"While my Keytar gently weeps..." (W.I.P.)

Other Apps Modeling posted on Apr 10, 2020
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(Title after the famous tune of Toto "While my guitar gently weeps..." ) :-D Well the Corona Lockdown at least has the positive side effect, that I have more time to dig deeper into 3D (mesh) modeling. As a professional design engineer I am used to working with 3D programs that work with 3D volumes. These programs work primarily with boolean operations (each extrude or sweep is based on the existing volume model, cuts geometry away or adds additional geometry). One creates parametric sketches that are dimensioned until fully constrained and then create volumes. Radii are perfectly round and facets, smoothing, subdivisions and the like are not available there. How very different is working with mesh models. I have to deal with surfaces, triangulations, polygons and vertices. A lot of things are more or less and the geometry, which is constructed with an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimetre, is not there. While the two modelling methods (volume modelling and mesh modelling) have a lot in common, they are very different. Where on one side the change of a dimension parametrically changes the geometry, you have to tweak single Polygons and Polygon groups to achieve the wanted goal on the other side. So I have to cope with a learning curve. Creating a model with a good mesh that can be unfolded and textured well is not as easy as it seems. That's why my attempts are often in need of improvement. Anyway, I'm trying to get closer to this material bit by bit and since I currently have more time for it, I thought I'd try to recreate something real. So I dared to rebuild my good old trusty AX-Synth Keytar and prepare it for DAZStudio. Hexagon from DAZ is very well suited for this purpose, but unfortunately it is also a software that hasn't seen an update for a long time. In certain situations it behaves unstable and splitting a surface using manual tessellation can lead to Hexagon saying goodbye. I have even experienced several times that the mesh was so crippled that every time I tried to do something else, Hexagon crashed again. the only thing that could save my work was to export the mesh as an obj in another program (e.g. Meshlab) and have it repaired by exporting it again and forcing the merging of double dots or lines in the options. Often these programs triangulated my four-sided polygon model almost unrecognizable and my formerly tidy mesh became a disaster. That's why I'm not very proud of the current result of my AX-Synth-Keytar - but what the heck. A small note and apology to the pictures in my gallery: I noticed that what is absolutely clear to me is not transparent at all for the viewer and reader of my related stories: the difference between a true fact in my life and a fictional story to the picture. obviously some users seem to have taken some fictional stories for true facts in my life. Obviously I have partly created the impression that my life goes from one highlight to the other (ouch). This was neither intentional nor have I realized this so far. Since I despise the whole social media fakery and the whole influencing business to the utmost, it is of course unpleasant for me if I have given people a wrong impression and perhaps unintentionally caused disappointment about their own lives (sorry). This is a real problem in our time, because some people today celebrate a fakelife on social media and others become depressed, even suicidal because they have the impression that they have missed their lives. I don't think and hope that my stories have come to this point, but I decided to go through my gallery and to clearly mark the fictional stories I wrote in the first person as fictional stories to prevent possible misunderstandings. So once again: sorry if someone took my fictional stories for reality - my life is just boringly normal and at the moment anything but envious. Thank you, if you have read to the end and take good care of yourself and stay healthy.

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A_Sunbeam 3:43AM | Fri, 10 April 2020

The end result looks good. And thank you for the background words.


longprong 4:53AM | Fri, 10 April 2020

Interesting read and have a safe weekend.


Kaisoona 7:10AM | Fri, 10 April 2020

I also really like the result, I think it's great if someone can do it. I have a technician in my family who is currently working with Auto-Cad that looked complicated to me. :-)

FurNose 7:31AM | Fri, 10 April 2020

Yeah, I used to work with AutoCad too many years ago ( in rare cases even today to maintain old 2d drawings) . Nowadays I work mainly with Autodesk Inventor (which is by the eay much easier to use and way more powerful).


Glendaw 10:08AM | Fri, 10 April 2020

Extremely well done.

Thanks for sharing the background history and your personal information.


giulband 10:16AM | Fri, 10 April 2020

Beautiful object, corona virus have the positive effect to make us more interested to create new things !!


goodoleboy 12:15PM | Sat, 11 April 2020

Good work, and very interesting. I worked with AutoCad eons ago at Boeing.


RodS 9:36PM | Sat, 11 April 2020

That keytar actually looks great to me! You did a super job on the modeling and texturing, good sir. I'm even more amazed you managed this in Hexagon. I played with it a couple years ago, but I got so disgusted with it crashing constantly, I delete it and never used it again. I really want to spend some time with Blender, but every time I think I'll have a day or 2 to sit down with it something else happens (I'm currently reshuffling files and external HD's from my backup / distribution server that rolled over and died yesterday. Now I have some doink trying to clone my FB page.

Anyway, I think you did a great job on this!

FurNose 1:48AM | Sun, 12 April 2020

Thanks, Rod

Yup! Hexagon crashes a lot, that‘s why I would like Daz to do a little more maintenance on all their purchased programs (be it Hexagon, Carrara or even Bryce). That would help a lot more than giving them just away for free. Especially since non of these programs is a direct competition to their DAZ Studio and the Hexagon Bridge (and Bryce bridge) build in DAZ Studio are extremely convenient (I‘d love to have a Bridge to Carrara as well).

Well, I simply don‘t get warm with the user interface of blender. Otherwise I certainly would have looked into it as well. Hexagon would be a great program and UV mapping (and unfolding the mesh) is so easy to do, I would be a real fun - if it wouldn‘t crash so often in the modeling process.

About the Keytar: This is a still untexturized state because I’m not yet finished modeling and UV mapping makes no sense as long as you‘re still modeling. Maybe I got to clean up the mesh as well before UV mapping and unfolding, to not get simply a bunch of triangles floating around in the UV view.

Oh, it’s always a hassle If a computer dies. Wish you good luck in recovering the files.


eekdog 8:51PM | Mon, 13 April 2020

I always recall the original tune by the Beatles. cool instrument though.

FurNose 2:30PM | Tue, 14 April 2020

Hey, Steve Thanks for the correction! I didn‘t know, the original was from the beatles 😂 I just knew the Version from Toto, which by the way I like better than the original 😉


anitalee 4:20AM | Wed, 15 April 2020



Cyve 7:45AM | Wed, 15 April 2020

Fantastically well done !!!!


pixeluna 10:26PM | Sat, 18 April 2020

I agree, there are good and bad side of this whole Covid Apocalypse. I hope that you're doing well my friend. Stay safe!


iborg64 2:47PM | Wed, 29 April 2020

Fabulous creation I've tried modeling objects a few times but I'm not any good at it☹

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