Erath Book 4 Chapter 5: A New Skyline

Vue Fantasy posted on Mar 04, 2013
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Brigit found her temporary room easily and quite comfortable. After a rest she went to the bottom level of the tower and made her way to the tailor's chamber. There were a couple textile shops on the grounds and two tailor's shops. There were enough people and enough clothes getting ruined around here that warranted the four shops. Brigit found the room where it had always been and heard a few voices coming from beyond the open doorway. Brigit entered and saw nothing had changed here. A gray haired human man's back behind a waist high counter greeted Brigit as she entered. The man was talking to a young elf female and giving her instructions. The young elf looked up at Brigit and made eyes at the older man and then retreated through a curtain with a bolt of red cloth under her arm. The man briskly turned to face his customer. A look of surprise and delight lit his face like the Beacon Tower and he exclaimed, 'Brigit! By all that is divine! It must be twenty years since I've seen you!' Brigit knew Lou from way back. Though age had been kind, he was human and their lifespan was about a fifth of an elf's. Gray hair topped his head and a few more lines carved the features of his face. 'Hello Lou. It is really wonderful to see you are still here. I came here first because you've always had the most endurable and special clothing.' Brigit gave him a wink on those last words. 'Thank you so much my lady. I see your jacket and those wonderful boots are still in exquisite shape!' He beamed as he spoke. 'Yes they are, but I need some new clothes and it seems I will no longer be needing these boots.' Brigit replied. For a moment Lou looked horrified, like he had failed his own mother.' Pray tell, have they lost their worth!?' 'No.' Brigit smiled. 'They are as good as ever, but it seems I no longer need them. Perhaps their enchantment has been bestowed upon me as I've worn them so long.' Lou visibly relaxed and smiled again. ' Ah my dear, you offer me a great compliment, but I am not that good. So, what is it that you need. Brigit went on to explain that she was off on a long journey and needed something more practical. In short time he had the perfect set for her. She changed in a small cubicle that had a polished silver mirror in it on the wall. Everything fit on the first try. Lou was a clothing genius. The pants hugged her legs and hips perfectly and were remarkably stretchable. He also gave her a shirt and overvest along with a belt with a suitable amount of pouches. He also offered up a new sword belt and frog. In return Brigit gave him back her old clothes and her favorite boots. 'Please Brigit.' Lou held up his hands in refusal. 'Those boots are yours.' 'Lou, I have no money. I'm not back to stay and you should have the boots back. Only you could find the right person for them.' Lou lowered his hands and with a smile accepted back the clothes and boots. 'Well, if that's the case, then I have a few other things that I think would suit you.' Brigit began to protest, but Lou would not hear of it. He went into the back and in a few minutes returned with a package wrapped in heavy brown paper. 'Keep this sealed for now.' Lou offered her the package which she accepted. 'When you are alone open it up and take a look. I think you will be perfectly pleased.'

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adorety 10:48PM | Mon, 04 March 2013

They chatted some more and caught up a little, but then Brigit wanted to get going. A few more pleasantries and a bubbly 'goodbye' later, Brigit made her way to the Beacon Tower across the court from the Black Tower. She had time so she went to the third level and it's balcony facing north. She always loved the view of the Mandorian Mountains from there. The Order was located in the foothills below the mountains which gradually shrank as they neared the ocean to the east. They began in the west at the north/south chain of mountains called the Black Fence. The Black Fence essentially divided Gotodonia between Tabor Jael's Realm and that of the Free Humans and the Elves of the east. The Mandorians was the border between the Free Humans of Mandoria and the Elven realm of Sylvanauro. When Brigit stepped out on to the balcony, she was greeted by the usual site but with something extra. Exclaiming out loud to herself she said, 'What in the Nine Hells is that?!' Starnos had reached his mid morning height illuminating a forest that stretched from here to the craggy peaks of the Mandorians. Where nothing had been between here and the mountains before, perhaps a mile or so distant was a pair of tower structures on a hilltop. One was very tall, at least twice the height of the surrounding pines. At the peak of the tower, she could make out what would pass for a mooring and attached to it looked to be a giant oblong ball with a ship like sturcture hanging below it. The other tower was mostly concealed by trees but it's top was above enough that Brigit could make out some other craft or structure on a mooring or large gangplank. Brigit was overwhelmed with curiosity and decided not to linger and made her way to the lower level of the Beacon Tower. In the entrance hall she encountered a somber looking Levi, who had also changed her clothing, and greeted her with a question. 'Levi, what on Erath are those towers out there and what are they for?' Levi actually smiled. 'It's been a while since you've been here. I kind of forget the changes that have come since you left. Let's get below. I'll try to explain as we go, but you will get to meet one of the reasons when we get to the sub level.' Levi didn't wait for a response and made her way to a wide stairway leading down. Brigit followed with a perplexed look on her face. A rare site that Levi was enjoying at the moment. Thanks for stopping by. More tomorrow.


eekdog Online Now! 10:51PM | Mon, 04 March 2013

intence story, and the scene is incredible Arthur, would not mind standing next to her.


mgtcs 11:59PM | Mon, 04 March 2013

Very intense story indeed dear Arthur, marvelous scene, excellent atmosphere! Loved it!


SidheRoseGraphics 12:06AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

What a great bit of story and so descriptive, Art! I like how you incorporated the 'towers' into your landscape. Something like that 'would' be rather unsettling to see for Brigit, I'd imagine. Sounds like they'll soon be on their way! Excellent work both in image and in tale :)


brewgirlca 12:33AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Many thoughts here. One is that I have been waiting for Brigit to take up some more practical clothing for a campaign. The top half looks excelllent as you have illustrated and I wait to see if she has ditched her heels. They were glamorous but hardly suited for a walk in the woods. One does need a change of attire for characters occasionally. The landscape itself is magestic and the lighting is just amazing. Anyone who has spent time in the mountains will appreciate the natural fall off and haze. The story is full of intricate detail and covers two broad aspects of the plot very comfortably. Always a tough decision deciding how much to reveal at any moment in the story.


Savage_dragon 12:43AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Cool render & words. ")


1971s 1:18AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Great job!


Cyve 3:52AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Wonderful work !!!


JohnDelaquiox 7:42AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Super Render!


Ken _Gilliland Online Now! 9:05AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

nice work


flavia49 10:09AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

fantastic image and marvelous writing


GrandmaT 11:08AM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Beautiful render and excellent writing!


E-Nomime 1:29PM | Tue, 05 March 2013

Какая красивая композиция. Великолепный вид!


Tracesl 4:57PM | Tue, 05 March 2013

great chapter and scene


RodS 5:10PM | Wed, 06 March 2013

It seems a number of changes taken place in Brigit's world... This just keeps getting better, Art! As always another masterpiece, my friend!


vitachick 6:46AM | Thu, 07 March 2013

Excellant render and story!!


ZanderXL 9:16AM | Mon, 11 March 2013

Another landscape ruined by progress, eh? Funny how some things are universal.


Darkwish 8:26PM | Wed, 27 March 2013

Cool work, very well done!

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