FRIDAY the 13th - NIGHTMARES! - limited Sale

jennblake · October 13, 2017 1:11 am

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Friday the 13th

Promotional images by brahann & MortemVetus

The mist is settling upon the fallen dead leaves.. a wolf on the hills is howling at the bloody moon! The rattle of tree branches mixes with the eerie cry of the wind to hide the sound of approaching footsteps! No place to run or hide! It's Friday the 13th.. and your worst nightmare is stalking you, blood-thirsty and determined to attack at the very next corner!!

"Friday the 13th Nightmares" - Save up to 60%

Friday the 13th Nightmare releases will be on sale NOW through 11:59 am (CDT) Thursday, October 19th. Own the monster(s) you fear the most while it lasts!

Check out below, your worst Nightmares releases

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