V4/A4 to G8F Pose Transfer

Tools posted on Nov 06, 2020 2415 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

If you have any V4/A4 poses languishing in a corner that you want to use again, then this could well be the script for you. This is a script to transfer a V4 Pose from V4 to G8F.

To use, load in V4/A4, apply the pose, then load in G8F and run the script. Due to my rudimentary scripting knowledge, you will need to identify V4's/A4's hip and G8F's hip in the two drop down combo boxes. Then press the 'ACCEPT' button, and the 2100 line script will run copying the pose from V4/A4 and applying it to G8F as well as possible.

It is likely that you will need to modify the pose a little, but probably no more than when you apply a G8F base pose to a character.
Throughout the script I refer to V4, but I have learnt it applies equally to Aiko 4.

Hope someone finds it useful.



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Freestuff Comments

Alexsander 6:42PM | Fri, 23 December 2022

Genius! This is going to save me a lot of time. Thank you.


mediasponge 8:39PM | Tue, 04 January 2022

Thanks so much!


richardandtracy 10:08AM | Tue, 24 November 2020

I am glad so may people are finding this useful. Who would have guessed there were so many V4 poses lying about unused? I know there is an enormous amount of content made for V4, probably more than any other figure to date, so it's nice to be able to help getting it in use again.

Zynnikk 8:53AM | Tue, 24 November 2020

Thank you very much!


Torquinox 10:25AM | Sun, 15 November 2020


FelixFFDS 8:20PM | Sat, 14 November 2020

I add my thanks! This is an excellent tool!


Foxclaw 6:15PM | Fri, 13 November 2020

This is super cool. Yup, I have a pile of nice V4 poses that I want to try to convert right now! Thanks, man! Oh, and thanks for the nice comment on my latest prop. ;)


richardandtracy 3:58PM | Thu, 12 November 2020

It's a pleasure to know my work might help someone. Goes a little way to giving a little something back to the community for all the help I've had over the years.


already_taken 3:06PM | Thu, 12 November 2020

Thank you for sharing this.


MarkCM 6:46AM | Thu, 12 November 2020

This is great. I'd rather use something like this than convert poses. Thank you.


thelufias 6:50PM | Sun, 08 November 2020

Thank you very much


mightymysterio 3:13PM | Sun, 08 November 2020

It's very kind of you to share your scripting work with us. Thank you!


richardandtracy 2:26PM | Sun, 08 November 2020

@tkdrobert, as it happens, I started doing just that 2 hours ago... Not sure how long it will take, but once I have got it to work, you can be sure I'll upload it. Regards, Richard.


Benman 2:11PM | Sun, 08 November 2020

Thank you :-)


tkdrobert 1:17PM | Sun, 08 November 2020

This is great. If you could do M4 to G8M, that would be awesome.

miketee10021 12:44AM | Sun, 08 November 2020

Thank you so much! Very useful!


richardandtracy 12:40AM | Sun, 08 November 2020

Just hope you find it useful.

Greymom 10:40PM | Sat, 07 November 2020

Wow - thanks!!

MrDucky 8:25PM | Sat, 07 November 2020

Thank you, a very useful script I have a lot of v4 poses