G8F To Victoria 3/ Aiko 3 Pose Transfer

Tools posted on Nov 01, 2020 666 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Victoria 3, Aiko 3, Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This freebie is a pose transfer script that allows a G8F pose to be transferred to a V3/A3 based figure. Please note, I am talking about the ancient (pre 2005) Victoria 3, not the Genesis 3 based Victoria 7.

The script probably hasn't got a wide audience, but a fair few people have V3 in their library, and may want to resurrect some older characters.

To operate, load G8F into DAZ Studio. Apply the desired pose to G8F, load V3 and run the script. Due to my lack of knowledge, you will need to identify V3's hip in one node selection combo box, and G8F's hip in the other. Then press 'ACCEPT'. After the 2000 line script has run, V3 will be in a pose very close to G8F. Some tweaks will be needed, but you have a good starting point.

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richardandtracy 10:34PM | Thu, 23 December 2021

If these scripts mean that older characters don't go to waste, and can continue to be useful, then the aim of the script has been fulfilled and I'm a really happy bunny.


ssgbryan 7:02PM | Thu, 23 December 2021

I use every figure I have ever purchased (need that variety). This will be quite useful for me.

Greymom 10:43PM | Sat, 07 November 2020

Many thanks!


richardandtracy 4:42PM | Fri, 06 November 2020

@MightyMysterio, this script works for A3 without changes. A3 has different material zones, but the bones and bone names seem to be the same. I shall change the freebie title to suit.


richardandtracy 9:41AM | Wed, 04 November 2020

@PanzerEmerald, I do agree with you about the older figures. I have to confess I still use the 'Archaic' 'Glamorous Vickie 3' by Jim Burton in about one quarter of my renders, as she has a shape I really like. These older figures tend to be lighter on the system, even though generally they have more facets than G8, simply due to lower resolution textures. You do need to be more selective in the pose you use, as the joints tend to be much less forgiving of extreme bends. If you take time to apply decent iRay materials to the figures and get the poses within bounds they can work well in, it's often fairly hard to tell the difference between new & old figures - particularly at a distance.

PanzerEmerald 9:17AM | Wed, 04 November 2020

This is pretty darn cool! Even if they're considered archaic by today's standards, it's always nice to have older figures around in a pinch (like for crowd scenes, etc) and seeing as a lot of stuff has vanished into the ether over time and evolving software/figures, this will come in handy.


poisinivy 12:07PM | Tue, 03 November 2020



richardandtracy 2:04AM | Tue, 03 November 2020

@mightymysterio, I am sure that, even if it's not applicable as is, the script could be adapted. You could try it immediately to see if it works on A3. I have A3 in my list of available downloads, so I can adapt it if the script doesn't work directly. I am not sure whether the zero pose and node names for A3 are the same as for V3 - I have never used Aiko. If they are, then it's directly usable now, otherwise I shall have to adapt it. I don't have A3 installed, so I'll need to do that and then see how it goes. At the moment I am doing a 'V4 pose transfer to G8F', and will look at Aiko after I finish that. Regards, Richard


mightymysterio 6:01PM | Mon, 02 November 2020

This looks like it would be very useful. Do you think it would be adaptable to A3?


richardandtracy 10:22AM | Mon, 02 November 2020

To be honest, I wish I had one tenth of the talent of some of the creators on this site, and knowing that I don't, I try my best instead. I am just learning to do DAZ Studio scripting, and this script is achieves the desired end through the brute ignorance & force method rather than the finesse you might expect from a competent programmer.


Benoaks Online Now! 9:12AM | Mon, 02 November 2020

There are plenty of people that have older content that is never or rarely ever used. This is a good tool to have. Thank you for your contributions. I wish I had half the talent of some of the creators on this site. Thanks again.