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Mixed Medium World Events/Social Commentary posted on Mar 08, 2022

Contains nudity, profanity

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Can we possibly make it any plainer?? Get the drift, there, Mr. Putin? What would you do if someone kicked in the door to your home, and started shooting and trashing everything in sight. I know what I'd do.... The mother****er would leave in a horizontal position with parts of his head in a plastic bag. 'Nuff said. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive. With all this crap going on, my creativity has kinda taken a vacation. But it (hopefully) seems to be slowly awakening, and asking if the coffee is ready yet. I hope to get the next TNA page done and ready to post in the next week or so. I got a call Sunday from Mike (Faemike55) - he said to say hello to everyone. He's had some computer / internet issues since moving, and he misses everyone here, and of course sends his best wishes to all. Looks like the site developers have been busy again.... I've seen some changes, but no problems so far. Nudity ticked for her lace dress. Hope you all are doing well. I'll be doing some catching up in the galleries in the next day or so. Stay safe, stay sane, and pray for peace. Check out Annette's newest adventure! Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord

Comments (22)


zaqxsw 1:26AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Excellent image! I'm not one to condone violence, but someone barges into my home all bets are off! I am however, losing patience damn fast with this "infolink" crap! I tried deleting the cookies as you recommended in the forum, but it hasn't done any good, and from recent posts I gather that no one else is able to get rid of them either. I understand a website's need to generate revenue but having to close that window every damn screen because it covers things you need to get to it beyond annoying... to the point that I'm strongly considering abandoning this site until the admins get their head out of the butts!

RodS 2:02AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

I kinda gave up on posting anymore comments in that forum some time ago. Didn't seem like anyone in the upper echelons was paying any attention..


starship64 1:28AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Fantastic work! Somebody that barges violently into my house is probably going to be shot.


Saby55 1:29AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Great extraordinary composition!!!!!!!!!!👏👍🙋‍♂️fuck Putin🧨💣🔫


Darkglass 6:19AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Great looking character...super strong message, and one that's backed my most of the civilized work on this striking imagery...


Richardphotos 6:53AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

right to the point no less. she looks very determined to kick some butt!


thartwick1 10:40AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Sweet! Great message!


enigma-man 11:44AM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Hopefully, one day Russia will GTFO. Unfortunately that will not be any time soon.


eekdog 12:24PM | Wed, 09 March 2022

As per message in my post today I strongly agree. Someone in the Kremlin needs to ice this fuc#wad!

The news gets more depressing everyday. As mentioned in my last.

No matter the situation you always post amazing work Rod.❤


CoolDimension Online Now! 7:18PM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Stunning character work! She truly looks like she could be Ukrainian and is so strong and lovely, yet determined! Lovely angles and wonderful poster-like qualities!


Radar_rad-dude 9:10PM | Wed, 09 March 2022

Emotional expressions get my endorsement here, Rod! Many fine kudos and praises from me! Good to get an update on Mike! We sure miss him here! Praying for an end to the insanity in the Ukraine as soon as possible and a reckoning for the mad demon responsible for it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bakapo 10:14PM | Thu, 10 March 2022

Exactly. she looks very capable, too, nice job.

The whole situation is sad and maddening. I pray for peace.


Desgar 1:33PM | Sat, 12 March 2022

My sentiments exactly, Rod. They tell us that things are done they way they are as to avoid World War 3. And yet, the hawk in me thinks we may be headed that way anyway. Why must the UNITED NATIONS, let alone NATO, allow Ukraine to fall?! Putin had his head far way up his [CENSORED] to be concerned with sanctions.

Please try to invade Poland, or the Balkans, or any other NATO-affiliated nation, Mr. Wannabe Czar. You'll end up like Nicholas, the last one who tried to flex muscle.


daggerwilldo 10:18PM | Sat, 12 March 2022

I'm with you on this one. It's going to be a long haul for the Ukraine. Until Putin gets the message my money goes to Freedom Fighters in the Ukraine.


ikke.evc 12:06PM | Sun, 13 March 2022

Great image and message Rod!

Yep, Desgar nailed it.


bucyjoe 6:08PM | Sun, 13 March 2022

like the dress


hashdoc 1:05AM | Tue, 15 March 2022

she looks great and determined!


NobbyC 9:47AM | Tue, 15 March 2022

WOW!!! Great image!!! 😃😃😃👍👍👍


mifdesign 3:43AM | Wed, 16 March 2022

Painting the fridge pink might help, I'm pretty sure about that. If it makes no sense, then stop painting the fridge. Period.


anahata.c 5:48AM | Wed, 16 March 2022

I appreciate, Rod, that with all the stuff you're dealing with, in addition to the terror of the world, you're still so generous and connected with everyone here. And still posting, even if not as often. Your colors here are bold as could be---your model's gown is a beautiful color against the Ukraine flag...and those bold red letters really shout. She's a model and a warrior, and your fans are with you 100%. I read articles often about the censorship inside russia...many don't know what their leaders are doing. If nuclear weapons weren't around, this would be a different war; but since they're being brandished and used as a threat, it makes every act so much more dangerous. I hope Putin will come to his senses and realize how much agony he's causing, and how he's pushing us close to disaster. I never dreamt we'd see this now...after covid and the world economy and so much else. Let's hope sanity takes over. I wish you rest and of course health, and all the best with your ongoing work to move and secure a really great place. Thanks for all your support, and here's to a much better future. Be well and blessed!


romangirl 5:28PM | Fri, 18 March 2022

OK I’m going! Great job!


STEVIEUKWONDER 12:57PM | Thu, 24 March 2022

Very far-reaching sentiment Rod! I'll join you with a 9mm handgun to pop one in his head!


UteBigSmile 2:06AM | Thu, 19 May 2022

Putin is totally insane, only a logotomy can help! 😂 Americans have developed an unfortunate habit of ascribing mental illness to those with different values, goals, or circumstances than our own. This is objectionable for distorting public understanding of mental illness and fostering discrimination — but it also can dangerously cloud our judgment about what policies are necessary or productive. Many of our errors in the Second Iraq War sprang from this fallacy, and we are sadly repeating them with respect to Ukraine.

Demonizing Saddam Hussein was convenient for a Bush administration determined to make war on secular Iraq in response to the religiously motivated terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. This was not difficult because he was, indeed, a ruthless, brutal dictator — but his brutality alone did not explain why he would sponsor the Sept. 11 attacks nor why he would hold onto weapons of mass destruction in the face of crippling sanctions, both of which they insisted he did.

The Bush administration and its allies therefore concocted the idea that Hussein was insane. This likely was wrong.

Ruling as head of the fiercely secular Baath Party, Hussein had nothing to gain and everything to lose from aiding Al Queda — which is why he did not do so. Indeed, Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalists loathed and sought to depose Hussein, whom they saw as an infidel leading a Muslim country. And Saddam Hussein did not declare any more weapons of mass destruction to inspectors because he did not have any. He was coy about what he might have to maintain strategic ambiguity: With Shia and Kurdish communities resenting his Sunni minority rule, and bordering multiple countries he had invaded or threatened, he did not dare declare himself to be largely defenseless.

Belief in Hussein’s insanity nonetheless played a crucial role in launching our disastrous invasion over many of our closest allies’ objections. Even if the evidence that he had weapons of mass destruction was thin, his supposedly deranged character suggested he would use them and be immune to deterrence.

Similarly, we have no reason to believe Vladimir Putin is insane. His values are deplorable, but he is pursuing his reprehensible ends with logical and rational means.

Putin has made clear that what he wants most is to be seen as manly and powerful. I find his vision of masculinity repugnant and juvenile, but it is hardly unusual. Approaching the end of his rule, Putin is increasingly focused on his legacy, as others in similar positions have been.

Russia’s economic performance is terrible and likely irreversible in Putin’s remaining time. Significant improvement in living standards would require rooting out endemic corruption, much of it perpetrated by members of his own inner circle.

That leaves manly conquest, extending Russian power as his most revered imperial predecessors did. Expanded national boundaries are more durable than economic gains, offering better prospects for Putin admired by future generations.

When Putin attacked Ukraine, the benefits of invading looked far greater than the risks. Ukraine, or even just its predominantly Russian-speaking area in the East, would be a far larger addition to Russia than the parts of other neighbors he could realistically seize. And the more democratic Ukraine becomes, the more it serves as a beacon reminding Russians that his authoritarianism is not inevitable.

The risks surely seemed minimal. When Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, Ukraine’s military — badly depleted under the corrupt pro-Russian president the country had just ousted — did not fight back. Ukraine did resist the subsequent invasion of Donetsk and Luhansk, but Russia prevailed — at least to a stand-off.

Putin also had seen the West demonstrate weakness, allowing Russia to benefit from criminality. It hardly responded at all to Russia’s savage assault on Chechnyan civilians and its repeated invasions of Georgia and Moldova. The West did huff and puff after the Crimean invasion, but imposed few significant sanctions and quickly proved eager to resume business as usual. Perhaps most tellingly, the West stood by passively as Russian troops committed war crimes to prop up Syria’s brutal dictator. Believing the West too indecisive and craven to act was not crazy at all.

Yes, subtle signs pointed to possible trouble, such as an intelligence chief losing his composure when he realized Putin might actually invade — and risk disproving assessments of Russia’s military superiority. U.S. and British intelligence also seem to have penetrated his regime’s senior ranks. And Putin should have wondered how years of corruption affected military readiness. But in an authoritarian system lacking even the collective leadership of the Soviet Union’s final decades, Putin had countless fawning toadies to reassure him.

Although the Russian military may be overrated, its disinformation machinery is not. Persuading westerners that Putin is dangerously unstable can make them hesitate to provide Ukraine the heavy weapons it needs to turn the tide. Notably Poland and the Baltic countries, which all border Russia and would face the brunt of any “crazy” Putin attack, are not cowed. They recognize that only Putin’s total defeat in Ukraine will bring them security.

Seeing Putin as unhinged is also dangerous because it obscures the danger the broader nationalist Russian regime poses to Ukraine and to the rest of the world.

Absent a clear, humiliating defeat in Ukraine, any successor to Putin will likely be even worse: Comparably committed to destructive demonstrations of power and more willing to take risks because his grip on power will be shakier.

The notion that anyone committing unprovoked, brutal aggression must be mentally ill assumes a broad, humane consensus that, although appealing, is far-removed from the world we live in.

National security and scientific potential: Congress is finally taking UAP seriously South Korea is the missing link to the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy It is profoundly unfair to those actually struggling with mental illness, the overwhelming majority of whom are peaceful souls — and it will lead to precisely the dangers the apostles of caution seek to avoid.

Allowing Putin to profit from brutal criminality means he will do it again. If he gains anything from his invasion of Ukraine, he will do it again. That is as coldly rational as it gets.

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