Holiday Delights at Renderosity | Day 17

December 17, 2011 12:30 am

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Enjoy 31 Days of Delicious Holiday Delights at Renderosity

Renderosity is excited to make your Holiday Season a delight by offering 31 days of incredible savings from some of your favorite vendors!

From now through December 31st, we'll be highlighting at least three (3) Renderosity Vendors each day and offering products in their store at a tremendous discount. You'll want to make sure and check the Renderosity Front Page each and every day during the month of December to ensure your digital stocking is full of your favorite products.

Each sale will last just 24 hours (12am - 11:59pm cst) so it's important you check back often to ensure you find deals from your desired vendor. Each and every product within the selected vendor's store will be anywhere from 35% to 50% off.

Today's vendors are:

Rpublishing: 50% OFF

F Tractor (poser, obj) by RPublishing
F Tractor (poser, obj)
50s Hollywood Hair by RPublishing
50s Hollywood Hair
Elven Desire Outfit V4, A4 & G4 by RPublishing
Elven Desire Outfit V4, A4 & G4
Doctor's Lab Coat V4, A4, G4 by RPublishing
Doctor's Lab Coat V4, A4, G4
Snow Truck by RPublishing
Snow Truck


Kaydream: 50% OFF

Blossom Girl by kaydream
Blossom Girl
Nyoka serpent outfit by kaydream
Nyoka serpent outfit
Bean Sidhe Outfit by kaydream
Bean Sidhe Outfit
Dragon Rider Outfit by kaydream
Dragon Rider Outfit
Summer Jam clubwear by kaydream
Summer Jam clubwear


Lunchlady: 50% OFF

Cutsie Cupid for Kit/Peepot by -dragonfly3d-
Cutsie Cupid for Kit/Peepot
SAVll Nights In White Satin by -dragonfly3d-
SAVll Nights In White Satin
BFF's For V4 & G2F by -dragonfly3d-
BFF's For V4 & G2F
Sensational For Genesis 3 Female by -dragonfly3d-
Sensational For Genesis 3 Female
Personality for G3M/M7 by -dragonfly3d-
Personality for G3M/M7


Kaleya: 50% OFF

Coed V4/A4/Elite by kaleya
Coed V4/A4/Elite
Notorious G3F by kaleya
Notorious G3F
Lingerie - Tomboy G3F by kaleya
Lingerie - Tomboy G3F
Flirty G3F by kaleya
Flirty G3F
Sexy Summer - G2F by kaleya
Sexy Summer - G2F



Promo Image: Merry Christmas by -dp-

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Cimarron ( posted at 12:28AM Sun, 18 December 2011

Loving this promotion although my cc is screaming lol!