Realistic feet HD morph for PE v3

3D Figure Essentials posted on Oct 27, 2020 179 downloads

Softwares: Poser Pro 11

Base Figures: Project E

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

Realistic feet HD-morph for Project Evolution v3.

This morph does use subD level 2. The morph is stored with baked information for lower subD levels but for full details you have to set render subdivision level to 2.

Updates in version 2:
. fixed icons for library browser
- morph dials are now in group MorphHD
- added fix morph to preserve original leg shape
- added fix morph for foot ankle
. morph is now active after injection
- added version of the HD morph for Evolution One X

New in version 3:
- added small bend corrections.
- added optional smooth morph for the heels

As a bonus i added some small body part morphs (non HD and work with any PE version):
- Two toe morphs and a breast morph for your doll lying on her back.


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Freestuff Comments

Nagra_00_ 3:54AM | Tue, 01 December 2020

@rtamesis: The morph uses subdivision layer 2 and I added the details that are possible on this layer. To get the details you have in mind into the mesh, you would have to go to subdivision level 4, and that is no longer practical. For such small details you better use a normal or displacement map.

rtamesis 11:59AM | Sun, 29 November 2020

Thank you very much! This is a great improvement from the base feet. I hope you can also do a version with added wrinkles on the soles of the feet and blood vessels on the surface of the feet as well!


jartz 1:27AM | Wed, 04 November 2020