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Poser World Events/Social Commentary posted on Feb 26, 2022

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We stand with you, the People of Ukraine. And people everywhere who love freedom and stand against tyranny in all its foul forms. The figure here was a fairly close representation (not 100% accurate on purpose) of a wonderful Ukrainian girl I worked with many years ago when I worked for Gateway Computers. She was an absolute delight to be around; she had a delightful sense of humor, and a beautiful accent. I haven’t seen her in years, but my heart aches for her – I think she still had family over there. I hope all of us are still here by the end of this chaotic year. Thanks for looking.

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ikke.evc 1:56PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Same sentiment here!


bakapo 2:22PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Here, here! I like her defiant and strong pose.


Radar_rad-dude 2:40PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

I agree and support this sentiment a million percent! Such a crazy mad man in the shape of this satanic Putin. I pray he gets neutralized by some of the more sane people around him! Not that I mean any harm to him personally, but he needs to at the very least be locked away in a padded cell! A very nice image here, Rod, with the fantastic character! I hope we all can make it through this year as well! Many trying times ahead! We all must brace ourselves for the onslaughts to come!


calico_jester 2:59PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

... a grand statement and outstanding position


Darkglass 4:18PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

I couldn't agree or support this more, and so do many other people and nations, this madman's insanity won't prevail


fireangel Online Now! 4:35PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Unfortunately without the will to send troops I doubt it will make any difference. I wish the Ukraine well in their battles, but they cannot win on the battlefield without a huge amount of outside help which doesn't look as if it will arrive.


bucyjoe 4:55PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

hopefully it will end without too many people killed I can see why you liked her


zaqxsw 5:05PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Outstanding! Great image and sentiment! For weeks the Russians lied about their intensions, but everyone just sat back and ignored their threat as they massed troupes on the border.


adorety 5:06PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

I think it's about time TNA worked outside the box and pay Putin a visit and if he doesn't comply. Well....one has to do what one has to day when making the world safe from crazy, power hungry dick tators.

RodS 5:25PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

You have no idea how many times I've wished I had a real TNA to take care of all these freaking lunatics - both around the planet, and right here in the USA. Too many F-ing nut jobs in positions of power - and with access to nuclear weapons. That's what scares the living S##T out of me..


eekdog 5:09PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Colorado's T.N.A. 100% back up that statement Rod. outraged at Putin's needle minded and evil ways. i hear on news they will kill the families of the soldiers who do not surrender, WTF! another freaking Hitler. cool pose and use of Ukraine's colors.


Richardphotos 5:30PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

I know many people from Africa and where there is war going on in their home country of Ethiopia. the war should be with those politicians that start them.

superb dedication for those folks that will feel the effect the most. I noticed the price of regular at $3.39 earlier this evening. the worthless multi -millionaires(politicians) are the ones hoping for $7 per gallon to "fuel" their shares of stocks in the oil companies.


goldie 6:21PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Yes, indeed we do stand with the Ukrainians! Putin and those created in his mold need to be vaporized! I too have relatives in Ukraine--my mother was born in Kiev. I hope they whup Putin's butt.


CoolDimension 6:59PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

Fantastic bold graphic! The posing is great and really shows your feelings very well! It is also very unique! Fantastic work!


anahata.c 7:02PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

wonderful comments, and barb/goldie too (she's from Russian roots, and her mother went through hell during WWII). A moving dedi, Rod, and amazing that you found and crafted a model who looked a lot like the woman you knew years ago. I never saw her, of course, but the fact that you crafted her to look a lot like your friend is wonderful.

I grew up around Russians, and feel privileged to have learned so much from their experiences. One of my first piano teachers was from the Ukraine (Evgeny/Eugene). Such fierce love of his country, and such deep tradition. I sometimes felt I was in Russia, for all the Russians I had the privilege of studying with. (Classical music, in those days, was flooded with European refugees; and Russians were a stunningly large percentage of them.) To think that, after all the Soviet leaders did, now a modern incarnation is doing the same thing all over again---ramshacking a sovereign nation for sheer land-grab, no more---is unbearable. And look at what the Ukrainians are doing---how they've slowed down the behemoth w/ hand made weapons. I haven't posted about this yet, because I haven't found the words yet, but I'm so glad you did this. This is beautifully done...may it travel through the air and help those who are resisting, incl the russian citizens who put their lives on the line to stop this carnage. May it go out to all of them. Thanks, Rod.

RodS 8:38PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

No one thought the rag-tag rebels had a chance when the USSR invaded Kazakhstan, but it became so costly for them, that they pulled out - and not much later the Soviet Union disintegrated.. Same will happen here. The Ukrainians are already kicking their asses. This is going to be costly for them in so many ways. If the Russian military has a grain of common sense among them, they'll make Pukin (intentional misspelling) disappear and replace him with someone with a little common sense - if not common decency.

Even their own Russian citizens are demonstrating against this utterly unjust and Hitler-esq operation.


RedPhantom Online Now! 7:26PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

great sentiment. We can only hope things turn around.


paul_gormley 10:45PM | Sat, 26 February 2022

nice sentiment, lets hope it comes to a stop before the Chechen killers get in place


starship64 1:35AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

I agree 100%.


Saby55 1:41AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

I totally agree with you RodS and I think most people are 👍Excellent work my friend 👍🙋‍♂️


NobbyC 3:53AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

Fantastic image!!! 😃👍


Diemamker 5:25AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

And boy is it a mess over there... that puting guy really needs to be stopped! I hope the People of Ukraine give him the biggest bloody nose ever!


UteBigSmile 10:03AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

Very nice graphic on a sad subject, I hope that this nightmare will end soon and that this diabolical despot will not escape his punishment!


DeepRed 10:27AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

We all hope for the best for Ukraine.

My take on the issue is currently viewable as an entry for the 2022 pinup contest.


romangirl 10:49AM | Sun, 27 February 2022

Well done! We hope and pray and....fight.


JoeJarrah 1:47PM | Sun, 27 February 2022

Great image and great message.


STEVIEUKWONDER 7:06AM | Mon, 28 February 2022

Thankfully, Putin appears to be shooting himself in the foot in so many ways, but I resent the killing he has factored and hope someone tries a bit of target practice on Putin with a Kalshnikov!


thartwick1 7:34AM | Mon, 28 February 2022

Love it!


mifdesign 10:10PM | Thu, 03 March 2022

The nightmare will never end itself, it must be ended before he ends our species as we know it. This is no joke, the ape has the button.


g1tip 10:28PM | Fri, 11 March 2022

Nice work!!!!


daggerwilldo 10:22PM | Sat, 12 March 2022

Yes we do...And in the long fight ahead, many of us in this country will stand with you.


dragongirl 8:09AM | Sat, 19 March 2022

A fine tribute. So much destruction- all based on lies.

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