Ouvert Upgrade for Little Black Minx (thong)

3D Models posted on Feb 13, 2021 670 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a simple texture update for the Little Black Minx thong. It was a freebie that I created for a DeviantArt friend who picked this product up recently, and I'm sharing it over here for everyone else who requires it.

Just load the respective "!Apply" Primer base onto the thong and then load the "Ouvert A" texture file. And since this texture add-on uses DS' LIE format, don't forget to save your texture changes if you deviated from the presets.

Free to use in your personal and commercial renders and videos. Not for resale, rebranding, repackaging and other similar types of re-s.


And to get the latest updates on all my new freebies and assets follow me here on Renderosity (this is a good plan), DeviantArt (also a good idea) and Twitter :)

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Freestuff Comments


SWTrium 10:24AM | Fri, 02 April 2021

Ah, I see what you mean now. This missing file flag did not pop up during testing, but that's because I had the additional / optional product installed. So even while it was not required in the final LIE stack, it would still get called in as a blank file and not even get used. --- Let me preface the reply by saying that that missing file report on using the !Apply First for Base LBM primer material before using the Ouvert A material usage, can safely be ignored. The freebie will work just fine even with these two missing files report. This only happens because I did not split the Ouvert A file up into two exact versions (with under the hood changes): one for the Base product's materials and the other for the Foxy Lady materials (as well as any other material with the opacity channel filled up). That would have made things a little more confusing, if having two material primers was not confusing enough ^^; This is sort of a con while using LIE in some cases, since the stacks can get a little unforgiving at times. But the Ouvert A shape and cutout features for the base LBM thong should not be affected in this instance. --- I'll add the optional Foxy Lady product to the related files list. But just to clarify, this freebie should be good to go with only the base Little Black Minx product installed. The freebie comes with the optional primer for the Foxy Lady texture sets, but that is not required for usage with the base LBM asset pack.


MihalyK 1:55AM | Wed, 31 March 2021

So I loaded up the thong from the Little Black Dress , that works fine, then I select the thong. Apply the preparatory script, no problems, but after loading the actual "Ouvert A" script, I get the following errors: ![ErrorMsgFromDaz.png]() I'll paste it in case it didn't present: runtime/textures/swtrium/littleblackminx_txone/lbm_txone_norm02.jpg runtime/textures/swtrium/littleblackminx_txone/lbm_txone_trans02.jpg I've looked for these files but only find others that I guess might be the appropriate ones but have different (file) names. FWIW the Ouvert does seem to be applied, but I'm wondering whether the missing files are important in terms of underlying geometiries? Any advice greatly appreciated.... cheers Mihaly


SWTrium 9:52AM | Sun, 21 February 2021

@MihalyK That should not be happening. Can you please send me a screenshot of the error notice via sitemail? Also please check that the textures have been extracted to the correct destination folder. In case the paths are not the issue then the screenshot will help me in debugging what's happening.


MihalyK 9:37AM | Sun, 21 February 2021

Yes thank you for this, it kind of works - however I did get an error about some missing files, I think the trans and normal map files it complained were missing ... I only raise this because it seemed not to work and I couldn't find the location so I am guessing either they didn't get included or perhaps something else went wrong - Do I need to download the latest files in case this has already been mentioned?


SWTrium 12:01AM | Tue, 16 February 2021

Hey you're welcome!

tman300 10:03PM | Mon, 15 February 2021

Thanks again. :)