Using the Face Transfer Plugin in Daz Studio - Tutorial

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Product Notes

This is a re-up with an important note added. READ the note. Thank you. {hint: do not change the orientation of the bones}

When the Face Transfer plugin first became available as part of Daz Studio, I made this tutorial to include all my findings at the time. So it is a little more exhaustive than the casual user of the Face Transfer might need ... it covers things like where to find the adjusted textures, how to make one's own textures from scratch [so they can be redistributed], how to make/save the new face morphs so they too [providing one is only using one's own morphs or merchant resource that permit whatever you are trying to do] can be redistributed OR EVEN just for use on "any" instance of the figure.

After some time, another product was made available in the store which IMHO is a must buy. It addresses the common issues to improve the morphs of Face Transfer BUT it itself is NOT a merchant resource.

Knowledge may be shared, not the actual tutorial ;-)

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PetuniaPetals 5:55PM | Fri, 02 September 2022

You're most welcome, for the price it's pretty nifty! :-)


goofygrape 2:36PM | Fri, 02 September 2022

Thank you I've wondered how to use this and or find it . Thank you again :)

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