Vue Fantasy posted on Jan 06, 2013
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This is another deity statue for the team at MiGaming for Paths of Destiny. After creating the image it inspired me to write a tale to accompany the image. Thanks for looking. Of all the stories of Adrielle the Bardess a favored one is The Tale of the Faithless Sculptor. The story goes that some time ago, in a medium sized village near a great woods, evil moved in. It used to be a happy village with most everyone doing their part for the community. There are always a few dissidents in any society, but the local constabulary could handle them. But one day a sheppard and some of his flock went missing. Eventually bloody remains were found and then such things began to occur in and around the woods. Vicious wolves and darker things of myth began to dominate the forest. Nights were no longer safe and days were very solemn. One day a young woman passed through the village with a small entourage and told the locals she was a priestess of Adrielle and asked for hospitality for her and her group for the night. The village happily complied with some thinking maybe the priestess could aid them with prayer or a blessing from her goddess. The woman listened to the villagers tales of woe and was moved. She knew they were good folk and decided to beseech her mistress on their behalf. The next day in the town square she told the villagers that she had heard from her mistress and told them what they must do. It is said that if a master sculptor creates a likeness of the goddess Adrielle that the goddesses left hand and arm should be positioned as if holding her harp. When the statue is placed for all to see and consecrated in the proper manner then in the night when no one is around she will visit the statue. If she is pleased then she will bless the statue with a magic harp of her own. The harp will rest in its proper place and when the winds and breezes grace its strings, beautiful melodies of joy and protection will be bestowed upon that community. When a priestess of Adrielle pays homage at the statue then the strings may play notes and send messages to that priestess. If no harp appears then the village must take stock of themselves and see how they may have not pleased the goddess. She is not so vain, so overly lavish carvings may offend her. The same is true if little consideration is put into the art of the sculpture. Most would agree that the whole of the community must believe in her power even if she is not everyone's personal patron. As the story goes, the village chose one man quickly because he was without doubt the best sculptor of the village. But he was a man who had little time for the belief in gods and goddesses. Despite his personal beliefs, his love for his village and its people compelled him to create a sculpture like he had never done before. It was beautiful, yet simple. Adrielle was a goddess of the arts, music and poetry, but still loved nature too. The man sculpted the goddess looking outwards and seemed to be singing to all and by her side sculpted a fawn that looked up at the mistress with apparent love and joy. The village was overjoyed and congratulated the man. He was happy they were pleased, but to himself he saw no way that a sculpted piece of marble could keep monsters of the night at bay. A large group moved the great work to a glade near the forest that was also not far from the village and the main road that lead into it. The people consecrated the statue as the priestess had instructed and then all returned to their homes. It was a peaceful night that night and in the dawn hours many excited people returned to the glade to see if a harp had appeared, but it had not. The people were somewhat disappointed and a little confused. The previous night had been the most peaceful one in months, so the people assumed the protection of the goddess blessed them.

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adorety 2:47PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

The people went about the day doing their routines, but that night turned into one of the bloodiest nights they had ever had yet. In the hours just before dawn a dark and sinister voice spoke from the woods so that all could hear and declared that the villagers should strike down the statue or the village would suffer more the next night than they did this night. The next day the people gathered around the statue and were prepared to destroy it. The sculptor was there too but he would not let them do it. He spoke to the crowd in a loud voice. “My fellow villagers do not do this. This is one of my greatest works and your faith in me and faith in the gods and goddesses will be destroyed along with the destruction of this statue. The evil in the forest knows this and that is why it is scared and retaliates. The first night of peace was because the evil feared the goddess, but I fear my lack of faith is why she would not come. I am the statue's creator and for me to not have the faith is like not having faith in myself.” The people were moved and some were angry. They yelled at the man for his lack of faith and blamed the tragedy of last night upon him. But then a young girl of twelve or thirteen stepped forward and spoke. “Do not blame this man for what evil does. His faith is his faith alone. Blame yourselves for not showing him the way if you must. He seems now to believe that there are powers beyond his understanding and that an open mind, understanding and a little faith can change anything.” The people were calmed by the girl and agreed to give this night one more chance. The man turned to the statue and spoke one more time. “Goddess, the people believe in you and I believe in your power. Please protect the people of my beloved village and bring back the night to us.” Everyone returned to their deeds of the day and as night fell, so did a pall of dread, anxiety and anticipation. But that night was once again a peaceful night. When dawn came the whole village gathered around the statue and there were smiles and tears of joy as all saw a beautiful harp in the hand of the goddess. People hugged and slapped each others backs. The forest even looked brighter. Someone finally spoke out loud and asked where the young girl with the forgiving words had gotten too. For a moment all looked around and then suddenly a breeze came up and the strings of the harp played a short, but most beautiful melody. All smiled and returned to the village with great joy. The sculptor stayed behind and beheld his work, smiled and said, “Thank you Goddess Adrielle.” Three notes of the harp sung with no breeze and the sculptor returned to the village wiping tears from his eyes.


AidanaWillowRaven 2:48PM | Sun, 06 January 2013



barryjeffer 2:58PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Great work on this and some excellent info as well... thanks for sharing!


eekdog 3:03PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

cool statue info and lighting.


ragouc 3:06PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Good work. Well done.


adrie 3:12PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Great image of this statue my friend, also thanks for the information.


drifterlee 3:25PM | Sun, 06 January 2013



mgtcs 4:14PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Very beautiful image my friend, the colors are splendid, lovely image, thank you for the informations!


ZanderXL 4:16PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

That's quite the tale! I dunno... deities and their fickle whims... give me a sword any day. "Nothing in the world can you trust, not gods, not women, not beasts... this (points to sword) THIS you can trust!" Okay, I'm paraphrasing, but you get the gist :)


starfire777 4:23PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Fantastic work and lighting!!!


SidheRoseGraphics 5:57PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Awww, that was a lovely story and a beautiful image to go with it, Art! That's a great background too. Love the trees and the flowers around the statue. Beautiful work :))


flavia49 8:02PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

very beautiful image and story


Tracesl 8:08PM | Sun, 06 January 2013



RodS Online Now! 9:20PM | Sun, 06 January 2013

Another absolutely stunning Vue render! And this time with a story to go with it - how did we get so lucky? Fantastic work as always, Art!


vitachick 2:55AM | Mon, 07 January 2013

Great render and info!!


odile 3:10AM | Mon, 07 January 2013

A very fine statue!


saphira1998 10:39AM | Mon, 07 January 2013


KnightWolverine 1:51PM | Mon, 07 January 2013

I read along with great interest and saw the end coming and wished it went longer as I'm trying to say I like very much how you write...I'd need a book length I'm guessing to be content after reading something by you as these little snippets are like a lead up to the actual novel being written and published at some point of which I'd buy in a nano second!...... ~smiles~


dragonmuse 2:27AM | Tue, 08 January 2013

Very interesting story. This is actually a name I have used from time to time in MMOs.


fallen21 7:33AM | Tue, 08 January 2013

Wonderful image & work.


DAM3D 12:11PM | Tue, 08 January 2013

Very nice. I really love how well you have progressed over the past couple years. You are really getting good man! Well done. :)


crunch01 2:14AM | Thu, 10 January 2013

cool story and love the mixed medium gfx!


Rainastorm 8:01AM | Sun, 27 January 2013

Fantastic idea with the light enhanced harp...awesome! I love this, kinda reminds me of my You Cant Kill Rock N Roll image lol but way better...super fantastic story also my friend!

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