Lola - Hot Date

Mixed Medium Pin-ups posted on Mar 18, 2022

Contains nudity

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This artwork contains mature content: nudity.

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03-18-22 I am going to be taking a little break from Renderosity for a while – until they manage to get all the issues from the latest “upgrade” worked out. I have not had any gallery ebots for 3 – 4 days now. I’ll do my best to keep up, but I apologize beforehand if I miss anyone. I WILL be back, and I WILL be continuing the TNA story. But right now, I have more than enough things stressing me out (that I’m not getting into here). I don’t need something that is supposed to be relaxing and fun added to the “stuff that annoys me” list. I’m not a coder, but there are some things that I just do not understand about this tradition here at Renderosity of taking a site that (after months of ‘tweaking’ from the previous round of “improvements”) is working fine, and hoarking up at least several parts of the site, if not the whole thing. Is it not possible to place the site on an isolated server, doing all the “improvements” there, then running it through 2 – 3 weeks of intensive testing before going “live” and lousing up the experience for all those using – and hopefully enjoying – the site? I fully realize most of the developers / coders are likely working remotely, but still… There has to be a better way. Anyway… Lola is all ready for a hot date. The question is…. Are YOU? This is Lola, by my long-time friend Jenny (Pixeluna). I’ve done a bit of fiddling with her morphs, and did some tweaking on her rather hot dress. I did tick ‘nudity’ as you can see just a teeny bit of areola if you look closely. And I see you guys getting out the magnifiers… 😆 Anyway, I’ll see everyone again soon. Stay well, stay safe, pray for peace, and smile. Thanks for stopping by, and for all your awesome support, friendships, and artwork over the years. Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord

Comments (20)


romangirl 5:25PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

She is hot!


Darkglass 7:43PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

i can understand you frustration...hope your not gone for too long you will be missed... little out of my league i think...but you never know.. how the mind of a woman works... Life's little mysteries...that only come's with experience and knowledge..great image top render and a stunning character...


tetrasnake Online Now! 10:22PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

I know the feeling concerning the ebots. I had to look in the feed to find your work.

Superb by the way.


CoolDimension Online Now! 11:26PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

I don't know what e-bots are! I always just look at my feed. Your image is beautiful! great posing and beautiful expression and style! Please take care of yourself, Rod.You are really a great supportive artist and I hope you won't stay away long, but you have to be happy and take care of yourself.


paul_gormley 11:56PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

love her coy pose and hesitant look, though she is probably a demon on the dance floor :) yes, the messages on new works are a bit random, strikes me the database is not all as it should be and flags aren't being updated properly...


daggerwilldo 11:57PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

"Is it not possible to place the site on an isolated server, doing all the “improvements” there, then running it through 2 – 3 weeks of intensive testing before going “live” and lousing up the experience for all those using – and hopefully enjoying – the site? I fully realize most of the developers / coders are likely working remotely, but still… There has to be a better way."

What you suggest is really quite common in the industry for folks that run customer dependent sites. Not to bitch, but I post on numerous sites that never have this type of problem. Also, not to slam any one person, but getting some senior type web development / maintenance folks in here to run the show would be highly advisable.


starship64 1:18AM | Sat, 19 March 2022

She's looking hot! Enjoy your break. I'll look forward to your return.


Saby55 2:39AM | Sat, 19 March 2022

Simply gorgeous my friend and fantastic pin up!!! 👍🙋‍♂️


miwi Online Now! 9:01AM | Sat, 19 March 2022

Beautiful Girl, wonderful scene, once again super image,hope you return soon,take care,best regards Michael.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MollyFootman 10:35AM | Sat, 19 March 2022

At best, Renderosity's design doesn't really make it easy to communicate with others about art and software tools. On the other hand, though it can be frustrating it is possible to do so and I'm glad I started sharing here as it has, for instance, introduced me to you, Rod. =)

As for this picture, it's a very sexy pin up and nice picture to share before you take a break. I hope your break will be very restorative and also very brief as I love hearing from you and enjoy viewing your artwork even though I don't always comment. Take care, my dear! <3



thekingtut 1:54PM | Sat, 19 March 2022

I noticed this as well. The more you 'tweak' something, the more likely it is to break. Thereby needing more 'tweaking' to fix.


eekdog 4:57PM | Sat, 19 March 2022

Just keep calm my friend. Activity feed is always the best route. I visit here several times a day and check it for more images. I dont rely on the up and down yo yo ebots.

But your image smokes the charts Rod. Send her number please.

Hope they get the bots working again. They do help. 😁❤

RodS 5:19PM | Sat, 19 March 2022

I think you have the right idea, Steve. I may just go the Activity Feed route when I'm back in a few days or so. They can't seem to keep those ebots working..


anahata.c 5:29PM | Sat, 19 March 2022

(I took out the complaint from my original comment, as you probably don't need to hear it all, and I'm not sure I want it to be in your gallery rather than in a forum. But I WILL say that I'm with you 1000%, as I'm fed up with what's happened here over and over: This much I will say: I've been on writing-art-and-music sites many times, and have never seen so many changes with so many negative side effects as I have here. This place is unique in my experience! They work very hard and deserve our praise: But it happens so often, and the after effects can be so damned frustrating. My "activity feed" loads only half the time, no more, and my comments are down to small numbers---of people I appreciate greatly, incl you---but how many more will be shaved off because of site changes? I work very hard when I'm here, and I'm tired of being at the disposal of the winds that blow that day. Personally, I fell, I'm in pain, I'm tired, and this site has just about pushed me over the edge. So I support you. I just hope you'll come back soon as you're one of the stalwarts here, and your fans love you. I'm sorry it's been such a bad time for you...I hope it gets better soon. Now my comment:)

what a creative pose for your model---through an open door, where she looks like she discovered us and stopped: Very photographic. Love your choice of pose, and of course dress and shoes, and her lipsttick matches. Sexy look/pose, and she appears out of nowhere in a room that looks like it's in an office building, but one of those 'empty' rooms no one uses. Your photographic background shows, again. You'll be missed, Rod, while you're gone; but I understand. I do hope that your work at home comes to fruition for you and Jo, soon; and that you can begin to live in happiness again. Whenever you take your leave, stay well in and out, and I wish all the fortune in the world to you both!


UteBigSmile 3:45AM | Sun, 20 March 2022

She looks fantastic Brother, concerning the e-bots, I just cut them off, it makes no sence if I get some on images which I already have commented a day before, as Steve already said, just keep calm, because the "Activity Feed" is for sure the better solution of this problem!!! PS. Now I just imagine that you are biting in the the carpet with a red head out of anger!😁

RodS 12:22PM | Sun, 20 March 2022

LOL Not biting any carpets today, Ute! They just don't have much flavor! 😆 I'll be back soon, and yeah, I'll just use the activity feed since keeping the ebots working seems to be a problem, and no one in a position that could make a difference seems to care.


bakapo 1:24PM | Sun, 20 March 2022

This site can be frustrating, that's for sure. Take a break if you need to. This beautiful model has listened to you and she wants to follow you to make sure you're ok. I'd let her tag along, if I were you.

I stopped e-bots long ago. I use the Activity Feed, too. ... I wonder if that's what the site developers want? Frustrate the people who use e-bots and they won't use them and then the developers can drop the option? I dunno...


ikke.evc 3:04PM | Sun, 20 March 2022

Yep, maybe we can get some free 'heat' and save some coin.


thartwick1 2:39PM | Tue, 22 March 2022

Hope it's not a long break!


Richardphotos 10:53PM | Tue, 22 March 2022

personally I was glad to be away for a week. however I am far behind in the galleries. she is a doll and such a sensual pose and clothing


JoeJarrah 4:58AM | Wed, 23 March 2022

I have to agree with the comments; one of the main the reasons I started a DA portfolio was i got so fed up with the constant (insert expletive of choice) over here...

Hope you get sorted what you need to, and its not too stressful. See you back here anon!

RodS 9:50PM | Wed, 23 March 2022

Yeah, I've been more active over there lately myself. I'm not going to leave Rendo (too many good friends here to do that!), but it just seems like the folks that run the site; the ones that could make a real difference just don't care anymore. Very sad..


mifdesign 3:34PM | Mon, 28 March 2022

Outstanding gorgeous pin-up, superb character, wonderful outfits and assets, brilliant awesome render.
Magnificent Masterpiece of Finest Arts. I love it!
Patience, young padawan.., always have patience.💖

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