Hottest Prices On Record!

August 9, 2010 12:46 am

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You won't want to miss your chance to save!

The month of August is going to filled with fantastic opportunities to save big on some of your favorite products in our MarketPlace.

Here's how it works. We've carefully selected nearly 400 products, including Gift Certificates, and marked them down to offer you savings of up to 60%! There will only be one (1) product on sale at any given time and the time that it's available may last anywhere from 3-12 hours. At various times during this three (3) week promotion, there will also be deep coupon discounts available for use in the MarketPlace.

Nearly 400 Products | Rare Gift Certificate Savings | Deep Coupon Discounts

To ensure you get the best deal on the product of your choice, be sure to pay close attention to the MarketPlace homepage for the product that is currently on sale! This is your opportunity to fill your cart with great 3D products at HOT prices.

We will also be sending out a daily broadcast message to our newsletter subscribers detailing which products to look for during that upcoming 24-hour period. If you haven't yet subscribed, or have opted out of receiving our newsletter, this is a great time to visit your profile page and put a check in the 'receive newsletter' box.

The Hottest Prices On Record will be running thru the end of August and great savings will be available 24 hours each and every day! As always you can find many other great deals in the Sale Department in the MarketPlace.

Don't Delay

You MUST have the item in your cart and completed checkout before the timer reaches zero. Discounts and refunds cannot be issued if purchase is made after the timer has expired - so be quick!

To receive real-time updates on what's on sale and at what time, be sure to either subscribe to our CG Spree rss feed or follow us on our dedicated 'Hottest Prices On Record' Twitter account.


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Wet Skin


FB Old Bones Poses For V4

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Article Comments

Postat ( posted at 2:55PM Wed, 25 August 2010

To confusing to bother with

Rogeraee ( posted at 10:41PM Thu, 26 August 2010

Hi Team, I get your email in HTML great and can see what you advertise. It has happened two days in a row now, I click on an item I'm interested in purchasing and end up on this page which is useless to me. Where is the link to the item I clicked? Not good team.

jac204 ( posted at 10:34AM Fri, 27 August 2010

Same here. I clicked on "Carter for M4" and got this instead.

AnnieD ( posted at 11:40AM Fri, 27 August 2010

I agree with the others...need links to product. I think this will be my last time to click the links.

PixyDust ( posted at 12:45PM Fri, 27 August 2010

Having same prob. here! :(

mph-com ( posted at 2:16PM Fri, 27 August 2010

Hey, renderosity store ! Sometime it is difficult to order an article of the "Hot Prices On Record" in time. What do you think about my propose: ON THE LAST DAY AT 31.08.2010 YOU OFFER ALL 400 ARTICLES FOR 24 HOURS FOR ACQUIRE ???

Marque ( posted at 7:22AM Sun, 29 August 2010

Says the coupon for today is out of stock??

drewt333 ( posted at 7:49PM Sun, 29 August 2010

Thanks for sending the advert in advance of the sale, I appreciate that. Judging from the complaints though you need to make it plain that the items shown aren't on sale just yet and the whole page link only connects to an announcement page. Too late now, I know, but there will be other sales. I'm guessing.

johnnygnote ( posted at 9:01PM Sun, 29 August 2010

Yep same thing for me! I agree with several other members. Where are the products. Your webmaster needs to write a cleaner script. Direct links to product during sales will insure more sales!!

dsimpson35 ( posted at 9:06PM Sun, 29 August 2010

A very ineffective way to advertise. When I click on an item I expect to be directed to the item's page.

autorenderphreak ( posted at 9:31PM Sun, 29 August 2010

Too confusing - like a lot of things on this site. Ever use the market search? Confusing. Confusing. Clicking on an item in my email should have brought me to the ITEM.

Dubble-Hex ( posted at 10:21PM Sun, 29 August 2010

I agree with everyone else. I click on a product i want and get this page with stuff I dont want or bad links. All of your "hot deal" pages were like that. I dont even look at them anymore. I delete them now

prophat ( posted at 11:26PM Sun, 29 August 2010

im in the same boat as everyone else. clicked the product link in email, got this. has happened for the last week or so, everytime. not cool

Porthos ( posted at 1:25AM Mon, 30 August 2010

Same as above, very confusing! :

JackieD ( posted at 1:56AM Mon, 30 August 2010

Me too. I won't bother clicking the mystery item link any more. Not worth the effort.

lordpaul ( posted at 5:28AM Mon, 30 August 2010

Bad marketing !!! I have not bought a thing. When I click on a link of intrest I expect to see the product.

celticfire ( posted at 8:12AM Mon, 30 August 2010

These emails are useless to me as they never direct me to what';s on sale nor do I ever see any "coupons" offered.

Turtle ( posted at 9:54AM Mon, 30 August 2010

I agree

thaaksma ( posted at 9:58AM Mon, 30 August 2010

The thought process in linking users to the article page rather than the actual product is that the given product may, or may not, be on sale at the particular time it is clicked on. If someone were to click on the product and be brought to the product page to then go through the buying process and not see a sale price - it could lead to some confusion. The intent of the broadcast message is to simply show recipients what products they should expect to be on sale during the given time window on that particular message. It does, however, state in the article to check the MarketPlace homepage for current product on sale. The current product can also be found in a sidebar banner throughout the site.

Nitab ( posted at 10:22AM Mon, 30 August 2010

Afraid I had to give this sale a go-by; too frustrating to try and figure out the links. I'm sure it will be better next time.

Lynbardo ( posted at 10:40AM Mon, 30 August 2010

The explanation by thaaksma is as confusing as the site. Either correct this or I'm not going to be clicking on the email. Confusing, misleading, and a big waste of time. Surely your marketing people can test this themselves and see how user UNfriendly this is.

Lickitung ( posted at 12:30PM Mon, 30 August 2010

Thank you thaaksma for clarifying the thinking and strategy behind the sale. It is much easier now that I know to check the marketplace homepage and the sidebanners for the current sale item and timeframe. But in other people's defense, I myself normally find the sidebanners to be nearly useless as they always seem to be a random product or just simply a pretty picture that jumps me to some unknown page. That and the advertisement I was sent said simply to "check the marketplace", not the marketplace homepage. I understand "the Marketplace" to be the only store in general. If someone sees an online ad and has the option to click, it is usually taken for granted that clicking would be the thing to do to get to everything one needs. Not click and then scavenger hunt or go through forums to find one post that clearly explains the strategy. So, to repeat the sale strategy to support Renderosity and Thaaksma who was kind enough to state so: Check the banner on the right side of your screen. It shows product and time remaining. Or, do as stated above and check the homepage. :3

McGrandpa ( posted at 2:07PM Mon, 30 August 2010

Clicking on any particular product in the email just brings you to THIS page. I haven't even found the products you're showing in the email!!!

mikeerson ( posted at 3:10PM Mon, 30 August 2010

I love the news letters, I love clicking and checking out the different items - I get this page everytime - I wonder how many IMPULSE ORDERS you lost because of this stupid set up?

Silveressa ( posted at 11:33PM Mon, 30 August 2010

I got the same problem as the rest of the posters, I try to follow a link in the email advert and it brings me to this useless page. If this keeps up I'll be unsubscribing from the email advert for good.

papamook ( posted at 6:40AM Tue, 31 August 2010

What a waste of MY time! Thanks Rendo, lmao! A customer should not have to search for the product you want to sell them. This high-school marketing experiment was obviously a massive success then..

Corbie ( posted at 7:13AM Tue, 31 August 2010

I have to agree with most of the previous posters here - clicking on a product and being brought to a general page where the product isn't displayed = no sale. Yes, I could then go hunt for it on the Marketplace homepage, but the annoyance factor makes it unlikely I'll do that. You might want to reconsider your "broadcast message" format, because it doesn't seem to be working well as-is.

atwc ( posted at 11:57AM Tue, 31 August 2010

Great sale! I'm going to miss it. Thanks Renderosity!

Nathrai ( posted at 9:16PM Tue, 31 August 2010

Really enjoyed this sale! (Well, my banking account did not, but I'm kind of looking forward to my render rewards... ;)) Not sure why people think that this was confusing. Upon reading the "Here's how it works" paragraph above it was pretty clear what we had to do and why there were no direct links to the not-yet-on-sale items. Loved the preview mails, because that way I knew whether it might be worth setting my alarm to ring in the middle of the night. Wouldn't want to miss Soba Diner Home or Abomination Dungeon after all. ;)

SilverWyvern ( posted at 11:53PM Tue, 31 August 2010

This was a great promotion!! Thank you renderosity for 1 month of fab deals!!! :)