Hunter's Column

August 24, 2006 12:00 am

Hunter's column is published once a month. His coverage includes scriptwriting, storyboarding and the like, as it relates to animation and multimedia. Hunter (Dwayne J. Ferguson...hence the name change) is television animation art director/scriptwriter (Mutant League), author (nominated for the Coretta Scott King Award for Kid Caramel: Private Investigator. He is also the creator of the successful Hamster Vice comic book series) He is a college professor and professional author. You can experience his madness firsthand, yo, by bouncing to Until next time, Hunter--out ------------------------------------------------------------------ Previous Articles April 18, 2001 The Importance of Sound Design March 28, 2001 Writing Realistic Dialog March 14, 2001 The Secret to Creating Amazing Characters, Part 2 February 28, 2001 The Secret to Creating Amazing Characters, Part 1 If you have any ideas for Hunter, please email him through the community or Instant message him.