cars and got 2 hits. Still needs work

CybersoxXIII ( posted at 6:07PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Oh, and the other thing that needs to be addressed is the issue of combined words. As an example, neither Hongyu's Boyshorts or any of the texture packs come up if you simply type "shorts".

SissyB ( posted at 6:25PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Thank you for the improvments but why Mavka don't have her section anymore?

andolaurina ( posted at 6:43PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Terrific! Thanks for doing this! :)

moriador ( posted at 8:55PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

the_tdog ( posted at 10:45PM Thu, 01 November 2012

Wouldn't be too hard to improve.

mikeerson ( posted at 3:19AM Fri, 02 November 2012

Check this out guys... a man's suit should be easy... type in: M4 suit.... yeah suits come up, but on the main page, girl items take up more space... now, I can understand how girls suits come up, but when you type m4, all the m4 stuff should come up firts - don't you think? I think you need to have someone go in and put all the m4 items up front on this standard item.... also, Say I type in "Batman", nothing comes up, I think it should at least direct you to items where you can make a batman.

Coleman ( posted at 5:15AM Fri, 02 November 2012

Thanks for working hard on this store enhancement!

toastie ( posted at 7:19AM Fri, 02 November 2012

Looks better. Now if you could just fix the categories so that M3 doesn't give a pile of results that are M4 only (for example), that would be a huge improvement!

ZamuelNow ( posted at 12:43PM Fri, 02 November 2012

This is certainly a step in the right direction though better partial word searches and more filtering options will help out a lot. Arguably, this should also help out vendors as well since it'll be easier to find specialized products that aren't sitting at the top of the Featured and What's Hot lists.

mazzam ( posted at 1:37PM Fri, 02 November 2012

An information retrieval system based on keywords is easier to use if there is an option to browse the keyword list, alphabetically or by frequency of use. A negation option would also help, as in "m4 -v4" to indicate m4 except if the keyword v4 is present. (I used to work in information retrieval R&D.)

odditorium ( posted at 3:10PM Fri, 02 November 2012

The only problem now i see, is seperating your Figure Poses, from your Mat Poses. It does get kinda old wading through all the Hair Mats, and Clothing Mats, that fall under the "POSE" Catagory. Especially when have no clue on keywords, and such, just to look for a cool set of poses for your character. Can we fix that too?? You guys are still my No.1 market for my stuff. i am going to do shopping right now!

Savage_dragon ( posted at 11:23AM Sat, 03 November 2012


fractalartist01 ( posted at 9:58AM Sun, 04 November 2012

This improvement was needed very badly....I hope it works out!

Lyne ( posted at 10:53PM Fri, 09 November 2012

excellent! I just tried it out and I love it! Thank you to the team! :)

Andrew_C ( posted at 5:26PM Tue, 13 November 2012

A vast improvement over the old search, it's actually usable at last. Still not as good as doing a Google search, but you no longer have to use Google to find stuff in the Marketplace. Good Work!

BorgBoy7 ( posted at 12:57PM Fri, 16 November 2012

What happened to the search features for just all Poser products, just 2D products, just bryce products, etc... Now when I want to see what's new I have to look through everything in all departments instead of say just Poser's new stuff? The new look is fine the functionality still needs some tweeking.

hailmark ( posted at 6:29AM Mon, 19 November 2012

This is a great improvement, maybe room for a little more perhaps but searching is definitely much more usable now. Well done folks, and thanks muchly for all your efforts! This is still my first and foremost marketplace for 3D goodies :)

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