Get Your Hands on the Renderosity Grab Bag!

April 1, 2010 9:03 am

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Header Image Created with Morphing Booty Bag by pappy411.

Don't Be a Fool - Get Your Renderosity Grab Bag!

We are not playing a trick on you - Renderosity is offering you a free item with a $5 minimum purchase! What is the free item you ask? You will just have to add the Grab Bag to your cart before checkout to find out!

Get the Grab Bag!

All of the items from our RPublishing line of products, along with $5, 10 & 15 Gift Certificates will be thrown into the Grab Bag pool. When you make a purchase with the Grab Bag included, one of these products will automatically become yours - absolutely free! To make things even better, this "Smart Grab Bag" will make sure your free item is one that you do not already own!

How do you get your free Grab Bag item? Just check out your My Account page after your order has completed to claim what's in YOUR Grab Bag!

You Only Have 24 Hours!

Don't sit around on the Grab Bag, or the joke will be on you. From 9am today until 9am Renderosity System Time (CST) tomorrow, April 2nd, the Grab Bag will be available to add to your cart during your purchase. Just add the Grab Bag to your cart before you checkout with a $5 minimum purchase, and that is it!

Each member is only eligible for the Grab Bag once during this promotion. Any gift certificates given out through the Grab Bag will expire 30 days after issue.

Add the Grab Bag to your cart before checkout:

Note: The Grab Bag product will show on your order as being $.01 for processing purposes - you will not actually be charged for the Grab Bag product.


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Article Comments

Smoovie ( posted at 9:21AM Thu, 01 April 2010

No April Fool's Day coupon, yet. Is this a joke

Dizzi ( posted at 9:34AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Thank you! :-)

DisparateDreamer ( posted at 9:45AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Yeah, a coupon would be more helpful these days.

SilverWyvern ( posted at 9:56AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Thank you! but I manage to muck up my order. whoops. Happy Fools Day!

RAGraphicDesign ( posted at 10:07AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Thanks! I bought a product that I had on my wish list and I've got a product from REpublishing (Majestic Lobby):)))

screencraft ( posted at 10:17AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Hmmmm ... well, the item I got isn't tested in DAZ Studio (I don't use Poser), is pretty ugly, and I can't ever see me wanting to use it. That's the way the cookie crumbles! Or, as my old Dad used to say: "Never buy a pig in a poke" (i.e. something when you can't see what's in the bag). Never mind! It was a neat idea and you can't please everyone all the time. Thanks anyway, RD! I appreciate the thought. :-)

hamstergirl4444 ( posted at 10:18AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Thank you so much! Not only did I get a great prop - Slimy Sewer - but a $15 gift cert! And I NEVER win anything!! This was very generous - and no joke!

PaganArtist ( posted at 10:22AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Yup screwed this up too. Got to love it huh?

geechy72 ( posted at 10:23AM Thu, 01 April 2010

I received Old Factory!! Thank you. Roni

Dialer ( posted at 10:27AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Bought a $5 item from my wishlist and received a $15 gift certificate. WOW! Thanks very much, Renderosity. :D

Scoopey ( posted at 10:27AM Thu, 01 April 2010

Between this lot and Daz they both manage to P*** me off. I make a $37 order AND THEN they run the promotion not less than 2 hrs later! As I've not got an extra $5 looks like I'm gonna loose out.

kdraper ( posted at 12:40PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Thank you so much..Got a $10.00 Gift Certificate.

dogtor ( posted at 1:23PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Awesome deal, I also picked up something off my wishlist and then got Old Factory. Thanks

mirana ( posted at 1:34PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Got Rosalie Hair :)

DarkAngelGrafics ( posted at 2:40PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Was not sure, I have in my runtime all was I need from RPublishing (Clothing sets...)but I try this GrabBag, bought a great new product...and got a $10.00 Gift Certificate :-)) Many thanks, I´m very happy :)

ForbiddenWhispers ( posted at 2:45PM Thu, 01 April 2010

aww thank you.... i got Luxury Office for Poser & Designer Entrance Hall ....

whistler162 ( posted at 2:56PM Thu, 01 April 2010

very nice. I bought the $5 bedroom set and received the $10 classic bedroom set as the grab bag.

babygirl567 ( posted at 3:11PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Cool. I got Scary Basement.

vilian ( posted at 4:05PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Wheee, I got Scary Basement! Thank you! :)

TL1 ( posted at 4:52PM Thu, 01 April 2010

One of the best promotions by far!!!

sanarae ( posted at 5:29PM Thu, 01 April 2010

oooo, got the majestic lobbey :)

Trask ( posted at 5:45PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Boo, I got the V4Jewelry box when I was hoping for someting like the Sewer, no certificate either. How do they know I really have V4? :P Do over!

Ghostpanther ( posted at 6:26PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Yeaaah !! That's so great ! Thank you, Rendo ! Got a $15 Gift Certificate =)

tsmarcus ( posted at 6:38PM Thu, 01 April 2010

Anybody know if Tycoon Office works in DAZ? I don't use Poser...

deni67 ( posted at 11:00PM Thu, 01 April 2010

WoooHooo i got the SteamPunk for V4 that iv'e wanted for ages. Thank you!

pauthier ( posted at 8:23AM Fri, 02 April 2010

I do not know where to look in my Account for the gift... you sure it is not a April Fools Day joke?

pauthier ( posted at 8:26AM Fri, 02 April 2010

Oops forget my previous mail the Rosalie hair was added to my order!!!

-dragonfly3d- ( posted at 1:17PM Fri, 02 April 2010