Look At Camera Script!

3D Figure Essentials posted on May 26, 2020 1001 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Let the character's eyes follow the active camera!
Very simple!
Just one click! !

There is a setup script and a release script.

This just sets PointAt.
It's a very simple script.

I am very happy if it is useful to you!

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Freestuff Comments

giarbi 6:26PM | Mon, 15 February 2021

Perfect, Thanks!


wscottart 3:25PM | Wed, 17 June 2020

Is this a poser script or a daz script?

USER31 9:17PM | Sat, 06 June 2020



Kadaj15 1:20PM | Sat, 06 June 2020

Thank you!!

TheBitterGent 3:12AM | Wed, 03 June 2020

Extremely helpful script. Thank you. Good work.

Diletant59 12:42PM | Tue, 02 June 2020

Большое Вам спасибо !

Vindicar 7:23AM | Tue, 02 June 2020

This script even works on a number of dragons, horses, dogs, and creatures. So unintended bonus. Super spiff.


yashiro_amamiya 10:32AM | Tue, 26 May 2020

If you execute it once, it will be set for only one character. If you want to set it to 2 characters, run it twice. You can also point different cameras to each character.

Quillum 10:23AM | Tue, 26 May 2020

Thank you, does it work on all figures?, or just the one.