A TNA Message for "Mr. P"

Mixed Medium World Events/Social Commentary posted on Mar 27, 2022

Contains profanity

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We agree with Joe. You gotta go! So, Mister “P”….. You think you’re a badass, huh? A real tough guy. Yeah. It takes a real MAN to bomb hospitals and movie theaters full of innocent civilians frightened out of their minds. But then that’s the kind of stuff dick-tators do isn’t it? Cowards and liars. All of them. And that includes certain “wannabe” dick-tators as well. You have managed to do one thing well, Mr. P. You have managed to unite the world (or at least 90% of it) in a way that hasn’t been seen in several decades. Against you. Think you might have miscalculated a few things there, homie? Aside from your military getting its ass handed to it on a silver platter with garnish.. Sorry. I try to stay away from politics (world or otherwise) as much as possible, but sometimes I just have to get things out of my mind (what’s left of it), and into pixels. That’s what artists do, right? Left to right: Natali, G4, Arawen, Arquinia Anyway… I apologize for my recent lack of activity here. I’ve just been dealing with a bit of frustration / depression lately – from a number of things. All the BS going on in the world doesn’t help much, and I’ve backed off of looking at the news sites like CNN. Once every few days is plenty. We have also come to the realization that much as we want out of this house and area, it’s probably not going to happen for the foreseeable future. With the totally INSANE prices of houses these days, a 2K a month Social security income just isn’t gonna cut the mustard. So unless I get a good Powerball ticket, or something miraculous happens we’re stuck here for now. I’m feeling a little bit better, and will be getting back to the TNA story – look for the next page soon. There’s also going to be a fun collaboration coming up – not telling you much more than that, as it’s going to be a fun surprise involving a couple of our more petite ladies. I’ll be getting back to commenting soon as well. I guess I’ll have to use the Activity Feed, since the ebots are non-functional, and no one that can make a difference seems to care anymore. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment if you wish. Thanks for all your support, friendships, and artwork over the years. Stay safe, pray for peace, and keep creating! Background from Adobe Stock Free Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord

Comments (25)


zaqxsw 4:00PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

Excellent image!


MollyFootman 4:14PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

Glad you're moving toward feeling better. Your aggressive group certainly seems ready to right many wrongs in the world. =)



eekdog 4:37PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

He is nothing more them a farking worm Rod. One thing positive out of all this horrible war the the Ukrainian army has done some major azz kicking. I heard they destroyed a Russian war ship and damaged two others last week. And they have taken back some property on them. Yeah I bet the Russian soldiers are NOT into killing innocent civilians or a majority of them. Kick azz image Rod.

Just take things in stride and don't let the worlds be bring you down. I try hard myself that way.

I really think that Putin will be ousted , just hope he does not hit the kill switch on nukes knowing he's going down.


eekdog 4:39PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

Got my T.NA. gals hyped up for May issue of PG. it's Denver T.N.A. month since it was in may she came around for your awesome creation idea.❤😁

PhthaloBlue 4:59PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

Wonderful render!


MagikUnicorn 5:29PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

You rock my friend

Wonderful work


Richardphotos 6:28PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

could the "others" be "forbidden"? they are gorgeous ladies as always


donnena 7:17PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

Grand image!! I pray for peace and for the poor people of Ukraine


CoolDimension 8:07PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

They look tough and very beautiful! I am glad to see you back!


Diemamker 8:58PM | Sun, 27 March 2022

Sweet! Mr. P is in for some really serious trouble! He's going to have to call back his troops just fight these ladies off... just know another group is standing by!..


starship64 1:27AM | Mon, 28 March 2022

Wonderful work! Let's hope the girls can inspire somebody to remove Mr. P from power.


Saby55 1:31AM | Mon, 28 March 2022

Fully agree with everything you have posted, you have created an outstanding Them. Great work my friend 👏👍🙋‍♂️☮️


Leije 10:23AM | Mon, 28 March 2022

A charming and determined team !


JoeJarrah 10:59AM | Mon, 28 March 2022

Nice to see the girls.. TNA ready to KA... Take it easy, and hope things improve


bakapo 11:45AM | Mon, 28 March 2022

I say, turn these Girls loose! Have at 'em! I love their serious and fed-up expressions and poses.

Hang on in there, the world is full of crap, so look for the good stuff, instead.


mifdesign 3:44PM | Mon, 28 March 2022

Outstanding gorgeous, truly determined ladies. Wonderful composition, always glamorous, brilliant awesome render.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!


Darkglass 6:23PM | Mon, 28 March 2022

Beautiful ladies all with their favorite hardware...!! and mission ready, should let them do their thing...!!...quality image, always a pleasure


Radar_rad-dude 8:36PM | Mon, 28 March 2022

I'm 1,000% with you on your sentiments regarding Mr. P and also other 'wanna be dick-tators) in the world, ahem, our own country perhaps?!!! Well anyway! A fantastic image of the girls here! Sure wish they could bring Mr. P to justice right now! He needs to get the justice he and all his enablers so richly deserve and for the world to see dispensed! Sadam dejavu anyone?

RodS 8:41PM | Mon, 28 March 2022

"ahem, our own country perhaps?" That would be the one! 😉 Mr. P's bosom buddy... The one Mr. P helped in 2016. They both need to see the same fate as Saddam did.


bucyjoe 3:18AM | Tue, 29 March 2022

like the girl far left


hashdoc 9:39AM | Tue, 29 March 2022

power team!


anahata.c 4:18AM | Wed, 30 March 2022

You've backed your 4 warriors with a golden-yellow background, like a curtain of gold and deep amber light. Like there's good behind them. I esp like G4's stare: It's penetrating and even chilling, like she's just had it and is saying, "really??? do we really need to explain wny we're here???" Your costume work is 1st rate as always, and while the other 3 are standing at attention---they're trying to stop a terrible war, after all---G4 stands weary, fed up, hand on hip as if to say, "again??? did you think you would reeeeally get away with this???" I wish we could stop Putin that easily. If only. A fine quartet portrait, and the golden glow says that they're on a mission from on high. I wish such a mission could take place.

I'm very sorry, Rod, that the housing market became so difficult since you started all your preparations. It's so hard to predict... the world has gone up and down, disease, war, terrible leaders, climate...I hope the market swings soon to make it easier for you and Jo to make your move. You have to be in limbo now...But I hope you can enjoy your home in the meantime, so when it's time to move, you'll be rested. You deserve some rest. It's good to see you here, as I know you were frustrated with this place. (I was too. Still am, bigtime...I keep thinking, "again??? will this ever stop???") Your fans are fiercely loyal, so do what's right for you, they'll always be here when you are. I wish you godspeed in your move, in the meantime. Everything else is changing, I hope the market changes soon too. Take good care, Rod: You deserve some rest, and I hope you can get it in the interim...


UteBigSmile 2:46PM | Sat, 02 April 2022

I hope every day that there is at least one person in his closest environment who still has balls in his pants (before he also has them all killed) to give this disgusting despot, war criminal, murderer of women and children a bullet between these devilish eyes at the right opportunity. Unfortunately, this will not happen, because none of these cowards and yes-men would like to play the Martyr.


daggerwilldo 10:16PM | Tue, 05 April 2022

I'm with the Ladies 100%. Domestic Putin Wannabe's, and their enabler's should take a lesson from Putin's failure, We all saw what happened when Y'All_Quada tried to seize power here on Jan 6th. They got their asses handed to them. There was no silent majority out their, just waiting for those 'true patriot's to show them the way. The 'true patriot's rejected them in every way possible. They will do so again if push comes to shove.

BellaDark 9:13PM | Wed, 06 April 2022

Don't know, Rod, but I'd hate to meet you in a dark alley on a bad night. You're kind of a bada@@! And I know the situation is very serious, but sometimes humour does help us through the worst of times. Might this mini rant make it into an actual TNA comic? Might be kind of fun. :D See the TNA girls going medieval on his a**. :)

RodS 11:59PM | Wed, 06 April 2022

Everything is on the table..... 😉 And TNA has some really big tables.... 😁


misumu 1:19PM | Thu, 14 April 2022

No reason to apologize, even neutral nations are taking sides. I think people grow tired of those who try to force their will on others. I wish the TNA could have a lecture with Mr. P.

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