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Vue Fantasy posted on Feb 10, 2013
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Thanks for the comments and support on 'This Flower has Sharp Thorns'. I like to keep a certain sense of humility/humbleness(if that' a word) in my digital artwork. Work like this can be the result of lot of people. Modelers, texture artists, background artists, light set creators and so on. Perhaps I can take it too far and not credit myself enough, I don't know. But it occurred to me that this could be seen as an insult to others. Truthfully, when I look at everyone's artwork, I don't think, 'oh they used this or that and didn't put any time or work into this'. Those kinds of thoughts rarely occur to me unless it is obvious. In which case the artist probably did not put the creation/composing time in. So, what I guess I'm saying, is that I realize that it takes alot of components to come together to create a work of art and it is ultimately up to the artist to create and assemble these things to make that art. Even the greatest props or morphs will not make great art if the artist does not put effort into a creative use in the first place. And that's why there is section in the posts for offering credit (Duh on me). I've never judged anyone's art on the basis of products or software or medium used to create it, they all stand on there own merit and perhaps I need to see that in myself more as well. I make these comments, not because anyone has accused me of anything, but because I realized it could be perceived that I judge others based on content rather than art itself and I certainly do not. If anything, one pic and some thoughtful responses have opened up my perception a little more and that's what communities like this are all about. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Having said all that, hopefully the words will not distract from the presented image ;) The Paths of Destiny project will be ongoing for some time as I get through all of the various deities. There are thirteen and I've done seven including this one. Each one requires a deity image and a statue/shrine image. I have not passed this one along yet to the people of MI Gaming, but I liked how it turned out and decided to post it here regardless of its reception by the RPG creators. The following is a bio and description as given to me. Bio : The god of design and construction, also called The Architect, is believed to have built the structure of the planet and been essential in all inhabitant creation. He is always working and believes that anyting can be achieved through hard work and persistance. He has often been tagged as less than social, letting his work and imagination keep him company instead. Description : More metal than flesh, it's unclear whether Keystam is human riddled with machinery or a cybornetic being with parts of humanity grafted into his personality matrix. He has a gnomish figure and is often seen atop a mechanical wonder of his creation. His right eye takes up nearly half of his face through a magnifying glass atached to his rustic helmet. Though I'm not very mechanical, I very much relate to this character's work ethic and limited social behavior. These days I'm very happy sitting in front of the computer creating rather than being up on stage or hanging out in bars. I don't even visit my friends as much, one aspect I probably should remedy a bit. The character was made with M4 Morphs++ and Creature Creator morphs. The mechanical parts are part of Cyborg Model 4 over at DAZ. The town is from Distant Fantasy Town Eco from Cornucopia 3D. The glider, zeppelin and two towers are by 1971s. I used Photoshop for the eyeglass and some of the exhaust smoke. The blur/DOF was done in Vue. Thanks for taking the time to look and thanks for the time on the 'soap box'.

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Comments (22)


Savage_dragon 3:07PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

I don't know about all that... but this is awesome! ;}~


Ken _Gilliland 3:16PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

cool image


JohnDelaquiox 3:16PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

Fantastic and very comical scene!


SidheRoseGraphics 3:40PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

He's quite different looking from all the others (so far) and fits the description really well. I like this idea of him as the Architect archetype and of course he should have a 'vehicle' as do the other deities - like the book, the tiger and the wind. He's pretty cool Art!! Nice scene :) And yes, you're right - it does take a lot of people to make an image in the 3D medium, but essentially what comes out is heavily dependent upon the person that puts it all together and what they do with all those parts and pieces ;)


GrandmaT Online Now! 3:58PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

Excellent work!


odile 4:02PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

Very cool!I love it!


Tracesl 4:19PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

excellent - great scene, love the expression and story


flavia49 5:09PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

fabulous scene and composition!


hardwaretoad 6:06PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

And they said "Charlie don't surf"... lol. Very creative character that you've brought to life for us here, the back-story helps fill in the details and your rant... well, your rant is well received by me. One can see various creations using the same props, characters, outfits, etc. Some fail (phail?) miserably while others shine in the brightest light. The ones that do fail sometimes are a matter of an 'artist' just plopping things together with little regard to composition, lighting and everything else that goes into this. It may be due to them being new to the medium or it may be due to them not having a snowball's chance of ever getting the hang of it... their images will look the same 5 years from now, unfortunately. I wish people would sometimes be a little more mindful of the 'constructive' part of the criticism, to let me know what works for them and what doesn't in my creations. It's all part of the learning process and helps us to grow, a blanket pasted "amazing" or "fantastic" doesn't give one much feedback. Once again, a unique and creative character you've cobbled together for us, I applaud you. No sign of fail does he see through his lens.


Tholian 7:05PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

Nicely done and nicely said. Interesting character, btw.


eekdog 7:49PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

that's one freaky sob Arthur, love the wooen plane props and terific scene, and you do super work with whatever you have at your disposal my friend.


mgtcs 11:14PM | Sun, 10 February 2013

Very cool image Arthur, amazing and very different indeed, fantastic work!


BLUESTONE 11:24PM | Sun, 10 February 2013



ZanderXL 3:15AM | Mon, 11 February 2013

Strikes me as Paths Of Destiny's version of Hepheastus. I like the merging of the "machine" component on him. Very cool. Props, and all that stuff are just tools. Though they are great and their creators should be given credit for their labour, they only come to life when in the hands of an artist. A pencil doesn't draw its own pictures, after all.


vitachick 8:34AM | Mon, 11 February 2013

Love that little guy!! I look at the finished render in whole. Sometimes it's great to see what they used, because I WANT it!! Excellant!!


drifterlee 10:36AM | Mon, 11 February 2013

This is really a cute character and I love that plane!


saphira1998 1:56PM | Mon, 11 February 2013

very cool


fallen21 6:56AM | Tue, 12 February 2013

Amazing render.


RodS 10:44PM | Tue, 12 February 2013

It doesn't detract from the image at all, Art... Rather a different direction than the art you usually post, but as always it's well done and very delightful! I think it's great fun, and always a learning experience to push yourself in a different direction than you normally go – I really need to do that a little bit more myself... I like your comments – interesting and quite thought-provoking. Thinking about what you have said here it occurs to me that we artists on this site are a lot like the artists that put together big-budget movies like Avatar or The Hobbit... We take things created by other artists whether it's a poser model, an .obj file found somewhere on the Internet, software applications like Poser, Vue, and/or Photoshop and assemble – or composite – them together to bring a vision in our heads, or an idea were trying to conceptualize into reality. If you've ever watched a documentary on what it takes to put together a movie – especially one with lots of special effects – it's a very similar process. One group of artists will create a 3-D mesh for spaceships, creatures, weapons, or what have you. The meshes will go to another group of artists who will create textures for the objects or creatures. These in turn will go to another group of artists who will create the animations. It takes talented artists at every step of the process to create the final product. And before I ramble on too endlessly, I guess what I'm trying to say is it takes talent at every step of the process to create the images you see here. No matter how wonderfully done each separate piece is, it still takes an eye for composition, color, and lighting – and at times a lot of patience – to bring one's vision to life. And you are definitely one of those talented artists, my friend! To be perfectly honest, when I joined Renderosity little over three years ago, I was extremely hesitant to post any of my artwork after seeing some of the magnificent work here. But I did, and I'm glad I did – I've made a lot of great friends here, and it has helped me grow as an artist; and it still does on a daily basis.


Dreamdesigner 6:49PM | Wed, 13 February 2013

Very successful fantasy character,and your scene is completely superb as usual Arthur(lighting-POV-Pose-expressions...)And you right,Our final renderings are "the result of lot of people. Modelers, texture artists, background artists, light set creators and so on!And of course any hi-quality light,caharacter, mesh or textures would be a great help for us,But at the same time Alex is right too;"A pencil doesn't draw its own pictures, after all!" :-)) We-The rendering/animating artists-are working like the Movie directors,We need Actress and actors,Costumes,props,lights and a complete movie set,But the final result is belongs to us!good or not,We are the ones who put together the ingredients in a cooking dish!Same Hi-quality props could be gives a different results in the hands of different artists!And you are definitely one of those talented artists, my friend!:-))))Keep up the superb work Arthur:-)))))))))))))))


mikeywilliam 10:14PM | Sun, 03 March 2013

Wonderful, like it was straight outta your dreams or something, very vivid. way cool!


1971s 1:16AM | Wed, 24 April 2013

WoW! Amazing!

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