Urath Book 4 Chapter 11: An Explanation

Vue Fantasy posted on Apr 27, 2013
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Brigit started the conversation that was long overdue between the long time friends. “I guess I've already told you, and now everyone else, why I left all those years ago, but that does not excuse my actions and lack of consideration for your feelings. Since I left so long ago I've been through many adventures, trials and tribulations. I sold myself out as a mercenary and never teamed up with the same crew twice. It was always a crew of expedience. In the end I became more depressed as I tried to find some purpose.” “About a month ago, a messenger found me while I was in between jobs and gave me a note to make a meeting in Highbridge in southern Messinar. I assumed it was for another job and was impressed that someone had found me in the dock area of Messinia. I figured they must have a lot of connections. It turns out that that’s an understatement. You know of the legend of the Elemental Emissaries?” Levi nodded a yes. “They are not a legend but quite real.” Levi's eyes narrowed and gave Brigit a scrutinizing look. “Now you've really got my curiosity piqued.” Brigit continued. “When I left Sylvanauro, I left Gotodonia and went across the sea to Tirnerthol. I knew of the Wizard's Spring and evntually made my way there. I met an old blood Nordokan there, Winslet, and we eventually became good friends.” Brigit noticed Levi had to adjust herself and look away when Brigit said this, but she continued, hoping the full story would bring things back around. “Winslet and I learned a lot from the Wizards there and especially from a pair of women who were guest instructors there from time to time. But, to make a long story short, Winslet and I teamed up for a while, but circumstances caused us to part, perhaps you can see the pattern here in me.” Levi let out a little humored hmph. “As I said, I acted as a mercenary for the next fifteen or more years, occasionlly returning to the Spring, but I didn't see Winslet again until less than a week ago. I followed the instructions from the message and went to Highbridge and lo and behold met up with Winslet. I figured she sent the message. As it turns out, she got a message too. Again, to shorten things here, the message turned out to be from a woman named Ertha. Ertha and her partner, Sirenia were the guest instructors at Wizard's Spring and are the two remaining sisters of the Elemental Emissaries.” “So, you're saying the Emissaries are real!? What is their function and why did they contact you.” “It's a long explanation, but suffice it to say that they have been short handed for the last three hundred years or so. If you recall the incidents with the dragons, Alira Zell and Al Khimia over in Tirnerthol last year, those two half sisters were to be replacements for the positions of Fire and Wind. As you know, that did not turn out so well. Ertha recruited Winslet and I and we are currently on missions of importance, but they are tests too to see if we can handle and fit in with the responsibilities it takes to be guardians of a whole world.” Brigit decided it would be good to have a long pause here and see how Levi took in all this. Levi stared at the vast forest passing below for a few minutes before finally replying. “Incredible. They are real and you want to be a part of it. It seems things at the order were too small a scale for you rather than too overwhelming. You've traded responsibility for an order to responsibility for an entire world. You're either crazy or even more incredible than I thought.” Brigit couldn't help but give a small laugh at that. “I'm thinking crazy, but for the first time in a long time, this seems right. Ertha and Sirenia have enabled me to see a piece of a bigger picture and now I want to see all of it. I want to help everyone, not just my own people. The interrelationships of all beings and animals is interwoven and needs protection against those divine who wish to dominate. Specifically Asmodeus right now. He is the one behind Tabor Jael's rise to power.”

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adorety 7:55PM | Sat, 27 April 2013

“The divine are beings beyond us and can travel through dimensions and across the void. Even the best intntioned ones see us as inferior. The Elemental Emissaries were created by the Watchers of the Balance. They help to keep a balance in the cosmos and provide an offset from the powers of the Divine. The Elemental Emissaries can interact beyond what the laws of the Divine state. Most of the good Patrons will not cross that line, but ones like Asmodeus and Orcus or Demogorgon go to extremes to find a way to sway a world to their influence. It just adds to their power in their eternal wars against one another.” Levi's attention was focused on all that Brigit said and when she had a chance she spoke up. “This is mind blowing. From what you've said, that would make this seemingly small mission even more important than what we thought.” Brigit nodded in agreement and added. “My guess is that finding the Lost Tribe is more than just finding people to help guard the northern passes. Jael is in Tirnerthol now, no doubt finding a way to spread his influence. Meanwhile, his daughter Maella is here and she's every bit as evil and cunning as her father. However, she is considerably less predictable than him. Jael has always abided by the laws to the letter, even though many of the laws are brutal and unfair. Maella creates new laws to fit her needs on a case by case basis. Something of this journey makes me think we are going to be dealing with her in the very near future.” Brigit's look was serious and Levi mirrored it. Levi pondered for some time then looked at Brigit. “In that case what do you need me to do?” Brigit smiled and said, “Just what you've been doing, but maybe with less whiskey and thought of the future and being what Shalivar wants you to be. You are brilliant Levi. Shalivar is wise and would not have picked you if not for your abilities. Not just in magic, but in all ways. The top does not have to be lonely. You will have the love and respect of all the orders around the world. You can have an inner circle of friends and someday you will even find a consort I'm sure.” Levi smiled and even blushed a little. Without a word, she embraced her old friend tightly for a good minute, seemingly holding on and afraid to let go. When they separated Brigit saw Levi's eyes glistening with moisture and a tear roll down her cheek. Wiping it away, Levi said, “Thank you. Perhaps our parting circumstance was terrible, but this reunion gives me new hope and I think, like you, a purpose. I never stopped loving you my friend, which is probably why it hurt for so long, Maybe you're not back for good, but I'm going treasure the time we have and move forward. I imagine the Emissaries must keep friends like the Elemental Orders, so we can still hang out once in a while.” Brigit laughed and smiled and gave Levi another hug just as Malgwwyn arrived at the wheel. “It does my heart good ta seeya' ladies laughing an' gettin' along again. You both take a break and I'll cover da wheel for now. Eve and Fir are gettin' some brakefest righ'now.” The two women entered the cabin and saw Fir catering to a worn looking Eve. Levi just smiled and Eve spoke up. “Didn't I tell you miss elf, not to let me drink so much of that poison you make.” And Levi replies. “Oh, so I'm supposed to hold your hand and help you piss too?! You already got Fir for that.” Fir ignored Levi and gave Eve a big metal mug of a stimulating black brew. Eve just huffed at Levi's comment with no one sure if it was a laugh or something else. “Well it seems you two ladies have kissed and made up. By the way Brigit, nice speech the other day. You really know how to inspire.” Again, no one was sure if this was sarcasm or a genuine compliment. People were never quite sure where they stood with Eve and it was evident that that's how she liked it. Fir seemed content enough that he could be around her and that they could be intimate from time to time, but it was obvious that Eve called the shots. Eve got better as the day passed and everyone had fallen into routine for shift and duty changes. When Brigit finally took the spot ontop of the balloon, she realized some of the appeal. The solitude with the view was hard to beat. Dusk faded into evening as they passed over the human fortress city at the Kraggenspur pass. When Aelfwynn had made her way to the topside of the balloon, it was the first time Brigit had really seen her since they left. She noted, for the first time, that the young elf female was carrying a crossbow strapped to her back. Brigit then remembered of the dangers of this area. When deep night fell they were past the city and had begun to turn northeast. Many of the clouds had dispersed and it was a bright night with Eladha shining in his full glory. Aelfwynn was in her favorite spot topside when she saw the shadows pass across Eladha's face. Wings, sinewy necks and long tails with stingers. She pulled a rope that led to the wheel and inside the deck cabin which rang a pair of warning bells. Wyverns.


adorety 8:00PM | Sat, 27 April 2013

Thanks for stopping by. So in the next couple of installments you get to see a little action. Brigit is my own dial morphs. Her current outfit is Xurge's Corsair and Courageous from over at DAZ. Levi is Godin's morph and her outfit is part PS Assassin and RPubulishing's Anarchy.


Savage_dragon 8:26PM | Sat, 27 April 2013

I really like the light on the water. Nice! ")


mgtcs 10:03PM | Sat, 27 April 2013

Excellent image my friend, spectacular poses and character, lovely work!


ArtistKimberly 10:14PM | Sat, 27 April 2013

Delightful Image,


eekdog 11:11PM | Sat, 27 April 2013

love the pov from the airship over the horizon. nice job Arthur.


SidheRoseGraphics 3:32AM | Sun, 28 April 2013

An amazing scene and well-written chapter, Art! It really does look like they're waaaay up there. Beautiful work :)


petemohr 4:04AM | Sun, 28 April 2013

great story and scene! the light effects are fantastic! excellently done!!!


vitachick 5:33AM | Sun, 28 April 2013

Excellant scene and story..Lighting really enhances the water etc! Well done!


art-digital 6:12AM | Sun, 28 April 2013

magnifique création


Cyve 7:20AM | Sun, 28 April 2013

Fabulous creation !!!


grafikeer 10:31AM | Sun, 28 April 2013

Great posing and overall set-up...the light rays and shadowplay on the landscape really add the magic to this scene...great story too!


GrandmaT 12:44PM | Sun, 28 April 2013

Excellent work! Love the poses.


Tracesl 3:04PM | Sun, 28 April 2013

great story chapter and scene


flavia49 3:34PM | Sun, 28 April 2013

fantastic scene and episode


FaeMoon 5:22PM | Sun, 28 April 2013

So stunning.. I love the view from that airship! Love the outfits too. Great render.


Valeriya 6:31AM | Mon, 29 April 2013

Excellent work!


JohnDelaquiox 8:13AM | Mon, 29 April 2013

great scene and story so far


Valery3D 9:31AM | Mon, 29 April 2013

Amazing! :)


RodS 7:35PM | Mon, 29 April 2013

As always a wonderful story and excellent art – you weave an enchanting tale, my friend! Looks like things are about to get a tad stressful.. Brilliant work, Art!


brewgirlca 12:42PM | Wed, 29 May 2013

A good way to remind us of how this all worked out for Brigit and to bring reconciliation between the two main players. Again, I like how the mysterious and dark character Eve is being built up in small bits at a time.

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