Great Improvements To Product Bundling & Wishlists!

December 8, 2010 4:11 pm

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Check Out The Latest Updates To Wishlists & Product Bundling!

In effort to make your wishlist more intuitive and easier to manage, Renderosity has added some key elements that we're sure you'll enjoy. The most dramatic change you may notice is the increased use of icons to represent the pages functionality versus that of the previous versions text links. We feel as though this is going to simplify the way you manage your own unique space and, at the same time, add some consistency to how you're used to viewing products in the MarketPlace.

With the recent launch of Renderosity's Product Bundling feature (for more bundling enhancements - scroll beneath 1st screenshot image), we felt it important to incorporate this into how you (or others) view the products you have in your wishlist. In the screen shot below you'll see that the second product in our wishlist is currently included in one (1) bundle. The price of that product as part of that bundle is also reflected beside the product thumb. You'll also be made aware of a bundled status by looking under the 'Status' column and seeing a 'B' within an orange circle. The three (3) other status possibilities you should be familiar with - they include; 'R' for Renderosity Exclusive, '$' for and item that's on sale and 'C' a product that is in Clearance.

Lastly, the 'Action' column on the far right of the page will help you prioritize your wishlist items, control their visibility amongst your friends, quickly add to cart for purchase or remove a product from your wishlist. Near the bottom of the screenshot below you'll also notice a key detaling what each of these action icons represent for you. You'll also notice that if you mouse over one of these icons it will also indicate the meaning of a particular image.

We hope this provides you with a more easy-to-use interface while including all the functionality you need to best manage this segment of your profile!


Enhancements to Product Bundling

Navigation Link


Additional Text Link On MarketPlace Pages


Additional Sort Features On Main Bundle Page


Vendor's Store Page


Additional Tab On Product Pages


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Article Comments

Winterclaw ( posted at 4:40PM Wed, 08 December 2010

Good job guys, these improvements were really needed.

Meldamiriel ( posted at 10:48PM Wed, 08 December 2010

Wow! Great job! I'm grateful to be able to browse the bundles by newest first!

ShoxDesign ( posted at 1:46AM Thu, 09 December 2010

As a vendor and a buyer: I think its now easy to find and promote bundles! Good work team :)

slam ( posted at 3:33PM Thu, 09 December 2010

It's pretty, but if the product title is too long, the 'Action' column gets squeezed and the icons wrap, resulting in an ugly mess. You may need to lock the width of the columns to prevent this happening.

Faerydae ( posted at 3:52PM Thu, 09 December 2010

Really like being able to move things to the top of the wishlist!

jakiblue ( posted at 4:53AM Fri, 10 December 2010

my wishlist looks so pretty and colourful and shiny now!!! :D :D I love it.

mirana ( posted at 3:30AM Sat, 11 December 2010

Is this feature just in december because of the holidays or will this be ever?

fonpaolo ( posted at 5:07AM Sat, 11 December 2010

Many thanks, they're really needed! :D

hailmark ( posted at 8:37AM Sat, 11 December 2010

Excellent new features - great work! :)

Cougashika ( posted at 1:12PM Sat, 11 December 2010

It does look intuitive! And convenient. I like this format better than the old one.

kobaltkween ( posted at 6:45AM Mon, 13 December 2010

It would be really nice if you sent out notifications a day or so before wishlisted items were pulled from the store.

fabiana ( posted at 7:04AM Mon, 13 December 2010

excellents improvements, thank you!

Thalek ( posted at 5:21PM Mon, 03 January 2011

Extremely useful options! Agree that a notification when an item is soon to expire would also be useful. Good work!