Gallery Images For Sale Now!

thaaksma · October 13, 2017 12:04 pm

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Gallery Images For Sale

Purchase Gallery Images at Renderosity

While browsing the galleries - Have you ever come across a stunning piece of art and only wished you could frame it and hang it from your wall? Perhaps you love it so much that you'd like to have it printed on your favorite t-shirt.

The Renderosity Team is excited to announce that, effective immediately, community members will have the option to purchase images from our galleries. Regardless of how you plan on using these images, you can be sure you'll be representing your love of creativity and digital art.

Downloading high-resolution images offers extreme flexibility in how you can use the image(s) you love! Please be advised that not every gallery image is available for sale. It's up to the individual artist to determine if they want to sell their work.

In order for an item to be available for sale through the Renderosity MarketPlace - The image that an artist uploads must meet a minimum requirement of 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels at 300 d.p.i.

Below is a screenshot showing how to easily navigate to find gallery images that are being offered for sale.

buy image screenshot

Below is a screenshot showing the Buy Image option on a gallery image page.

buy image screenshot

Once you purchase an image, you can then visit your My Account page and download the image.

Interested in Selling Your Art?

Do you create images you feel others may want to purchase? You now have that option as well. Simply go the upload gallery image page as normal and click the "Yes, I want to sell this image" and follow the simple upload process for those.

As always, buyers of these images must adhere to our end-user licenses. Images can be purchased with either a Personal Use License, Commercial & Personal Use License or a Tangible Product License. We'd encourage you to review each of these prior to purchase.

Gallery Image - Personal License

Gallery Image - Commercial License

Gallery Image - Tangible Product License

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Article Comments

TruForm ( posted at 2:56PM Sun, 15 October 2017

This is an awesome new feature! Gotta love how innovative Renderosity is. 😄

Vagabund ( posted at 4:42AM Wed, 18 October 2017

This is a very nice possibility to get some coins into the wallet from our hobby!


krickerd ( posted at 5:06PM Wed, 18 October 2017

Awesome! I'll have to upload high res versions of some of my images. For future reference I'll have to remember for DS to render anything for print in at least 6000 X 6000.

TMTR ( posted at 9:07PM Wed, 18 October 2017

Are there any recommendations as to pricing?

Medzinatar ( posted at 12:09AM Thu, 19 October 2017

For sales/use tax, is Renderosity going to determine the amount to be sent and jurisdiction? For US residents, will there be a 1099 sent after end of year?

Are payments considered to be in US$ or in currency of purchaser?

jennblake ( posted at 9:29AM Thu, 19 October 2017

If you look through the upload process, pricing are given for you. Depending on the license you choose to use. 😄

jennblake ( posted at 9:31AM Thu, 19 October 2017

Renderosity's system always figures up sales tax where applicable. Payment is considered US $'s. A 1099 will be sent to anyone in the United States who sells over $600 IF they get their payment directly from Renderosity. 😄

mazzam ( posted at 11:09AM Sat, 21 October 2017

Instructions suggest that if you click the Yes I want to sell button you get prompted to upload the sale copy. Suppose the original image is 1200 by 1500 at 72 dpi ar 400K, Can you than upload a sale copy that is 2400 by 3000 and 200 dpi and how many KB. You don't get something for nothing. Making an image big at the same KB limit reduces contrast and color depth which is fine for printing. Still not clear how the upload for sale process works and what the rules are.

jennblake ( posted at 3:52PM Sat, 21 October 2017

When you click I want to sell it will tell you if the image is not within the size guidelines. and you can then upload an image that is the correct size. There is no limit on the full-size image for weight. That will take whatever the image is. If you go through the upload process for a gallery image and click the sell box, the instruction are all there for you. And we think they are pretty good. 😄

MarieMcKennaDesigns ( posted at 6:58PM Sun, 22 October 2017

Are the people only allowed to sell digital art, or can one sell their real photography (meaning landscapes, nature, food, animals etc etc..) that they took with their DSLR Camera?

jennblake ( posted at 7:46PM Sun, 22 October 2017

You can sell any image as long as you are the copyright holder and it is the correct size. 😄

SuSoleil ( posted at 9:02AM Sun, 29 October 2017

I see no information on how and how often payments are made. I didn't see anything about collection of information for payment, as in a PayPal email address or information necessary for a 1099, as social security number. Is there a dashboard for keeping track of sales, so you know what has sold, what is most popular in terms of genre and license?

jennblake ( posted at 1:32PM Sun, 29 October 2017

When you start to submit your fist image for sale you will see the payment information and how that is done. Yes, if you click the SALES icon at the top of the gallery, if you have images for sale or that are eligible to be sold you will see a list of images and sales there.

TK0920 ( posted at 5:35AM Wed, 01 November 2017

Good luck with your new venture, we sell a lot of digital art on other sites and look forward to added them here as well. How do I make the gallery images that I have already uploaded for sale? is there an option or feature for that or do I need to re upload them and click the for sale button? Thank you for your assistance.

jennblake ( posted at 9:10AM Wed, 01 November 2017

You can edit the image to upload the correct size for selling and mark it for sale at that point. 😄

RajRaja ( posted at 9:11AM Fri, 17 November 2017

Great initiative. Congrats ! but how the the quality of an image is ensured as there seems to be no testing process or full size view feature?

UteBigSmile ( posted at 2:44PM Mon, 04 December 2017

Size? Only 2000 x 2000??? I have a lot of 1600 x 900 with ca. 1,72KB - Can sell them too??? Thank's for answering... Sorry my mothertongue is german an I have always difficulties to understand the rules properly! 😇

fellfromgrace ( posted at 1:58PM Wed, 17 January 2018

Is there a low res. version put on the website to prevent theft-by-rightclick, print screen etc? Otherwise if the full res. one is put on the site isn't it easy for people to just steal it using 'Save As'? A 72dpi (for instance) version on screen would download as too low res to print properly and would perhaps prevent 'theft' ?

thaaksma ( posted at 8:06AM Thu, 18 January 2018

@fellfromgrace - Yes. the image using the right-click 'Save As' function is a lower resolution image.

fellfromgrace ( posted at 12:32PM Thu, 18 January 2018

Great, thanks for the info. 😀

Lyne ( posted at 8:08PM Sun, 18 November 2018

I got kinda curious... I don't need the CASH, but... I'd love to get store credit for any funds my images bring in (I normally create huge images at 300 dpi)... so other than clicking a lot of buttons (but wanting to know FIRST) how it all works, how we can get paid, etc. IS there a community forum thread that goes into these things?

jennblake ( posted at 9:33AM Mon, 19 November 2018

When you start to set your first image for will be presented with an option to either just accept payment via in-store credit, or if you prefer payment to be send to you directly it will ask you to select that option and you will be asked to fill out payment information so that can be done. 😄 No other thread than this one...but the details are there for you in the upload your art process when you select to have it for sale.

Lyne ( posted at 1:36PM Mon, 19 November 2018

Thanks for clarifying!

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