G9 to G8

3D Figure Essentials Morphs and Deformers posted on Dec 17, 2022 1593 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.21 (Needed for Genesis 9)

Base Figures: Genesis 9

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Genesis 9 to Genesis 8 morph pack - tool

Product contains:
G9 to G8M morph option
G9 to G8F morph option


What is it?

This product does not change the character of your character.
You can use it along with any of your favorite shapes or characters.
These morphs change the scale and base pose of the Genesis 9 figure.

With this product, you can adjust all your products and accessories
that you have for G8, which do not automatically adjust.


Ok, fine! But why is it free???

This is one of those much-needed products.
Especially if you are an add-on developer for Genesis.

Anyone who makes stuff for DAZ figures
can make a similar package on their own.
But when most of us use similar packages,
we can work together
and share each other's experience.


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Greymom 11:06AM | Sun, 12 February 2023

Many Thanks!

leeduva 2:24AM | Fri, 13 January 2023

Thank you!


BBarbs 9:27AM | Wed, 21 December 2022

Fantastic ! Very much needed. Thank you so much !


SilverDolphin 2:50AM | Wed, 21 December 2022

Thank you very much. Very useful. Happy Holidays


Kilroy 2:57PM | Tue, 20 December 2022

Thank you very much for a such contribution !!! Merry Christmas !!!

nobody85 10:03AM | Tue, 20 December 2022

Thank you so much, it is GREAT!


RAMWorks 8:52AM | Tue, 20 December 2022

Thanks so much Luna. SO nice!


firstamz78 7:37AM | Tue, 20 December 2022

Thank you so much for this great Set ! Wish you great ending year days and the best for next to be NEW YEAR !!! Cordially, ^AMZ aka @FIRSTamz78