Erath Book 4 Chapter 4:The Confrontation

Vue Fantasy posted on Feb 21, 2013
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Brigit sat opposite Levi and stared at her glass, not able to look at Levi. She went to put her glass down, but Levi held up a hand to stop. 'No. Drink that down and then talk.' She commanded. Brigit obeyed and Levi refilled the glass once again almost finishing the bottle. Brigit looked at the woman again and finally noticed in her eyes that she had probably drank most of what was in the bottle already. When touched by whiskey, Levi could be rather fun or quite antagonistic, depending on the situation. Brigit thought this was not a situation of fun. Brigit also noticed the new tattoos all over Levi's body. She understood the patterns as part of the spell to summon the phoenix. This is different for any individual who can summon a phoenix. Those who try, meditate and the phoenix will visit them in their dreams and show that person the symbols they are to trace on their body. The summoner then must remember this upon waking and apply the symbols to their body with a specially made ink. When the summoning is complete and the phoenix appears, the symbols are literally burned into the skin by the phoenix itself. This is the reason there are only a very few that can summon the phoenix. Interestingly, Brigit never needed to do this. Her first phoenix came to her. But that is another story. Brigit let out a heavy breath, not quite a sigh and stammered out a few words. 'I see you have the tattoos now for summoning the phoenix.' Brigit spoke prolonging the inevitable. 'Indeed.' Was all Levi said. Brigit finally looked at Levi in the eye. 'I'm sorry Levi. When I was exiled I had to leave. I...I did not want to say goodbye...or...or face those I'd never thought I'd see again.' Levi smiled and shook her head. She downed her glass and emptied the bottle into it then tossed the bottle into the burning fireplace to the side. The glass shattered and flames flared for moment just from the residue and vapor from the bottle. Brigit was genuinely shocked by the sudden reaction. Levi was not smiling after downing the drink again. She threw the glass in the fireplace next then glared at Brigit. 'You are a liar and you insult me even now. I know the coward you are and why you left.' Her voice was soft, but her words were burning. Brigit shrank back, just a bit. 'You were not exiled. You left!' Brigit was taken aback. Shalivar had not warned her about this. Maybe for a reason. 'You left! You couldn't handle it and you can't handle it now. You wanted to do it all yourself and never wanted help. And when you thought you failed, you ran. Without even asking your best friend for help!' This ended in a screech as Levi stood up knocking back her chair. She seemed to sway a bit and Brigit instinctively stood to steady her, dropping her glass and letting it shatter on the stone floor. 'Get off me! I don't need your help!' Levi was clearly taken by the whiskey and that's when Brigit noticed empty bottles in various parts of the room that were in the traditional shape that identified true Firencian Whiskey. This was not good. Levi took a few steps back and cut her foot on a piece of glass. 'Dammit! Bitch! Now look what you did!' Brigit said nothing. She took a step towards Levi and firmly grabbed her upper arm. With her left foot, she hooked the lower rung of the chair and righted it. With little regard for Levi's wound, she pushed her in to the chair. 'Damn you!' Levi yelled. 'Quiet and sit still.' Brigit commanded Levi now, who went silent. Brigit looked over at a shelf near the fireplace lined with jars. Eyeing a shallow jar she walked over and grabbed it examining it's contents through clear glass. Seeing that it, in fact, held a greenish cream, she grabbed a clean cloth from a stacked pile next to the hearth and kiln, returned to Levi and sat again in the chair opposite her. Levi was trying to get to her foot and the piece of glass with no success. Brigit grabbed her foot. Levi only struggled a little. Continues Below.

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adorety 8:53PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

Levi's foot was quite bloody at that point, but Brigit could see the glass still sticking out. Gingerly she pulled it out, with her patient slightly wincing. She then applied some of the cream to the square of clean cloth and cleaned the wound. She then applied more cream directly to the wound and wrapped it with the cloth. She massaged Levi's foot for a moment looking at the woman. Levi was quiet and staring down like a pouting child. Brigit's heart ached. Has Levi been feeling this for the last twenty five years? How did she know Brigit left and was not exiled. Seeing her friend in this condition was terrifying and sad and made her angry at herself for her causing it in the first place. 'I'm so sorry Levi.' Brigit looked at her friend's face and saw more than physical pain. Without looking up Levi responded. 'It's ok. The cream will heal it in an hour.' 'Not just that. Everything.' Levi looked up, calmer now. 'Then please...explain it to me. Why did you want to leave?' Brigit sat back in the chair and did sigh this time. 'Who told you I left, Shalivar?' 'No. Mudane told me about five years ago.' 'Mudane? How did he know? 'He overheard Shalivar and Etheros talking and heard her say that you wanted to leave, but wanted to make look like an exile for breaking the rules, but that was all he heard.' Levi said. 'One day, your name came up and in his childish way said ''want to hear a secret?'' and of course I said yes.' 'And you actually believe he 'overheard' this? Shalivar and Etheros don't allow themselves to be overheard.' 'Yes, I know. They wanted me to know for some reason, but I never confronted her about it.' 'Right. Instead you get mad and take up the hobby of drinking whiskey.' And Brigit pointed to a couple of the immediately visible bottles. 'In your ass! You can't judge me!' Levi started to get irritated again and took her foot back, but did not leave the chair. 'Tell me why you left or we can just get to business and have it like that!' Brigit paused a bit and just looked at Levi again, straight in the eye, then proceeded with her reasoning. 'You are right. I was a coward. Shalivar and the First Circle acquitted me for breaking protocol. But I could not forgive myself for losing those live under my command. I used the excuse that rules should not be broken and I should not be treated special. I would not look good to the others, despite the intelligence gathered. At first Shalivar sharply disagreed and would not have it, but I was relentless and the next day she gave in.' 'I knew she wanted me as the First at that point, but I could not get past the loss of life and I felt that if I could not get past that, how could I be in charge of an entire order. I was ashamed of myself, angry and greatly depressed. I could not face anyone and like a coward I ran.' 'What now then? Levi asked. 'Are you back to take your position as it should have been?' 'No. I am here because I was commanded to this mission only. I do not want what rightfully belongs to you.' Brigit replied quietly and sympathetically. 'I wish you would. I don't want it either.' Now Brigit was really shocked. 'What?! You are more qualified than I.' 'How do you figure that. You were always the better mage.' 'I'm not better, just...different.' Levi snorted and then rubbed her temples. 'Look Levi, we are doing this regardless of our history or feelings. We have a long journey ahead and time to hash things out. We are supposed to leave tonight, according to Shalivar, are you ready? Because right now you look like a mess.' Brigit decided now was not the time to make things right and had changed back in to her bossy mode. Levi fell in step. 'Yes. Meet me in the sub level of the Beacon Tower in two hours. I need some time to rest and recharge. I may actually sleep for an hour. For now, if you want to meditate and wash up, go to the third door, the next level down. That room is vacant right now and has a bed and a small water cistern.' 'Very well. I'll see you in two hours.' Brigit gathered her stuff up and looked at Levi as she left. Levi did not look up.


adorety 8:54PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

Thanks for looking and reading, though reading is not a requirement :)


JohnDelaquiox 9:25PM | Thu, 21 February 2013



eekdog 9:48PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

love the lighting and story, well done.


grafikeer 10:10PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

Excellent lighting and posing...very well done!


SidheRoseGraphics 10:55PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

Aha...that was an interesting little twist in things with Brigit. Wonderful story telling Art and a beautiful scene to go with it! Your lighting has been fantastic. While I'm glad they didn't change the character count or weight of the images down, I still don't like this new look to the interface. I do not understand why the comment box and the posting box are so narrow.


AidanaWillowRaven 11:13PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

Nice, warm tones ...


mgtcs 11:26PM | Thu, 21 February 2013

Amazing image and story my friend, lovely character and poses, excellently done!


brewgirlca 12:20AM | Fri, 22 February 2013

That is a fine piece of story telling. I was totally enthalled with the reading and wished it would go on to be the chapter of a novel. I love the scene. It has a rich and dark warmth to it. It is erotic and sublime at the same time. ( I am sorry, I am having trouble concentrating on writing decent senctences in this tiny box. Not your fault but it sucks for literate writers, doesn't it?)


Savage_dragon 1:06AM | Fri, 22 February 2013

Very cool installment. ")


barryjeffer 11:04AM | Fri, 22 February 2013

Your story is most excellent and a great read. And the image is perfect for the text, Roxy said it best. Awesome work my friend.


FaeMoon 2:35PM | Fri, 22 February 2013

Such a well written story, totally captivated by the passage, conveying emotion and the voices of the characters are very strong. I love the warmth of this scene, such a beautiful illustration for your tale!


vitachick 4:09PM | Fri, 22 February 2013

Excellant. Easy way to get a tattoo...


flavia49 4:19PM | Fri, 22 February 2013

fantastic image, wonderful posing and lighting


Tracesl 4:26PM | Fri, 22 February 2013

wonderful chapter, excellent


RodS 8:58PM | Fri, 22 February 2013

Excellent storytelling, Art, and a wonderful, rich work of art to illustrate it! Superb work as always! I have a feeling that Bridget and Levi will become a lot closer before this is over...


drifterlee 10:00AM | Sat, 23 February 2013

Fantastic work and story!


GrandmaT 4:15PM | Sat, 23 February 2013

Excellent work!


adrie 6:50AM | Sun, 24 February 2013

Amazing render my friend, the image is perfect with the story....excellent artwork.


ZanderXL 3:30AM | Mon, 25 February 2013

Of course reading is a requirement! So, Levi has taken things hard and turned to drink. Brigit was wrong to leave like that. I think she will have to go some way before things are mended. If they ever are... still, there's no telling what may happen on the road ahead.


P-LACALMONTIE 8:14AM | Thu, 28 February 2013

Magnifique : poses détails atmosphère...


mikeywilliam 10:12PM | Sun, 03 March 2013

Wonderful posing, that took hard work


mikada 10:08PM | Wed, 06 March 2013

Beautiful render.

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