dForce EverydayClothesBundle01 for G8F

3D Models posted on Apr 13, 2019 3068 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Today I distribute a set of everyday clothes! This is a set of seven.

Dress * 3
Suspension skirt
Like the vest
Frills on shoulder

Each of these comes with three materials.
Also, these are very simple UV mappings.
You may want to use the shaders you have.

These are not as good as other products.
But these are free, and there isn't much else similar.
I think it fits a simple girl.

These are often technically lacking.
There is no morph.
Weight paint is not good.
There is no stitch.
These are my homework for next.
This time I learn dForce.You can adjust these clothes with dForce.
I'm sure I will gradually make good things, so I'm glad if you watch over me gently.

Please comment if you have any complaints or requests!
I am very happy if you like it!

Acknowledgments: I have not created a texture.
I use free textures distributed on renderosity or any.
Sincerely thank.

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Freestuff Comments

wrak3dise 11:11AM | Sun, 05 July 2020



SilverDolphin 6:21PM | Sat, 13 June 2020


tela 3:45AM | Sun, 16 February 2020

Thanks! This is a good quality set.


MarianneR 11:58AM | Wed, 04 December 2019

Thank you very much!


yashiro_amamiya 1:51AM | Sat, 02 November 2019

I am planning to make a EverydayClothesBundle02! This will surely be next year!

sanssouci 8:31PM | Tue, 29 October 2019

I really like this set of clothes, they will be very useful. I was wondering if you were planning to release the blouse shown under the hanging skirt and dress 3, it looks really good too :grinning:


Damsel 10:35AM | Tue, 11 June 2019

Thank you so much they are a wonderful beginning. Your honesty and forward looking are going to get you far. And this is a wonderful community for helping others f you ask a question. Some may not respond but keep asking many others will help you just as they did me. Welcome!


DisparateDreamer 2:45AM | Sat, 11 May 2019

Your work is very cute and lovely! You are doing a great job- please continue! I greatly enjoy your work and hope there will be more, in store soon! Talent and hard work should be rewarded! Many many thanks for sharing this!


GafftheHorse Online Now! 12:25PM | Mon, 06 May 2019

Truly excellent.


Eshal 5:46AM | Wed, 01 May 2019

Thank you very much for generously sharing your work :)


Mechins 9:45PM | Tue, 16 April 2019

thank you ^^


Bonnyb1234 2:00PM | Mon, 15 April 2019

Your bundle is very nice ... love it :)


yashiro_amamiya 9:31AM | Mon, 15 April 2019

Thank you for the many comments! I'm glad if you enjoyed it! I am looking forward to creating something again! I will make socks next time! I also post to the gallery, so please look at the gallery!


Benman 12:31AM | Mon, 15 April 2019

Like it! Thank you! 👍

PhthaloBlue 5:30PM | Sun, 14 April 2019

Thank you very much! :smile:

miketee10021 1:52PM | Sun, 14 April 2019

Thank you!


thelufias 11:38AM | Sun, 14 April 2019

Thank you very much

Miscreate 10:43AM | Sun, 14 April 2019

You seem to have a good idea of where you are going with your modelling, Yashiro, and if this is your first attempt to create and share your work, I think you are going in the right direction. Thank you for your generosity in making a very nice package available!


GrandmaT 9:12AM | Sun, 14 April 2019

Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Sea80 6:33AM | Sun, 14 April 2019

They look lovely and keep up the good work, soon you will make masterpieces.


gaius 3:54AM | Sun, 14 April 2019

Very generous, thank you.